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Obliterate your (b)lame excuses! Gain clarity on your course content creation, tech how to's & marketing to do's! Enjoy financial freedom!

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profitable courses

 Build a successful course in any niche, with content you're passionate about. Go from overwhelmed to overjoyed!

Learn how to scale your business to 6+ figures  - from a course creator with over 2 million books & courses sold - and 1.5 million followers on social media!

What makes me unique to teach this course: 

I do NOT have a huge expensive team doing most of the work. I simply have one very nice WordPress Developer. Kaput. I do everything myself in just a few hours a week! And I can show you how to EASILY make profitable courses yourself - without spending lots of money on a huge team.

My story:

When I first had a baby in 2010, I felt overwhelmed and exhausted - all the time. I was having trouble merging my hectic mom life with my busy work life.

I was constantly so tired, that I began experiencing what I jokingly called "Momory Loss." I'd walk into the kitchen for a desperately needed "Mom Support Coffee," then immediately forget why I was there. 

Eventually it became clear: 

My jampacked mom/work life wasn't sustainable

...or emotionally healthy.

So I began to research how to create passive income from online courses - knowing it would free up my schedule. I hunkered down and immersed myself in a very voluptuous learning curve. 

Sure enough, I learned everything I needed to know in order to create and launch online courses - and fuel them with the most up to date marketing methods.

It worked big time.

I'm now a leader at course creation & marketing...

... with over 2 million books & courses sold

... and over 1.5 million followers in social media

...plus lots of rave reviews in big name media outlets

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Best of all, it's not only passive income I'm earning.

It's ceiling-free income!

I work a lot less time (just a few hours a week) - while making a lot more money than ever before (a hefty 6+ figures a year)!

It's truly liberating to make money while I sleep, brunch with friends, play with my son, walk my dog, do downward facing dogs, etc..

That was about a dozen years ago - and I continue to be surprised, delighted and appreciative of the dream life I’ve created - thanks to my course business.

Oh - by the way, I'm "techno-phobic."

I've never thought of myself as a "techie person." Yet I taught myself how to generate this abundant passive income!

And I'm excited to share my results proven system with YOU!

I’ve already helped my private clients to launch courses. 

In fact, I started to get so many clients asking for help, that I decided to create this course - with everything you need to know to make courses that make money!

Listen to video testimonials from my clients!

My mission:  

Create the world’s very best online school - at an affordable price - for people who want to create & launch courses  - without the overwhelm - & get amazing results! 

My online program is for anyone who wants to build a profitable course business - without the overwhelm. Basically... I make it "Stupid Easy"!

Create a profitable digital course

Say good bye to overwhelm, techno-phobia & self doubt! Say hello to a passive income stream!

Get tools to go from $0 to 6+ figures in your first year!

I share 5 in-depth modules & 50 step by step lessons - where I walk you through my tried-and-tested profitable course process!  Go at your own pace. Keep the materials for life.

  • Each module is fun and easy to understand. It's designed to give you exactly what you need to start and scale your online course business.
  • You can go through the material each week as it’s released. Or you can slow things down and work at your own pace within your own schedule. 
  • Once the initial 5 weeks are complete, and all the content has been released, you will be able to access the entire library of training materials! 
  • You can review everything as often as you like, because you keep the training for life!

This online course is for you if...

  • You have an idea for a course - but you're blocked to write, produce and launch it. 
  • You've been “about to launch your course" for a loooong time now.
  • You started to create a course - but you're confused about how to finish it or market it.
  • You have a finished course - but you're struggling to sell it. Your results have been disappointing and frustrating.
  • You're a coach, consultant or in a service-based business - and you've reached your limit on how many people you can help on 1-on-1 basis. 
  • You're a person with a specific skillset, passion, expertise - and you want to share what you know with the world - and leave a legacy of your knowledge.
  • You're a corporate employee but you want to be an entrepreneur - because you're aware of how digital courses are literally a billion dollar industry and you want a piece of this yummy pie.

Examples of topics for courses:

  • Hobbies/Passions/Expertise: gardening, cooking, baking, water color painting, woodworking, scrapbooking, making pottery, singing, drumming, dancing, pet training, writing books, doing hair & make up, doing taxes, debt reduction, nutrition, yoga, etc 
  • Coaching Knowledge: creating a money mindset, calming anxious kids, mastering time management, healing a broken heart, managing narcissists, secrets of happy couples, reducing stress, finding a long lasting relationship, creating online courses (aka: what I'm doing with this course), etc
  • Job Knowledge: morph some specific aspect of what you do in your career into an online course so you simplify it for others
  • Recovery Knowledge: stop an addiction, heal from an illness, stop a bad habit, stop a buried belief, stop a painful pattern, etc... 

Get a behind-the-scenes peek at how I built my consistent money-making course business! 

profitable course business

Learn the exact framework I use to achieve more success - in less time!

After a course launches, I spend only a few hours a week maintaining the business.

