I now have “Mom Brain!” Do you? Take this 10 second quiz!

I’ve always believed that if you can change how you think, you will change what you see in this world.

I just experienced a funny example of this.

My funny story:

As you might know, I’m a mom (to my adorable son Ari Salmansohn).

Ever since I became a mom, I now see more “mom type things” in the world.

Like with this box I received. Take a look at the upper left side of it.

Curious what you see written in that top left hand corner.

Before I became a mom, I’d always see this same scribble – and I’d read it very clearly as my apartment number: 303.

But now that I have “mom brain” those numbers look to me like MOM – and not 303.

Do you see MOM?

Or do you see 303?

I’m intuiting your answer might change according to if you’re a mom or not!

Once again – I never saw 303 as MOM – until AFTER I gave birth to my son Ari – and developed “Mom Brain.”

A helpful reminder…

You can auto-pilot your belief system away from the “negative” and towards the “positive” – simply by mindfully choosing to look for the good in the world wherever you go.

The way I accidentally developed “Mom Brain” you can decisively develop “Positivity Brain.”

Make it a conscious choice to seek out the positive in each and every day – to keep an out eye for things to be grateful about.

You can start right now.

Choose to be positive about a challenge you might be facing right now. Look for a gain in your pain. Keep an open mind to how the universe might be redirecting you towards something really good  – then look for that really good stuff to show up in your life. I call this “getting curious – instead of furious” – and it’s a very helpful perspective. 🙂

Think happier. Think calmer.

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