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Master your branding, customers, social media, PR and profits with Masters In Life digital courses.

Ever wonder why certain products, services and companies break through the competition and sell big time – while others don’t? It’s because they know how to apply the secret sauce of strong branding! Basically, it’s not what you got – it’s how you package it!

In today’s crowded marketplace, the quality of your branding affects the amount of clients you attract, the type of client you attract and the amount of money you can charge and make. I want to teach you the exact methods I’ve used to become...

...a CLIO-winning, Senior VP Creating Director in advertising (in my twenties!)...

...then go on to become a successful entrepreneur and best selling author...

...attracting extreme engagement on my social media page (often reaching 40 million people per week)...

...going viral with many hundreds of posts...

...and selling literally millions of books!

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I’ve built a following of more than 1.5 MILLION fans – all potential clients – simply by incorporating the secret sauce of what I call BRAND HONEY!

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Get to where you want to be in your business faster than you ever thought possible!

If you’re right now thinking of starting a new business – or growing your existing business – I will help you to increase both your customer reach and revenue – and refocus on creating a brand which is an industry leader. Plus I will ensure your brand is consistent in all interactions – from website, social media, in-store etc.

Know this now: The world is constantly changing! You must change with it!

Nowadays both companies and individuals must constantly reinvent who they are and adapt with innovative branding to stay thriving and successful!

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These days, safety is the new dangerous! Safety is the new STUPID! You gotta WOW or DIE!

Happily, you don’t need to work longer hours to increase your success. You just need to work smarter, more innovative hours – and create highly sticky brand honey – so people keep coming back for more!

There’s no time like now to start creating a vibrant, fulfilling business that is magnetically attracting copious customers!

What you can expect to Master

  • You will learn how to create a brand which stands out and lures in
  • You will learn how to find and develop your own unique “verbal voice” and “visual voice”
  • You will learn the importance of creating a “brand story” – and how to craft a powerful one
  • You will learn the important difference between “intrinsic” and “extrinsic” sales copy
  • You will learn how to create a website which is memorable, relevant and remarkable
  • You will learn how to attract extreme engagement on social media

It’s not what you got, it’s how you package!

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Create the brand honey which brings in the money!

Masters In Life

If you are a busy human – you will love Masters In Life.

Online courses.

We offer a range of easy-to-follow step-by-step training courses – specifically created to give you both the knowledge you want – and the results you need!

Access from anywhere.

You'll enjoy a fun combo of videos, audio, PDFs, and more – which you can access on most computers, tablets, iPads, and smartphones.

Quick and convenient.

All of our digital courses are created to be consumed quickly – with a series of short bursts of info – anywhere from 3 minutes to 10 minutes long.

Zero pressure.

Plus, Masters In Life course are all self-paced. You can begin listening today – and indefinite access. There are no time limits you need to follow. Pick up where you left off – and take as long as you like!

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Masters In Life Courses are loved by many!

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A creative force of nature

Karen Salmansohn is a creative force of nature. I love her insights and relentless commitment to helping people live happy and successful lives. Her smart sense of humor and unusual metaphors make changing your life not only do-able but, totally fun. I simply adore her!

Marie Forleo Best Selling Author

Wow you with her creativity and business insights

Want to find your inner brand and monetize it – build your growing empire – or write that damn book? Karen Salmansohn will wow you with her creativity and business insights and help empower you to reach your goals!

Stella Grizont Ladies Who Launch

Universally valuable

Salmansohn is a powerhouse of a business woman, succeeding in a competitive industry. Her insights are right on and universally valuable for people in all kinds of careers, and in all phases of their career.


Big brain in high heels

Karen Salmansohn is a big brain in high heels.


Great knack for reducing wisdom to memorable words

Self-help needs help. It can be tedious. It can be preachy. It can be dull and holier than thou. Its an embarrassing part of the book store to be caught in. Unless you're with Karen Salmansohn. She is a former copywriter (in fact she named the Burger King Croissanwich®) and she has great knack for reducing wisdom to memorable words.

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Attract hungry customers!

Attract huge profits!

Become an industry leader!

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