  • Gain clarity around your course content, title, delivery system etc...
  • Produce powerful content - that buyers love and get benefits from
  • Attract the right audience & convert them into passionate buyers - using my proven marketing methods
  • Create compelling sales pages which turn browsers into buyers
  • Build a robust emailing list & launch persuasive email sequences that get opened, clicked and convert to sales
  • Amplify your reputation as an expert - and thereby gain access to more networking, media and speaking opportunities
  • Create a lasting legacy of your knowledge and skills 
  • Earn money while you sleep, brunch, walk your dog, watch Netflix, etc...
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My business tools are loved by Madonna!

Here's the fun story & more about my background! 

Because of my huge success in marketing, I was asked to write a business book  - which wound up becoming a BIG bestseller - and was loved by Madonna, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Marissa Tomei, Goldie Hawn, Seth Godin, Arianna Huffington, Donna Karan, Tim Ferris, Marie Forleo, Tony Hsieh, Steve Covey, Gretchen Rubin, Danielle Laporte - and then some! 

If you have an expertise, you have a course to create!

I'm excited to share my how to roadmaps for making courses that make money.

This is a system you can trust, because it's worked for me time and again! 

By now I’ve done over a dozen course launches.

I’ve been there and done that.

And NOT done that.  

And done TOO MUCH of that.

Or TOO LITTLE of that.

So I know how to shorten the period of time & amount of pain it takes to produce a hugely selling digital course.

I'll show you my secrets to do LESS & make MORE!

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Get tools to generate 5+ figures a month

... and 6+ figures a year!

increase monthly sales

Make a decision your future self will thank you for!

 You might be thinking: 

“Now's not a good time.” Or: "I'm not ready."
I call these (b)lame excuses.

The truth is: 

You might never feel ready. Change is scary.

More truth: 

Successful people feel the fear and still move forward anyway.
The best things in life happen at the exit ramp of your comfort zone!
I've found this to be true in my own life - plus the lives of my clients!

There are millions of people around the world who want to learn new skills, and do the inspiring things you’ve done. 

 I’ll show you how to share your knowledge with an audience who’s excited to learn from you - so you can go from $0 to 6+ figures in your first year! 

Lifetime access. Purchase once, yours to keep forever!

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happy students enrolled in NotSalmon Courses


Thank you Karen for alerting me to the many blindspots I had in marketing my courses which were costing me money. You clearly pointed out a range of money making opportunities for my courses. I'm grateful and speechless. Everything you explained made so much sense. I wish I had come to you sooner.

– Dr. Annie Kaszina, Women's Abuse Recovery Coach

Seth Godin

"If you're not happy with what you're getting, maybe you need a whole new plan. Karen Salmansohn offers you one. Start now!" - Seth Godin, author of 20+ bestselling marketing books

"Karen Salmansohn's a creative force of nature. I love her insights & relentless commitment to helping people live happy and successful lives. I adore her!" - Marie Forleo, founder B-School

Marie Forleo

Tony Robbins

"Salmansohn reminds us that we are in charge of our own destiny - and can overcome our challenges. She is funny, profound and heartfelt. Her tools are fun, simple to understand - and game changing! Start now!"  - Tony Robbins, multi-bestselling author, 8+ figure entrepreneur 

"Karen's teachings are bold, playful, insightful with powerful metaphors that provoke & inspire. Her stylish graphics amplify her content & take her course materials to an extra high level of experience. - Deepak Chopra, multi-bestselling author & 8+ figure entrepreneur

deepak chopra

Tim Ferriss

"Karen's books and courses are loaded with psychological research studies and techniques to help you through tough times, so you can bounce back to an even higher level than your previous bests." - Tim Ferriss, multi-bestselling author & 8+ figure entrepreneur

It’s time to create, launch & make that moola!

  • Get my 4 steps to turn any kind of expertise, passion or knowledge into a profitable course

  • Learn how to create “timeless, ageless content” – so you can sell your course year after year

  • Get the secrets of successfully “pre-selling” your course – so you get paid to create your course before recording a single lesson (Make cash faster!)

  • Discover how to validate if you have a strong course idea – so you don’t waste time

  • Learn how to make money even with a small audience – and how to grow your audience

  • Get my Traffic Tactics Secrets – to lure traffic to your sales page
  • Discover the most common, costly mistakes you should NEVER make

  • Drop your imposter syndrome. Get support to boost your confidence & stay positive about making consistent, scalable income
  • Learn effective online marketing strategies – so you turn browsers into buyers
  • Get research based tips to narrow focus the perfect course topic for your business & audience

  • Learn the psychology behind writing a high-converting course name

  • Get research based tips for deciding how long your course should be – and how much you should charge

  • Learn the 3 main types of profitable digital courses

  • Write and record your course content like a pro – even if you’re a technophobe – or don’t like recording videos of yourself
  • Get my insider secrets for writing emails and social media posts that convert to sales
  • Harness the power of Search Engine Optimization – so you can lure in your ideal buyers via Google searches
  • Learn the basics of “persuasion psychology” – so you write engaging, high converting sales pages, social media posts and emails
  • Launch high-converting courses – without complicated webinar set-ups

Take A Peek Inside My Online Course!

make profitable courses without the overwhelm

Each Lesson Is Easy To Access On Your Phone, Ipad or Computer!

