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Write a book you love – and the world loves too. Enjoy private 1 on 1 book consulting - with a multi-bestselling author who's sold 2 million books globally & attracted 1.5 million social media followers.

Sessions are $500/hour!

Plus explore discounted bulk packages!

Your voice deserves to be heard!

Your book deserves to be read!

Do you have an idea for a book ... but you’re blocked to write it?

Maybe you have a half-finished book ... but you're blocked to finish it?

Perhaps you wrote a finished book ... but you’re blocked about moving forward with marketing it. 

If so, you're not alone.

Statistics report only 3% of people who start a book actually finish and publish it! 

Well, not on my watch!

Get my 1-on-1 EXPERIENCED GUIDANCE + STEP-BY-STEP TAILORED PLAN to write, publish & market a bestselling book!

karen salmansohn

Whether you want to write a book on the side – or pursue writing books full time, I am here for you!

I will work with you 1-on-1 via Zoom - and be your empowering writing consultant,  biggest champion/expert for marketing the heck out of it - plus a motivating accountability buddy! 

I feel grateful every day that I get to write from my heart - while making a positive impact on the world. 

I’d love to help you to do the same! 

I’m excited to share all my insider secrets to break through both your inner barriers (around writing) and  outer barriers (around the publishing system)!

I will show you how to write and package your book at its most magnetic-best ... so you attract passionate publishers, interested agents and super fan readers!

You will stop fearing the writing process & start enjoying the journey! 

writing book

Best of all, I’m not only a multi bestselling author.

I’m also a Master Mindset Coach.


I have a few decades of experience helping people to spot their emotional blindspots and unblock their limiting beliefs!

So I will also help you to drill down to better understand what’s blocking you from moving forward with your book!

With my guidance, you'll conquer:

Blank Screen = Blank Mind Syndrome 

Focus Deficit Disorder

Procrastination Paralysis

Mis-Managed Time Management Skills


Fear of Failure (which is sometimes Fear of Success)

I will help you to learn what you gotta learn...  so you move forward with extra pep in your writer’s step! 

You'll look forward to our sessions!

Sessions are $500 an hour!

Plus explore discounted bulk packages!

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write a bestselling book
KAREN salmansohn entrepreneur

I’m now a best selling author... with over 2 million books sold globally... and 1.5 million social media followers.

But I wasn’t always an author. 

I started my career in advertising ... where I was a CLIO award winning copywriter and Creative director for over a decade. 

My dream: Instead of inspiring people to try a new toothpaste... I wanted to write books to inspire people to think in new ways.

My parents kept talking me out of quitting my ad agency career... saying things like: “How can you quit – when you’re making so much money!”

But I thought if I could do so well at something I was not passionate about.. then I could figure out how to do well at something I enthusiastically wanted to do.

Eventually I gathered up the gumption to quit... and I pursued my passion for being an author.

I then learned specific principles of how to write a bestselling book. 

But I didn't simply write one bestseller.

I've written bestsellers again... and again... and again!

Life is Long book cover
think happy book
business book karen salmansohn
Happy Habits by Karen Salmansohn
bounce back book
Prince Harming Syndrome Book Cover Freebie
Enough, Dammit book karen salmansohn
how to be happy dammit
Instant Calm simple 2 minute meditations by Karen Salmansohn
7 Lively Sins Book Cover
Listen to Your Heart by Karen Salmansohn
Friends Forever book cover
open when letters

Altogether I've authored over 40 different books, each published by top publishing houses - and sold in over 14 countries!

big publishers

I've also written books in a range of categories: 

fiction, non-fiction, humor, business, coffee table, fashion, kids, gift, etc

With this in mind, I can help you to better know in advance what to do - and NOT to do - when it comes to writing and publishing – so you can shorten the period of time (and pain!) it takes to write and publish a book!

Sessions are $500 an hour!

Plus explore discounted bulk packages!

I've developed such a powerful author reputation, that many big names and NYTimes best selling authors have asked me to help them with their books!

book consulting

I've been hired as a "Book Consultant" by Goldie Hawn, Keith Ferrazzi, Peter Guber, Susan Shapiro, Lori Deschene, Jaye Hersh – and more.

Plus many celebrities & CEOs have hired me to be their "Ghostwriter Editor"!

