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Take your book, product, service or business to the next level with my branding and marketing expertise!

Work 1-on-1 with me, Karen Salmansohn, multi-bestselling entrepreneur with 2 million books & courses sold worldwide!

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Ever wonder why certain products, services and companies break through the competition and sell big time? 

While others don't?

It’s because they apply the "secret sauce" of:

strong writing

powerful visuals

magnetic branding

effective marketing techniques

I re-named this "secret sauce" the term "brand honey."

And I'm excited to show you how to use the same brand honey that I use for my multi-bestselling entrepreneurial business.

Brand Honey

I'll teach you how I became

...a CLIO-winning, Senior VP Creative Director in advertising (in my twenties!)...

...a successful entrepreneur and founder of one of the world's top personal development sites...

...an influencer with extreme social media engagement (often reaching 40 million people per week)...

...an ongoing creator of viral social media posts...

...a multi-bestselling author - selling literally millions of books!

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I’ve built a following of more than 1.5 MILLION fans – all potential buyers – simply by incorporating the secret sauce of proven BRAND HONEY!

I can help YOU to grow your revenue - and increase the long-term value of your company - without sacrificing time for money. 

I'm an innovative thinker, high octane creative mind & leading business strategist - with multiple bestselling books and courses.

I offer consulting packages to help you...

  • Brainstorm Your 6+ Figure Idea & Create An Action Plan
  • Upgrade Your Design and Visual Image
  • Create Your Irresistible Lead Magnet So You Master List Building
  • Explain How To Write Compelling Emails, including Copy, Subject Lines & Sequences
  • Sneak You My Secret Tips To Master Social Media
  • Show You How To Create High Converting Sales Pages
  • Give You Help Editing or Successfully Writing Your Book 
  • Do a Complete Deep Dive of Your Brand So You Stand Out & Earn More

Work with me 1-on-1 by Zoom - from anywhere in the world.

Photo of Karen posing with one hand behind her head.

Are you right now trying to write/sell a book, create/sell a product, develop/offer a service -  or start/grow a business?

If so, I will help you to become an industry leader! I'll work with you to create strong branding and marketing which attracts passionate buyers.

I'll help you to optimize your impact by connecting heart-to-heart with your ideal customer  - while tapping into exceptional marketing techniques.

Know this now: The world is constantly changing! You must change with it!

Nowadays authors, companies and entrepreneurs must constantly reinvent who they are and adapt with innovative branding and marketing - in order to thrive and stay successful!

Illustration of girl sitting on earth
Man riding on rocket illustration

These days, safety is the new dangerous! Safety is the new STUPID! You gotta WOW or DIE!

Happily, you don’t need to work longer hours to increase your success. You just need to work smarter, more innovative hours. How? You need to create highly sticky branding honey and marketing honey – so people keep coming back for more!

See why experts love Karen!


Provokes and inspires

Karen Salmansohn's writing is bold, playful, insightful with powerful metaphors that provoke and inspire. In The Bounce Back Book, her kinetic images amplify her message and take the book to a new level of literary experience.

Deepak Chopra Author

We are in charge of our own destiny

Salmansohn reminds us that in life, control is just an illusion and that we are in charge of our own destiny. This funny, profound and heartfelt collection demonstrates that when faced with adversity, we have the power to overcome through gratitude, humor and courage.


Wow you with her creativity and business insights

Want to find your inner brand and monetize it – build your growing empire – or write that damn book? Karen Salmansohn will wow you with her creativity and business insights and help empower you to reach your goals!

Stella Grizont Ladies Who Launch

To say she got me ‘unstuck’ is an understatement!

Thank God for Karen Salmansohn & her Branding Program! To say she got me 'unstuck' is an understatement! I went to her with what I thought was my 'big idea' but after a 3 hour Brand Inventory and Upgrade Consultation, she uncovered my true passion, my true mission and steered me in a new and far more exciting direction. Without her, my message and expertise would still be stuck in my head all in a jumble. Instead I am now ready to change the world and empower a whole host of women to energize their wealth!

