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How To Stay Feeling Close To Long Distance Friends

When it comes to friendship, distance no longer needs to be a barrier. The digital age and social media have helped long distance friends to feel close – even without close geographical proximity.  However, distance can start to feel problematic, […]

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6 Secrets to Managing Passive Aggressive People

Are you dealing with passive aggressive people? If so, below are 6 proven secrets for managing these challenging people – so you can live more peacefully. [Note: If you’re truly committed to disarming toxic people and dropping the drama in […]

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5 Ways Happy People Choose Happiness

How are you feeling today? Maybe you’re unhappy right now or feeling stuck in a rut. Or…perhaps things are good…but you just want to live to your best potential. Anywhichway, here are 5 ways happy people choose happiness, so you […]

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20 Quotes To Find Inner Peace And Calm Your Mind

I wrote and designed these 20 inner peace quotes to help as many people as I can to find tranquility during challenging times. I’m a recovered anxiety sufferer and research geek on happiness. I personally understand what it’s like to […]

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