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Broken Heart Recovery Course: Psychologist Recommended


Time alone does not heal heartbreak. You need positive action. Get research based tools & emotional support to heal your wounded self-image and find hope & empowerment. 

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“When will the anger, sadness, regret, confusion & shame end?”  

“How can I move forward?”

"What red flags did I miss?" 

“Why do I feel so afraid, hopeless & alone?”

These are some of the questions my many coaching clients have asked me - during a devastating divorce or challenging break up.

Both men and women alike have shared their heavy-hearted fears that their break up was putting them on a path towards “unhappily ever after.” 

Thankfully, after working with me,  they began to release these difficult emotions and move forward to a far happier future.

I believe that my tools worked so successfully  - because I personally have gone through a brutal break up - and intimately know what it takes to heal from a shattering heartbreak.

In fact, I began researching divorce & break ups out of a desperate need to mend my own heart.  

I felt extra shame going through my painful break up - for 2 reasons. 


I’m an international, multi-bestselling, personal development author - with over 2 million books and courses sold.

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Instant Calm simple 2 minute meditations by Karen Salmansohn
Happy Habits by Karen Salmansohn


I was in my 40's at the time!

Psychologists say that when your heart's broken by someone you love, the reaction in your brain is similar to physical pain.

I found this to be true.

I was desperate to get out of the unbearable pain I was in.

So I began reading piles of studies on relationship issues - including research about:

narcissists, unavailable partners, cheaters, liars,  codependent partnerships, high conflict individuals,  emotional abusers,  development of limiting beliefs,  root of self worth issues, secrets of long lasting couples, etc…

Thanks to this research, I ultimately healed & moved on to create the lasting, happy family life I always dreamed about!

I turned everything I learned into a bestselling relationship book called “Prince Harming Syndrome” ...which also applies to “Princess Harmings.” 

prince harming syndrome

My book was loved & respected so much by Oprah and Psychology Today that they each gave me my own column!

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Plus my relationship healing techniques received positive, rave reviews on a range of huge media outlets!

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Soon after, the highly esteemed relationship research organization, The Gottman Institute, began to regularly share my relationship insights & tools with their audience.

relationship techniques

I then shared my "Step-by-Step Healing Process" with private coaching clients.

My process also consistently helped these men and women to heal, grow and find more fulfilling relationships. 

Eventually I realized I had developed a proven system to mend heartbreak & find happier love.

So I condensed my "Step-By-Step Results Proven Process" into this Broken Heart Recovery Video & Audio Course.

These insights and tools will help you to…

  • healthfully process the relationship you’re leaving behind and heal your wounds
  • cope with your anger & stop obsessing, fantasizing, or chasing
  • identify core love issues & develop a plan to overcome them - by stepping into a far healthier, more empowered version of yourself
  • tame “relationship volatility” & feel more understood, heard, respected
  • get advanced dating techniques - so you avoid inappropriate partners
  • learn “relationship maintenance” strategies to keep love thriving

Best of all, the cost of this entire library of materials is only 1/1000th the cost of therapy.

Your viewing is private. Just you enjoying everything on your phone, computer, or tablet! You can start your first lesson instantly. Then check into the course whenever you want (need!) support. You have lifetime access to these tools.

Inside you'll find a range of instructive lessons - to enjoy via video or audio.

Everything's narrated by me - as if I'm personally coaching you!

Plus, you get pdf's, checklists, journaling prompts & hypnotherapy meditations.

And because I'm an award winning designer...

All the course materials are produced with stylish, easy to understand graphics.

I'll show you how it's possible to turn the end of a relationship into an amazing new beginning -  where you’re aimed at deep emotional healing, personal growth & the joy of finding a more fulfilling relationship.

You'll quickly learn how to master BOTH your love life & self-love life - so you can turn finding your ideal partner into a happy reality.

Dealing With A Break Up

Struggling with a high conflict divorce? Facing a traumatic break up? Dealing with a narcissist or a messy end to your relationship?

Your journey of recovery can begin right now!

Do NOT wait another day to step onto that path to becoming happier.