Barbara Turley CEO, The Virtual Hub

Rockstar at igniting your sense of what's possible

Karen Salmansohn merges psychology and cutting-edge research with her unique feisty humor to empower you to push through limiting beliefs and zoom towards your goals! She's a rockstar at igniting your sense of what's possible, then sharing the tools to get you there.

Why Clients Love 1-on-1 Brand Honey Consulting

Audit and Inventory Business Consulting

CHOICE 1: Deep Dive Package

Brand Honey "Audit & Inventory"

This 3 hour package is a brand success jump starter.

If right now you feel scattered, confused, stuck and frustrated when it comes to growing your business...you will LOVE this comprehensive branding and marketing package!

Together we’ll do a deep dive into your Brand DNA, audience, customer journey, present blind spots, best opportunities for profitability – and then some.

Our sessions will feel like part business consulting and part therapy.

I am skilled at getting to the "inner core" of your key benefits, top pain points, most important messages, underlying mission, and unique verbal and visual voice!

I’ll share the insider scoop on what’s working best right now to grow businesses in today's competitive marketplace.  

Plus I’ll explain everything to you in simple terms - which can be extremely helpful if you are NOT a techie person.

I will be working with you closely – 1-on-1 - via recorded Zoom calls.

I'll be teaching you all my insider secrets which helped me to become a multi-bestselling author (with over 2 million books sold globally) and a successful viral social media content creator (with over 1.5 million social media followers and 90K newsletter subscribers).

You'll get a smattering of whatever YOU in particular need. 

Examples: Get support with  fine tuning your overall mission & unique selling benefits, help with sales copy, suggested taglines or names for products, ideas to improve your website content and menu bar, suggestions to uplift your brand with a better color palette, new fonts or improved style/images, a range of social media ideas, lead magnet idea(s) to build up your email list & email sequence recommendations, customer journey suggestions, customer survey suggestions, search engine optimization (SEO) tips, google analytics interpretations,  etc...

You will also get recommended clear actionable steps to take to accomplish success-boosting short-term and long-term goals – which lead to the most profitability & inner fulfillment.

The Cliff Notes:

  • 1 Audit & Inventory Deep Dive Questionnaire Worksheet  - to quickly drill down & determine your goals, mission, growth opportunities, blindspots, strengths and weaknesses - to help you massively grow your audience and income!
  • 2 Deep-Dive 1 hour one-on-one sessions - just YOU & me - recorded on Zoom - for you to keep and listen to again and again!
  • 1 hour of my time behind the scenes deep diving into your business -  I review and assess your materials - then brainstorm ideas  - so I can give you highly personalized recommendations - which are best for YOU and YOU alone! 


As soon as you sign up, I reach out to schedule you for your recorded Zoom Session(s).

Brand Investment:


Payment Plan Available!

Guaranteed Safe Checkout
Insider Secrets Business Consulting

CHOICE 2: 60 Minute Package

Brand Honey "Insider Secrets"

A La Carte Packages

I'm excited to share with you what I wish someone had shared with me when I was first starting out! 

Buy an individual package:  1 hour private Zoom Session + 20 minutes of my time reviewing your content. I am excited to share with you my insider secrets on a specific branding or marketing area. (See popular package ideas below!)

  • We will meet for a 1 hour for an action packed 1-on-1 Zoom session - to explore every nook and cranny of a specific "specialty area" of your choice. Each session is recorded on Zoom for you to keep!
  • I will spend 20 minutes behind the scenes - before our Zoom session - reviewing your materials and brainstorming ideas - so I can give you highly personalized recommendations which are best for YOU and YOU alone!

I'll reveal to you how YOU can start to apply the exact steps and processes I've used to become a multi-bestselling author and online entrepreneur - with a highly engaged following of 1.5 million people and 90K subscribers.

It took me many years to figure out these secrets - which I'll be sharing in our private time together over Zoom. Thankfully, I'm a coffee lover, so I'm energized and ready to share a ton!


As soon as you sign up, I reach out to schedule you for your recorded Zoom Session(s).

NOTE: If you're unsure which package best meets your needs, we can create a special, individualized Insider Secrets Package just for you and your needs!