I’ve also helped many passionate-but-stuck writers – just like you – to flourish and thrive with their books – helping many go from unknown to Oprah guest.

You do not need to do this alone. 

I want you to experience the joy of holding your published book in your hands - and seeing your name on its cover!

I'd love for you to be my next bestselling success story!

Sessions are $500 an hour!

Plus explore discounted bulk packages!

One of my many happy book author students sent me this lovely thank you!

bestselling book client
cindy camarraza

- Cindy Camaraza Amazon Bestselling Author, "From Why-ning to Winning"

"Karen is Simply AMAZING! She is a "One Stop Shop" for anyone that is looking to achieve their dreams of launching a successful New Venture! Karen not only helped me with the editing of my book but also helped with creative tips, tools, marketing strategies etc..... always going above and beyond!! Her Huge heart, Quick wit and Expertise is over the top! Karen helped me achieve the unimaginable!  If you are looking to write an Amazing book with an expert that can lead you to the pinnacle of success, Karen is your girl!!"

Writing a bestselling book is not only creatively rewarding.

It's life rewarding. 

A book can lead to all kinds of wonderful things.

  • Creating passive income
  • Making an impact on the world
  • Finding your true purpose - and leaving a legacy
  • Developing a platform for your business (to sell other products and services)
  • Helping people to view you as a true expert in something
  • Developing your inner self – helping you to become clearer about who you are
  • Connecting you to a range of people –both professing and personally – each expressing how what you’ve written has influenced them in some way.

A book is a powerful “calling card"!

It can get you meetings, interviews, seminars - far more persuasively than a mere business card!

Which brings me to these next benefits of writing a book....

A book can take you to new exciting places!

TV appearances 

Seminar requests

TEDx talks

Spokesperson deals

Movie deals

Licensing deals

Sessions are $500 an hour!

Plus explore discounted bulk packages!

I helped Rudy brainstorm ideas for his book's content, cover & marketing

Admittedly, the book world is a competitive marketplace.

So you need to make sure you stand out.

It's why I coach writers to embrace "My 1 PRONG THEORY" on book writing.

one prong theory on book writing

Pretend you are holding a “bouquet” of sharpened pencils.

Each point is standing out at exactly the same level.

You then bounce the palm of your free hand up and down on top of those sharpened points.

It might hurt a little... but not so much.

one prong theory book writing

Now let’s say you have a “bouquet” of sharpened pencils. 

But one point is poking out much higher.


Again you bounce the palm of your free hand up & down on top. 


This time it’s going to hurt.

Because that Singular Prong sticks up so much higher. 

When you write a book... you need a Singular Prong!


singular prong

CLARITY attracts a BOOK BUYER and thereby a BOOK DEAL! 

Basically, a book needs to be summed up quickly & powerfully in its description... if you want to hook an agent, publisher and audience!

A Singular Prong boosts the clarity of your book's description.

singular prong bestselling book

Plus, a book reads more fluidly when there’s a unifying Singular Prong Theme ... and thereby keeps the reader hooked. 

Unfortunately many writers try to squeeze too many idea prongs into their book.


Because they fall in love with every idea that they have! 

As a result,  their book becomes overstuffed with too many Idea Prongs.

Eventually nothing stands out.


Their book becomes too general... too tame.

If you want your book to be marketable... it needs to be remarkable. It needs a stand out Singular Prong!

This holds true for fiction, non-fiction and books of all kinds. 

singular prob bestseller

Sessions are $500 an hour!

Plus explore discounted bulk packages!

Here's Why Experts Love My Books


Provokes and inspires

Karen Salmansohn's writing is bold, playful, insightful with powerful metaphors that provoke and inspire. In The Bounce Back Book, her kinetic images amplify her message and take the book to a new level of literary experience.

Deepak Chopra Author

Expert on psychological research studies

This book is full of psychological research studies to help you not only recover from the tough times, but also bounce back to an even higher level than your previous bests.


A creative force of nature

Karen Salmansohn is a creative force of nature. I love her insights and relentless commitment to helping people live happy and successful lives. Her smart sense of humor and unusual metaphors make changing your life not only do-able but, totally fun. I simply adore her!