It’s time to release the heaviness in your heart -  gain closure - and begin to feel lighter & brighter about your future. You’re never too old – and it’s never too late – to find and enjoy a loving, committed, safe-feeling partnership.

It's helpful to have someone in your corner - to support you on your journey to healing and transformation. I’m committed to helping you to find that happier life waiting for you on the other side of loss, grief & regret.

Pay only $99 for lifetime access!

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Watch Broken Heart Recovery's Philosophy Summary

Break ups don’t have to leave you broken. They can bring growth and a better life.

I’ve spent 2 decades researching:

Narcissistic Abuse, High Conflict Divorce, Codependency, Unavailable Partners, Toxic Relationships, Unrequited Love, Liars, Cheaters, Self Love Issues, Limiting Belief Formation, Resiliency, NLP, Habit Formation, etc.

Plus in my coaching practice, I've helped thousands of "breakup survivors" to turn into "love thrivers."  I've condensed ALL of this cutting edge knowledge into an efficient, effective & comprehensive online course!

Get FULL LIFETIME ACCESS to the entire library of tools!

Pay only $99 for lifetime access!

These practices apply to all genders & all types of love relationships.  

You'll get a range of life-changing insights into your childhood & past relationships, so you can more quickly spot red flags - plus understand, re-evaluate & change your choices in love.  You'll learn how to stop allowing relationships that aren't serving your highest good.

Lifetime access. Purchase once, yours to keep forever!

Pay only $99 for lifetime access!

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

This Broken Heart Recovery Course Has Helped Many to Heal, Grow and Move Forward

Arianna Healed her Broken Heart From a Toxic Partner

These tools helped her to "move on." She found the training more effective, convenient and cheaper than therapy. After finishing, she  bought Karen's "Secrets of Happy Couples Course" & "Anxiety Cure Course."

Maja Made Peace With a Tough Break Up

She appreciates how these research based therapeutic techniques and exercises are delivered with humor and warmth. These tools helped her to feel stronger and more empowered after her break up.

Skye Recovered From a Narcissistic Partner 

These tools helped her to cut the cord on her unhealthy past relationship and work through the feelings that were keeping her stuck. Plus she learned boundary tools to help her in her next relationship.

Here’s why respected experts love Karen so much...


A whole new plan

If you're not happy with what you're getting, maybe you need a whole new plan. Karen Salmansohn offers you one. Start now!


Expert on psychological research studies

This book is full of psychological research studies to help you not only recover from the tough times, but also bounce back to an even higher level than your previous bests.


Provokes and inspires

Karen Salmansohn's writing is bold, playful, insightful with powerful metaphors that provoke and inspire. In The Bounce Back Book, her kinetic images amplify her message and take the book to a new level of literary experience.

Deepak Chopra Author

We are in charge of our own destiny

Salmansohn reminds us that in life, control is just an illusion and that we are in charge of our own destiny. This funny, profound and heartfelt collection demonstrates that when faced with adversity, we have the power to overcome through gratitude, humor and courage.


A creative force of nature

Karen Salmansohn is a creative force of nature. I love her insights and relentless commitment to helping people live happy and successful lives. Her smart sense of humor and unusual metaphors make changing your life not only do-able but, totally fun. I simply adore her!

Marie Forleo Best Selling Author

Take back your life. Master self talk. 

Rewrite your story. Create a better future.

notsalmon online courses

Each Lesson Is Easy To Access On Your Phone, Ipad or Computer!

Module I: Turn Your Break Up Into A Trade Up

Module II: Break Free From Past Love Programming

Module III: Healing, Forgiving, Moving On

Module IV: Advanced Dating Strategies

Module V: Hypnotherapy Meditations for Thought Mastery

Module VI: Audio Only – Listen While You Work Out, Cook, Clean etc...

Pay only $99 for lifetime access!

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Instant FREE Bonus materials

$19.99 bonus value when you purchase Broken Heart Recovery.

love blindspot awakening meditation

FREE! "Love Blindspot Awakening Meditation" In this guided meditation, you'll be empowered  to re-program your misbeliefs about love so you notice red flags sooner. Unfortunately, too many people grow up learning to give up various parts of themselves in order to ensure others are feeling okay. As a result, you can wind up with "love blindspots" - which allow you to enter into a relationship where you feel like you're walking on eggshells and/or harming your emotional well being in order to satisfy a dysfunctional person. This "Love Blindspot Awakening Meditation” will awaken your awareness to programmed limited beliefs – then help you to record new higher level beliefs - so you attract a better partner.