Package 1: Brainstorm Your 6+ Figure Idea

I've brainstormed up multiple bestselling book and course ideas - and helped many of my clients to do the same. 

I'm an innovative thinker and high octane creative mind - as well as a leading business strategist.

So, let's spend a powerful hour together figuring out what you need to do to create a 6+ figure product or service - which stands out from the competition - and positions you with longterm growth potential.

We'll figure out how to merge your super strength talents and passions with the most lucrative outcome. Plus I will help you to get clear on what actions steps you need to take to - so you can move forward... and upward!

Brand Investment: $500.00

60 Minute Package

Payment Plan Available!

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Package 2: Upgrade Your Design and Visual Image

I'm an award winning designer who's been brought in to be a keynote speaker at big design conferences like HOW DESIGN and AIGA.

I love designing my inspirational quote posters - which have a history of going viral - many of them shared millions of times. In fact, many people come to my site because they found one of my quote posters and became curious who "NotSalmon.com" was.

I'm also the creative director behind each of my bestselling books - and I particularly have a passion for creating attention getting book covers.

So, let's spend a powerful hour together explore how you can improve your overall visual image - or come up with a high concept design for you to use to "batch create" a ton of social media posts quickly and easily.

You can use this hour with me however you want. If you want me to help you with creating a terrific logo or magnetic book cover during our hour, I'm happy to help!

Brand Investment: $500.00

60 Minute Package

Payment Plan Available!

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Package 3: Lead Magnet and List Building

I'll explain to you the formula I use for creating irresistible lead magnets.

This is when you offer a helpful PDF or video (etc) to a website visitor for free  - in exchange for their email address - so you can build an email list.

Lead magnets and list building are must-have assets in your business. 

In fact, if your business is related to B2B, eCommerce, lifestyle, finance, relationships, education, pets, beauty, health, wellness, spirituality, personal development, etc - then developing big email lists is a HUGE contributor to profitability. 

Together we'll determine the best lead magnet(s) for your brand & ideal customers  - to help you to grow your list of subscribers.

Brand Investment: $500.00

60 Minute Package

Payment Plan Available!

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Package 4: Email Copy, Subject Lines, Email Sequences

I'll explain to you the basics of persuasive email copy and attention getting subject lines for your email sequences - which are built to convert to purchases.  

We will also use some of our 1 hour together to craft a specific email you want to write - so you fully understand the process.

Smart email sequences with strong open & click rates are absolutely essential for your business success.

Brand Investment: $500.00

60 Minute Package

Payment Plan Available!

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Package 5: Social Media Mastery

I'll show you my behind-the-scenes secrets for creating attention-getting social media quote posters and posts - which turn strangers or casual readers into engaged fans and interested buyers.

I will sneak you helpful shortcuts for coming up with ongoing stand-out ideas for posters and posts (which you can "batch").

Plus I'll explain my proven process for writing and designing image posts which bolster your brand (like the ones I share) - so you can do it yourself without me.

You'll also learn: how to interpret your backend analytics (even if you're not a techie), the secrets of strong hashtags (which attract your ideal customers),  how to network (with influencers and brands).

Brand Investment: $500.00

60 Minute Package

Payment Plan Available!

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Package 6: High Converting Sales Page Mastery

I'll explain to you the psychology behind how to write and design successful sales pages for your brand - to sell whatever you want to sell.  

We'll work together on your brand's headlines, copy, visuals, emotional style, call to action, etc -  so you can continue to create persuasive sales pages yourself without me. 

Brand Investment: $500.00

60 Minute Package

Payment Plan Available!

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Grow a quality audience.
Grow your profits.

You will learn how to...

