How to forgive your ex for hurting you: 10 steps to closure

How to forgive your ex for hurting you, cheating, or dumping you: 10 stepsIf you’re reading this article, chances are it’s because you’ve already tried a few times to forgive your ex for hurting you. But you can’t seem to make the forgiveness stick.

Did your ex cheat on you or dump you in a cruel way? Does forgiving them feel like an impossible task?

That’s understandable.

Forgiveness isn’t easy.

But it’s important to let go  – for the sake of your emotional wellness.

You need to find a way to forgive so you have closure. And so you don’t project limiting beliefs about love onto your next partner.

Unfortunately, when you experience a bad love relationship (or a series of bad relationships) you can develop hopelessness. You can start to feel as if you’re like one of those mice who keep getting an electric shock every time they go for cheese.After a while you think, “Hmmm, maybe I shouldn’t go for that cheese any more.”

Similarly, after a while you might start to think, “Hmmm, maybe I shouldn’t go for love anymore.”How to forgive your ex for hurting you, cheating, or dumping you: 10 steps

But you’ve got to have love in your life to be happy!

It’s in our human biological nature, says my favorite philosopher buddy Aristotle.

Our true nature, according to Aristotle, is to love and be loved!

Although, admittedly after a bad break up, the concept of love can feel more like 2,456,841st nature.

I confess in my best selling e-book Prince Harming Syndrome, that after I discovered my Prince Harming cheating, I had trouble forgiving my ex at first.

Thankfully, eventually, this breakup  led me to a big breakthrough.

I realized I was not meant to learn:

“I’ll never fall in love again!”

I was meant to learn:

“I didn’t fully understand what true love was all about.”

Thanks to my ex, I gained a range of helpful insights…

  • what “healthy love” feels like
  • who I am at my core
  • what my priority values are in a relationship
  • what my dealbreakers are in a partner

Thanks to my ex, I became clearer about what I wanted in love – and therefore I was better equipped to find a safe and loving partner!

These days, I now even look back on my ex with gratitude.

So much so, I’ve re-nicknamed him my “Teacher.” I even replaced his name in my cell phone with this word.

How to forgive your ex for hurting you, cheating, or dumping you: 10 stepsAt this point, I’m convinced that nearly all lessons in life are lessons in love.

If you’ve suffered heartache due to a Prince Harming or Princess Harming, you must compassionately understand that their “harming” is a sign of their inability to love rightly – because they’re operating from a lower consciousness – as well as places of limitation.

As a result Prince Harmings – and Princess Harmings  – are living a life with limited and lower level experiences – which they bring to all they do – and all who they meet.

When you view your ex with this wider lens of compassionate understanding, you can better let go of the pain you’re feeling – and shine the light of your attention on the good parts of your life – the parts you want to grow and thrive.

You need to forgive your ex to regain your power and get closure.

If you are to move forward into a healthy love relationship, you must release past negative emotions. You must let go of all those lower vibrational energies created by bitterness, resentment and fears. You must do this for many reasons.

Here’s a quick symbolic story which explains why you need to seek closure with your ex.

The Snake Mistake

There once was a woman who was wandering in the desert and was bitten by a poisonous snake.

All she could think about was how angry she was at this poisonous snake for biting her and angry at herself for wandering in the desert.

And so she could not relax, forgive the snake, forgive herself.

As a result, she could not calmly see that she could solve this poison problem and save her life with a simple solution.

She could simply suck out the poison from her arm, as she’d learned years ago.

But she’d forgotten about this cure, because she was angry.

So also she passed away. 

The lesson learned from this story?

Forgiveness is a panacea for what ails you.

It’s funny. We all rationalize our anger as a necessary force to impel us to better results.

But more often than not, anger blocks us from seeing clearly. It stops us from viewing the world around us with full mental clarity.

Anger is not only unhealthy for your mental state.

Anger is also bad for your body, creating coronary heart disease and high blood pressure.

Researchers at the University of Ohio have reported that angry people take even longer to recover from injury.

How to forgive your ex for hurting you, cheating, or dumping you: 10 steps

Plus, anger has also been shown to be at the root of many addictions as far ranging as drug, alcohol, food and shopping addictions.

Addicts seek these unhealthy vices to avoid feeling the pain of past resentments.

Plus, many quantum physicists believe your angry vibration can be felt in a larger universal energy field.

In other words, just as there is alluring sexual attraction (which people can feel but not see), there’s also angry energy repulsion (which people can feel but not see).

If you think angry thoughts, many quantum physicists believe your angry vibration will literally emit an angry vibration that can be intuitively felt by others.

When angry you give off an anti-charisma.

How to forgive your ex for hurting you, cheating, or dumping you: 10 stepsLikewise, if you send out loving thoughts and loving energy, this energy can be felt in a warm way.

A well-known quantum physics expert, Lynne McTaggert, wrote about a study where she witnessed a happy person sending out loving energetic thoughts to an angry person, which then successfully calmed this angry person’s temper.

For these many reasons—and more—The Law of Attraction begins with The Law of Subtraction!


If you want to find healthful love, you must first let go of the pain of your past and get closure.

I’m here to help. Below are 10 forgiveness tools for closure which have helped me to move on after break ups.

10 steps to forgive your ex for hurting you and get closure

1.Tell yourself: “I cannot always control what goes on outside.

But I can control what goes on inside. I forgive my ex, and am determined to gain insights on how to wisely avoid love situations like this one in my future.” Become determined to make this the breakup that led to your breakthrough. Or as I like to say: “Sometimes you have to reach ‘f*** this’ to get to ‘post-f*** this,’” the highly energized time when you are determined to break patterns of pain.

2. Rewrite your ex’s name in your cell phone as “Teacher.”

Trust me. You will feel better immediately.

3. Write a thank you letter to your ex for all you’ve learned.

Don’t send it. Keep it nearby to read every time you find yourself slipping back into your angry thoughts.

4. Tell yourself: “We are all good, loving souls who occasionally get lost.”

Recognize that hurt people hurt people and that your ex is operating from a place of limited thinking due to their past hurt.

5. Remind yourself of a time you were forgiven.

Be altruistic. Forgive back to your ex.

6.  Tell yourself that when you resent someone you give them control of your emotions.

You don’t want to give your ex that power.

7. Remind yourself when you respond with hate to hate, anger to anger, you become part of the problem.

Enough said.

8. If you’re feeling stressed in general about your ex, try meditating.

Consistently studies report meditation literally changes key brain areas associated with stress. Meditation helps people to reduce stress, enjoy more restful sleep and feel more confident.

Too busy to meditate? Hate meditating? Bored with meditating?

Try one of my fun and simple 2 minute meditations – which are based on tapping into each of your 5 senses. Check out my book Instant Calm.

9. Train your brain to think more loving thoughts.

When you maintain positive energy you attract more positive people and results.

Plus, being peaceful makes you far sexier. You become more of a love magnet instead of a negativity magnet.

10. Remember: Being awesome is the best revenge!

Put your energies into doing what you love – with who you love.

Your mission: Be so busy loving your life, that you have no time for anger, regret, resentment or fear!

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