Value: $19.99

7 day guarantee

There is no risk in enrolling!

Karen's an international bestselling author who's sold over 2 million books - and a thought-leader in the self-development industry. People LOVE her stuff! Her bestselling books have an “Amazon Book Ranking” of 4.8 - 4.9 out of 5.  BUT... Just in case you were wondering – purchasing the Broken Heart Recovery is risk-free. Give it a try. If you find that it’s not a good fit, you can request a refund within 7 days. But, if you do find that it’s a good fit...well, your life will improve...forever! 🙂

My Broken Heart Recovery Course shows you how to... 

  • Heal grief, resentment, heartache & shame
  • Stop ruminating about the past
  • Gain clarity around subconscious beliefs  – so you can make more mindful love choices
  • Get stronger at trusting your intuition
  • Learn clever “screening techniques” to help you choose safer, more appropriate partners
  • Let go of “limited beliefs & patterns” due to past childhood incidents & other painful experiences
  • Manage overwhelming emotions, fear and insecurity around love.
  • Cut toxic cords to your ex – so you create more space to allow someone new & better
  • Understand what forgiveness is (and what it’s not) so you healthfully release resentment
  • Learn how to communicate during conflict – so you feel closer not further apart from your partner
  • Develop clearer, stronger, healthier boundaries 
  • Stop putting up with “draining” relationships & insist on meaningful, safe-feeling relationships (Or simply learn to enjoy your alone time!)
  • Learn why you might have developed an unhealthy attraction to abusive or inappropriate partners – and why it’s so painful leaving an unhappy relationship
  • Trust your ability to attract a good partner – and learn relationship skills to mindfully maintain this love
  • Recognize the roots of low-self esteem and how to stop your inner bully voice
  • Get your “old self” back – and even a new improved, healthier, more empowered YOU
  • Regain your hope and trust in people – along with the wisdom and courage to love again
  • Enjoy more positive energy to put into your day – because you’re not distracted by the negative energy-suck of a “complicated” relationship.
  • Feel confident that your life is (finally) headed in that happily ever after direction you’ve dreamed of!

Pay only $99 for lifetime access!

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Karen Salmansohn’s insights and tools are loved by many!

I began to date smarter – and found a loving partner.

 For years I wasted time trying to prove to my partner that I was good enough. After my terrible break up, Karen helped me to heal my shattered heart and dig deep into my buried beliefs. Ultimately I realized that low self-esteem issues were allowing me to set the bar far too low in love. As Karen explains, “If you don't love yourself enough, you attract people who won’t love you rightly.” Thanks to her, I worked on these issues & let go of my “negative programming.” I began to date smarter & found a loving partner. I highly recommend Karen’s relationship advice.

– Lisa A., New York

Basically, this is the best online course I've ever taken.

 This course awakened me to so many realizations about myself ... good and also not so good realizations about myself... But grateful for all the insights... and the tools this course gave me to change my relationship patterns ....and the added burst of optimism and faith. Basically, this is the best online course I've ever taken. Grateful.

– Frannie K. New York

Blessing in disguise.

My therapist told me about this course. I was in an unhealthy marriage for far too many years. Karen's course helped me to see that my “tragic divorce” was really a "blessing in disguise" – because it set me free to wake up and make some needed big changes – like letting go of old, dangerous, limiting beliefs around love – which were created because of my childhood – being raised by alcoholic parents. I’ve since finally stopped my unhealthy patterns in love – and have found an amazing partner. Grateful!!!

– Stephanie R., New York

Man carrying big heart illustration

Suffered the pain of toxic love? Recovering from a narcissist? Feel like your "People Picker" is broken?

Learn how to let go of the hurt ... plus develop new ways of thinking & dating ... so you can find true love with a good partner. 

You're never too old to find & keep happily ever after love! I had my "Break Up Breakthrough" in my 40's.