  • market your book, product, video course or business so it stands out & lures in
  • find & develop your own unique “verbal voice” and “visual voice”
  • craft a powerful “brand story” (and why you need one!)
  • understand your analytics – even if you’re not a techie person – so you continually improve what you’re doing
  • recognize the important difference between “intrinsic” and “extrinsic” emotional writing
  • create a website which is memorable and relevant & attracts traffic from interested buyers
  • lure in far more followers on social media & inspire far more engagement
  • build your email list & create email sequences which get opened and convert to sales

Over the years I spent a lot of money on a range of hot shot marketing pros - and I wish I'd hired Karen Salmansohn sooner! She is the first person I’ve ever worked with who actually improved my traffic and monetization on my site - as well as upgraded my branding and marketing. After working with Karen, I quadrupled my course income! I tell people -- you should invest in your site as if you want to be seen on Park Avenue in New York.  Karen brilliantly brands and markets your business in a high quality way - positioning your brand as you want to be seen - Park Avenue style!  

Kristine Carlson, co-author "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff"

I recently had a one-on-one Zoom session with Karen Salmansohn for her Insider Secrets Consultation.  I am in the process of building my new business and the information she provided was extremely helpful and valuable.  The consultation and her advice provided me with some clear direction.  I would have been way off base had I not talked to Karen first.  Karen was down to earth, knowledgeable, and took the time to answer all my questions.  I am grateful I decided to do the consultation and highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to build their online presence.

Patricia Brooks, MSN, APRN, PMHNP-BC

I have been an admirer of Karen’s work for many years, first as an author and then as a super positive and inspiring thought leader and coach. I decided to go all in and hire Karen. My time with her was nothing short of BRILLIANT – all caps intentional! Honestly, Karen’s dedication to my success as well as her pure genius just blew me away. We took action steps right away to take my coaching and education business through the roof. She gave me pages and pages of suggestions, tips, actionable advice, and valuable insights for me to absorb and implement. She also helped me write website copy that is passionate and full of life that speaks directly to my audience. I would recommend working with Karen to anyone who is truly serious about taking their business to the next level. She is an absolutely amazing business and marketing guru! Just awesome! 

Kitty Chambliss, Founder, “Loving Without Boundaries”

Thank you Karen for alerting me to the many blindspots I had in marketing my courses which were costing me money! You clearly pointed out a range of money making opportunities for my courses. I'm grateful and speechless. Everything you explained made so much sense. I just wish I had come to you sooner.

Dr. Annie Kaszina, Women's Abuse Recovery Coach

Got questions? Enjoy a FREE 15 Minute Consultation via Zoom!

If you think all this sounds awesome, but have questions...

Please share a note about what you’re looking for - or a request to talk to me via Zoom! I'd love to help you!

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Life changing experience

You can have the best content in the world, but without the right packaging it will go undiscovered. Bringing my book idea to Karen was a life changing experience that just continues to snowball in an amazing direction. She helped me get my message out there and as a result people all over the world are telling me that their lives are forever changed. I came to Karen with a book I was originally calling 10 Practices to a Happy Healthy Life. After hearing the premise of the book and reading part of my early introduction, she suggested I change my title to The Snowball Effect. Karen not only helped me with my title, she designed my logo, my book’s cover, and the banners for my website and Facebook page. She helped me narrow my focus into one singular prong and my brand, The Snowball Effect, was born.

Author Consulting Case Study

Gabrielle Bernstein came to me with a problem. The book she’d been trying to sell for the last 5 years kept getting rejected. She was frustrated. So I worked with her 1-on-1 – and gave her an attention-getting title and unique concept for her first book: “Add More Ing To Your Life.” Next I helped Gabby to write the proposal - then introduced her to the publishing house which bought her book! Thanks to my 1-on-1 consulting Gabby's book became a hot #1 best seller - and even landed Gabby on Oprah. Because of my life-changing support, Gabby has called working with me “a turning point” in her career - in the intro of her book "Spirit Junkie." She referred to me as a “miracle worker” because I not only helped her to get her first book published after years of struggle – but because it happened in the year 2009 – which Gabby describes as “a time the recession had us in a headlock,” “fear and uncertainty were at an all-time high,” and “nearly every industry was negatively affected.” She then went on to publish a few NYTimes Bestsellers like "The Universe Has Your Back" and more.

It’s not what you got, it’s how you package it!

Illustration of bee and honeycomb

Get the "proven honey" which brings in the money!

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