NotSalmon Video Courses - Improve Your Life in Under 10 Minutes A Day

If you are a busy human - you will love NotSalmon Video Courses.

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Radically improve your life in under 10 minutes a day!

Most people know me as a bestselling author of “self help for people who wouldn’t be caught dead doing self help.” But I began my career as a “Jon Stewart recommended” comedy writer. As a result, my courses are not only a speedier path to your happiest life, they’re also a fun, humorous path.

Your training will happen in short bursts of info – delivered in 2-10 minutes per video segment – in a fun, step-by-step process. Plus, you’ll get a smattering of ebooks, workbooks, meditations, audios, screen savers, posters – and then some! Go at your own pace. Keep the materials for life.

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Master your thoughts and habits – so you can become a Master of your life!

Karen Salmansohn

Founder of NotSalmon Courses

You will love NotSalmon Courses!

Fun & Simple Video Tools.

I gave a TEDx talk on how “Fun is a High Performance Fuel,” which included a range of studies supporting how people learn info and retain it better when they’re in a playful frame of mind! So I’ve loaded up each research-based course with humor and shnazzy graphics!

Quick & Convenient.

I’ve created each course to be enjoyed quickly – in short 2 to 10 minute bursts of info. Plus you’ll get to keep the courses FOREVER. Yep, you have lifetime access. Enjoy the material at your own pace – any time you want – within your busy schedule!

Access From Anywhere.

The course materials are shared as video content, ebooks, workbooks, virtual posters, and audio downloads. It’s your choice how you enjoy it: watching, listening, reading, writing. And, it’s your choice where you enjoy it: phones, iPads, computer, oh my!

Zero Pressure.

I’ve taught these techniques to my private clients – and used them myself – all to tremendous success! But we do have a 30 day refund – for anyone who does the course and isn’t happy. (Hey, I’m in the happiness business! I want you to be happy!)

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