I'm happy to say that thanks to the life-changing psychological tools I share in my course – I've broken my bad relationship patterns - for good.

I have finally created the happy family life I always dreamed about! 

Plus I've learned how to master "Heart-to-Heart Communication Techniques" - which reduce conflict and increase intimacy. Because, hey, love at 1st sight is easy. It's love at 1,000,001 that’s challenging! 

Love patterns can be broken!

Get insights into your buried beliefs & relationship programming. Learn how to more quickly spot red flags - plus understand, re-evaluate & change your choices in love.

I’m passionate about helping as many men and women as I can to find and keep happy, safe-feeling love relationships!

Get my easy to follow step-by-step video training, audios, & PDF tools!

It's your choice:

Enjoy the course material via videos. 

Listen to the entire course via audio.

Do a combo of both.

Plus, you'll receive: a range of pdf's, checklists, journaling exercises, and hypnotherapy meditations.

You'll quickly gain insight into understanding how – as smart as you are – you still somehow managed to get your heart broken – so you can make sure that the heartache, resentment, shame and confusion will NEVER AGAIN occur!

Photo of Karen posing with one hand behind her head.

Man chasing hearts with net illustration

The time has come to stop wasting your heart and time in anger and obsession – re-living the pain of relationships past.

The time has come to put your energy and time into learning from your mistakes – and getting new tools – so you can successfully create a far happier future.

Find the best relationship of your life! 

Or simply heal & enjoy your alone time!

Pay only $99 for lifetime access.

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Improve your life in under 10 minutes a day. Easy to access on your phone, computer or tablet.

Stopwatch icon

Each training session is only 2 to 10-ish minutes short to watch – because research reports people learn better in short video bursts.

Plus, my students love how playful and simple my video tools are to learn and apply!

You get 6 modules with 21 videos, 2 Hypnotherapy Guided Meditations, 5 Date Vetting Checklists (to spot Narcissists, Gameplayers, The Emotionally Unavailable, and other toxic partners - sooner!), Journal Exercises, PDF worksheets, and an "Audio Only Recording" of the entire course.

BONUS: Enjoy the entire course on audio, as if it's an audio book!

You get unlimited access to everything - because you keep the course for life - so you can watch at your own pace!

Healing a broken heart isn’t an event. It’s a process. You'll quickly learn effective ways to stop ruminating about the past, release limiting beliefs, identify toxic partners, date more mindfully/intuitively - and boost your self confidence to trust love one more time.

Students Love These Research Based Love Tools!


I came to Karen because I felt I give too much and get taken advantage of - both in personal and professional relationships. I desired more balance in the "give and take" and also wanted to be more assertive. I found out that I had 2 issues. Firstly, with what Karen calls “pendulum swings” (I wouldn't speak up at all - or I'd speak up too strongly). And "pain softeners" (I’d tell myself “this is OK - it's not so bad” - when my life could be much better. ) I shared a childhood memory with Karen and she helped to me realize how early on I learned not to trust my own feelings - because they had been invalidated by one of my parents. Karen seemed to get into the heart of things very quickly - just cut to the chase. I gained a TON of insight about my pattern of anger, numbness, regret, rumination, repeat. I would recommend Karen – a thousand times YES!

Colleen R.

I initially came to Karen as I was interested in exploring my relationship with food. In many ways I am one of the lucky ones, I can eat pretty much what i like without too many dire consequences - but that was allowing me to just cover up the fact that I was still falling into the same unhealthy traps and I wanted to find out why. While working with Karen, I was shocked by how much came to surface as to why I had developed food issues. I had no idea that my whole life had been a series of what Karen called "covert operations" - not just with food - but with relationships with friends, family, lovers - and most crucially with myself. I felt like I had a wee friendly American lady in my head, doing a full spring clean - taking down all the boxes, dusting them off - and more importantly chucking them out - all the while humming her favorites tunes and often laughing out loud. This is defragging of the soul! It was completely differently than working in therapy with anyone else I know. It was both lighter and yet deeper. Karen asked such innocent sounding questions - and yet they seemed to burn all the way through the heavily locked cells of my “thats just the way its always been" beliefs system. We laughed - and I also cried…a lot! It was fun -and yet tough at the same time. In my experience, some coaches can make "the problem” feel bigger at the start - and that can feel overwhelming. I felt I was in completely safe hands at all times. I love Karen's warm approach of “we go in together - and we come out together." No sweat. We're just cleaning stuff up! Karen was gentle and yet firm! Karen showed me that nothing has to be stuck - or hard - unless we choose for it to be that way. Karen showed me different ways to view the matrix/cobwebs that we get caught up in - usually of other people’s weaving or creation. I've already recommended Karen's Coaching to at least 3 people. It feels so good to have someone like Karen on “my team" - someone who I can turn to and ask for help without judgement - with total love and support! Someone who is dedicated to me simply being my best self. Who wouldn’t want someone like that in their lives!?