Marie Forleo Best Selling Author

A library's worth of proven insights

Just picking up this engaging book boosted my spirits. Not only does The Bounce Back Book pack a library's worth of proven insights into one slim volume, it presents that information in a hilarious way, with eye-catching graphics, to drive its wisdom home. For anyone mired in the dumps – or who just wants to live more joyfully! – this is essential reading.


Sass and shine

Salmansohn's got sass and shine! Her work sparks people to wake up, and at the same time, gives the comfort of perennial wisdom – such a divine combo. Sass and shine, in the best package!

Danielle LaPorte Creator of WhiteHotTruth.com

Work With Me as Your Bestselling Book Consultant

Karen Salmansohn

Hire me for one-on-one sessions.

Or enjoy discounted packages.

I’m a multi bestselling author, skilled editor, and award winning advertising Creative Director. I can help you to grow as a writer - and build your author platform- with a combo of thoughtful and constructive feedback. 

Plus I’m also going to be in your corner as an experienced Mindset Mastery Coach - eager to encourage you to keep going, keep going, keep going.

Some of the many ways I can help you:

  • Give “global feedback” (on your book as a whole)
  • Offer “in-line feedback” (on your book’s word choices and grammar)
  • Edit chapters for you - either behind the scenes - or with you watching as I edit
  • Hone your style & boost how compelling your book is to read
  • Develop your characters, plots, or settings - so they're more engaging
  •  Tighten up your book’s overall structure
  • Share interactive writing exercises ... so your words flow more effortlessly
  • Give you a proven roadmap to successfully market your book - with high converting website sales pages and Amazon sales pages - and attention getting social media posts
  • Explain the "ins and outs” of publishing...then help you figure out if you want to self-publish... or find an agent and publishing house
  • Help you to find the right book publishers or agents (and maybe even make introductions)
  • Polish up your query letter or book proposal
  • Give you PR suggestions to get you written up in the media, appear on TV talkshows, be booked for podcast and social media interviews,  etc etc...

Of course, you might not know what exactly you need help with - until we start working together.

And that’s totally ok.

I’m flexible to figure out your needs as we move forward.

And I’m fully invested in your success.

Sessions are $500 an hour!

Plus explore discounted bulk packages!

I helped Val to market her finished book in innovative ways

Waiting for the right time to write your book?

That time's now!

Grab these amazing bonuses!

BONUS 1:  

Save $750 when you buy a 10 hour package!

BONUS 2, 3 & 4

Illustration of a man standing in an oversized book

2. You can write articles on my site's blog!

3. I'll share your book with a NY Agent!

4. I'll share your book with my 1.5 million followers!

Value? Priceless!

Sessions are $500 an hour!

Plus explore discounted bulk packages!

Client Bestseller Success Story: Gabby Bernstein

karen salmansohn add more ing

Gabrielle Bernstein came to me with a problem.

She wanted to be an inspirational book author – but after a few years of pitching a book proposal titled “Falling In Love With Your Future,” she still hadn’t gotten a publishing deal. 

Gabby was getting pretty frustrated, as you might imagine. She showed me her book proposal – asking me to help her to rewrite it.


When I read her proposal I immediately felt something was missing from her book’s premise: 


Her book proposal didn’t have a high-concept message. It was too general - not specific enough to be summed up quickly in a way that would hook a publisher and captivate an audience. 

And I also felt her book's title (“Falling In Love With Your Future”) did not follow a SINGULAR PRONG approach

Her title - and the book's contents -  were both rather vague. 

Plus on top of that it was also a bit “ho-hum” /“old school” for the younger hip generation she was seeking to reach. 

So I worked with Gabby to help her find her SINGULAR PRONG. 

Together we jackhammered down to her wanting to help people to be less concerned with materialism - and more focusing on finding their “ truest self” - so they could experience "true happiness."

I then came up with an idea for the book title - and concept - one which could position her as a fun and hip author – a priority of hers. 

Back in 2008 I’d written my bestselling Bounce Back Book.

bounce back book

Within this book I had written about something I called “adding more ING to your life.


This was a quirky phrase I made up. The “ing” term referred to research I’d found which supports how money doesn’t bring you happiness – doing activities you love brings you happiness!

For example: Ski-ing. Surf-ing. Cook-ing. 

Research studies show the more “ings” you do that you love - the more you wind up entering into a “flow state ” .... which then increases your happiness! 


