4 Tools To Help Your Children Through Divorce

You have a lot to deal with when you’re going through a divorce. Your kids do too. The changes swirling around them will be confusing for them. It doesn’t really matter if they were positive about the changes when you […]

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18 Fun Dog Quotes for Dog Lovers

I love dogs! So I decided to gather together 18 fun dog quotes for dog lovers to honor man’s and woman’s and child’s best friend! Our family personally has a small dog, a Havanese named Fluffy. But we also majorly […]

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9 Calming Quotes To Help With Toxic People

Do you have challenging people in your life – who create stress, drama, upheaval? I call these people Drama Llamas. But you might have other less cute names for them. You might call them: irrational, impossible, manipulative, confrontational, untrustworthy or […]

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9 Inspiring Quotes For Busy Moms

I love being a mom. Best gig I’ve ever had! Also the busiest gig I’ve ever had. I’m guessing if you’re a mom you can relate. With this in mind, below are 9 inspiring quotes for busy moms Some of these […]

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Does Your “Communication Style” Hurt or Help You?

There’s a very consistent reason that people have relationship problems and wind up in an unhealthy dynamic. bad communication Basically, the better your communication skills, the healthier your relationship. Consider the following 6 communication problems… indirect communication (you hint, hint at what […]

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15 of The Best Quotes on Grief and Loss

Here are 15 of the best quotes on grief and loss. Feel free to share these healing quotes with those you know and love who have lost people they knew and loved. 1. “Sometimes, only one person is missing, and […]

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