Nic C.

After witnessing a decade of my repeated cycle of toxic, destructive love relationships my sister purchased me a copy of Karen’s amazing book, Prince Harming Syndrome, after seeing it on Oprah. I read the book in 24 hours and it changed my life forever and I wanted more. I contacted Karen to see if she would take me on as a life coach. She said yes and this yes was the beginning of a life changing transformation. Karen is truly gifted. Soon after working with Karen I was able to release my deep-set past wounds, recognize and identify my toxic patterns in relationships, while gaining clarity in what I was looking for which helped me to create a path for a healthy relationship. I have allowed her words to marinate and as a result I am happier now because I have let go of my fear that was holding me back and my shrine to painful past wounds has been released. I am so thankful and grateful that Karen came into my life and I would recommend her to anyone wishing to break the cycle and transform their love relationships forever.

Kate F.

Karen Salmansohn's coaching methodology proved to be insightful, helpful and fun. Unlike traditional therapy, Karen's laser focus and sense of humor made it possible for me to get quickly and effectively past childhood abandonment trauma, which haunted all my adult relationships. Each week, she assigned homework that helped me gain clarity plus allowed me to fully forgive myself, my former partners, and my dysfunctional parents. My favorite coaching assignment was called, "The Pendulum." Karen had me examine past relationships to see "where" each partner fell. To my dismay, all of my previous relationships fell in either the "too much" or "too little" categories, zigzagging from one extreme to the other. With Karen's encouragement and resources, I know that when I'm ready to be in a relationship again, I'll not only be a better partner, I'll be ready to accept someone who falls in the sweet spot of my desires. Working with Karen was a highlight of my year, and I'm so grateful for her loving, generous warmth.

Deborah K.
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Struggling with a high conflict divorce? Facing a traumatic break up? 

Your journey of recovery can begin right now! You're never too old & it's never too late to heal and grow.

Pay only $99 for lifetime access!

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Turn the end of your relationship into a new beginning. Yes, it's possible!

Simple To Follow.

Karen takes you through everything -  step-by-step! You'll gain the healing, courage, insights & support you need to move onto a happy, lasting relationship. She explains everything in easy to understand terms & with humor.

Private Access. Just You & Karen.

You can access these videos (& PDFs) on computers, tablets, iPads, & smartphones. Your viewing is private. Just you watching videos - at your pace - and at your place!

Award Winning Design

Karen is an award winning designer. All of these videos are produced with stylishly designed graphics. Plus each video is a convenient & fun 2 to 10-ish minutes short to watch.

Risk Free Refund Guarantee

All NotSalmon Courses are self-paced. Begin today -  pick up easily wherever you stop. Enjoy lifetime access. Take as long as you like to enjoy a course! Plus Karen offers a 7 day refund policy.

Masters In Life tagline

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have time to watch the course right away?

No worries! You have lifetime access! Watch it at your pace - and at your place - on any and all of your screen devices! Binge watch or slooooow watch. It's your choice!

What's your philosophy on guarantees?

I'm in the happiness business. I want you to be happy! So if you're not happy, and let me know within 7 days, I'll refund your money! That said, usually people love the course so much, they wind up buying my other courses as well!

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Break bad love patterns for good!

Turn your break up into a trade up! Heal, grow & find lasting, safe-feeling love. Or simply enjoy your alone time.

Lifetime access. Purchase once, yours to keep forever!

Pay only $99 for lifetime access!

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

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