With this in mind... I suggested Gabby use my made-up quirky phrase from my Bounce Back Book - “Add More ING to your life”- as her book title.

  • It fit thematically with the ONE PRONG she wanted for her book.
  • Plus it was “hip” and “fresh” language – which matched her "style" request for a platform.

Next, I helped Gabby to write the book proposal based on this SINGULAR PRONG. 

When we were done, I introduced Gabby to the publishing house which ultimately bought her book. 


When I work with a client, I love doing everything I can to help them get published.

She pitched the editor the "Add More Ing To Your Life" proposal I helped her to write - and they accepted it.

This book then became a huge bestseller. 

Plus this book got her on Oprah!

write a hot bestseller with karen salmansohn

 Now it's Your Turn!

I will give you the insights and support you need to become a bestselling author!

It's time to bring your ideas to life!

Sessions are $500 an hour!

Plus explore discounted bulk packages!

Stop ignoring that inner calling to write your book!

In this "video interview" below, I share my philosophy on the importance of doing your passions!

I'm excited to help YOU to pursue your passions... 

....so you can write a book you love... and the world loves too!

Illustration of a person writing in a book and swirling up to a paint cloud.

Things We Explore in our 1-on-1 Book Consulting Sessions

  • Conquering Blank Screen = Blank Mind Syndrome
  • Learning the secret power of putting readers into a “Reader’s Trance” – where they want to keep flipping pages… reading more and more
  • Writing a proposal which gets agents & publishers excited
  • Writing a manuscript which flows from beginning to end & gets readers excited
  • Creating a powerful social media campaign to promote your book
  • Learning the secrets to getting testimonials
  • Getting the inside scoop on how to convince an experienced author to write your forward
  • Creating a PR Strategy to promote your book everywhere – to both traditional media – as well as podcasts, influencers and content creators of all kinds
  • Developing a website platform for your book – and engaging branding – to boost book promotion
  • Letting go of your Fear of Failure …which is sometimes Fear of Success
  • Creating an attention getting cover that jumps at people – so your book lands in their shopping cart
  • Designing your interior pages – so they’re comfortable to read
  • Understanding the pros & cons of self publishing vs getting an agent and a traditional publishing

Sessions are $500 an hour!

Plus explore discounted bulk packages!

Client Bestseller Success Story: 

Kristin Barton Cuthriell

snowball effect on amazon

"I'm a "bestselling author graduate" of Karen's Book Consulting Program. I came to Karen because over time it became clear to me that you can have the best content in the world - but without the right packaging it will go undiscovered.

Bringing my book idea to Karen was a life changing experience... that just continues to snowball in an amazing direction!

She helped me get my message out there... and as a result people all over the world are telling me that their lives are forever changed.

And yes... my book became an Amazon Bestseller!

I originally came to Karen with a book I was going to call "10 Practices to a Happy Healthy Life."

After hearing the premise of the book... and reading part of my early introduction... she suggested I change my title to "The Snowball Effect."

I loved this singular prong - and new title - "The Snowball Effect."

And I believe it's what boosted my book's rise on the bestselling books lists.

Karen not only helped me with my title... she designed my logo... my book’s cover... and the banners for my website and Facebook page.

Since the book was published, I've had the opportunity to speak about the "positive snowball effect" to audiences from coast to coast. 

I have taught seminars and workshops as well as written articles for The Huffington Post, Richmond Magazine, and Tidewater Women. I have been a guest on media outlets throughout the country including Doctor’s Radio and The Hampton Roads Show as well as the quoted expert on Fox News Magazine.

The inspiring stories that I share combined with evidence based tools and techniques are the things changing people’s lives, but without Karen’s help my message may have gone undiscovered.

Together she helped me to create the total package! Karen is without a doubt a huge part of my personal snowball effect!

Thank you, Karen!

- Kristin Barton Cuthriell

Get The Support You Need to Become a Bestselling Author!

People loving books at a bookshelf illustration

You do not need to do this alone.

Make sure you do NOT take your book to the grave with you.

Get your book out of your head... and into the hands of engaged readers!

Sessions are $500 an hour!

Plus explore discounted bulk packages!

Got Questions? 

Book a FREE 15 Minute Call With Karen!

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