Module 1 (11 Lessons): Superpower Your Course: Define, Outline & Shine

Module 2 (11 Lessons): Step By Step Training to Create a Compelling Course Sales Page

Module 3 (11 lessons):  Step By Step Training to Produce Killer Content - Even if You're Technophobic

Module 4 (9 Lessons): Step By Step Training to Be A Rockstar at Driving Traffic To Your Sales Page - Using Social Media, Blogs, Media, Ads and Networking

Module 5 (8 Lessons): Step By Step Training to Master List Building and Email Sequences

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Each lesson is about 10 minutes short, because research says people learn best in small bursts.

Stopwatch icon

As I've mentioned, each week for 5 weeks you'll receive a new module of fun and easy-to-understand lessons. I'm purposefully sending you the content in small, chewable bites - so you don't feel overwhelmed. But you can go at your own pace. The training is yours to keep for life! Everything's conveniently located inside a private members online library  - which you can revisit again and again.

I also created each specific lesson so it's about 10 minutes short, so you don't feel overwhelmed.

Plus all the content is easy to access on any smartphone, computer or tablet.

Waiting for the right time to create a course?

That time's now!


Quick Summary

Launch a Profitable Course With Someone Who... 

... has done over a dozen profitable course launches

... makes the creation, set up & marketing process feel fun & simple

... is recommended by top online marketing experts like:

Seth Godin, Marie Forleo, Deepak Chopra, Danielle Laporte, etc

Each lesson is fun & easy-to-understand, plus features:

  • high quality videos
  • simple templates
  • helpful resource lists
  • thought-generating worksheets
  • organizational checklists
  • friendly email support

Early Bird Special! 

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Simply sign up before May 20!

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GET A BACKSTAGE PASS TO HANG OUT WITH ME VIA ZOOM after the course goes live on MAY 20TH.


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When you sign up before the course goes live on May 20 you get...

12 Weeks of FREE Group Consulting Zoom Video Calls!

First call is June 3rd!  

(No worries if you can't make the LIVE calls. You'll receive access to ALL recordings.)

  • Meet with me once a week for 12 weeks on Zoom - starting Friday June 10th.

  • Get Q & A access with me via these Zoom Video Calls!

  • Submit your questions in advance by email & if I select you, you'll get my personally delivered answers!

  • Submit your content for me in advance by email, and if I select you, I will personally edit and polish while on the call!

  • Plus I will hand select some creators to "matchmake" & "network" with others!

Value: $1,200

FREE Bonus #2

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Sign up before the course launches on May 20

Get FREE promotion of your completed course to
my 1.5 million social media followers!

  • Companies pay me $2000+ for an FB post.

  • Companies pay me $500+ for an Instagram post.

  • I'll post your completed course for free!

This FREE VIP ACCESS is limited to early bird course buyers ONLY!

After May 20, 2022 I will NOT be offering this opportunity - at all!

Value: $2,500

Early Bird Special! 

Buy Now & Save 50%!

Only $247 reduced from $497!

Simply sign up before the course launches May 20!

Plus Get $3,700 in Bonuses!


You missed out!

Buy now for only $247.00 for lifetime access!
($497 when purchased after the course launches on May 20)

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7 day guarantee

You’re Protected With Our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Karen's an international bestselling content producer - who's sold over 2 million books and courses - and a thought-leader in the self-development industry. People LOVE her stuff! Her bestselling books have an “Amazon Book Ranking” of 4.8 - 4.9 out of 5.  BUT... Just in case you were wondering – signing up for the "Make Profitable Courses - Without the Overwhelm" is risk-free. If you find that when the course launches on May 20th, that the material is not a good fit, you can request a refund within 7 days of getting the first module. But, if you do find that it’s a good fit...well, your life will improve...forever!

Karen is nothing short of BRILLIANT – all caps intentional

I have been an admirer of Karen’s work for many years, first as an author and then as a super positive and inspiring thought leader and business coach. I decided to go all in and hire her. Well, Karen is nothing short of BRILLIANT – all caps intentional! Honestly, Karen’s dedication to my success as well as her pure genius just blew me away. We took action steps right away to take my coaching and education business through the roof. She gave me pages and pages of suggestions, tips, actionable advice, and valuable insights for me to absorb and implement. She also helped me write website copy that is passionate and full of life that speaks directly to my audience. I would recommend working with Karen to anyone who is truly serious about taking their business to the next level. She is an absolutely amazing business and marketing expert! Just awesome! 

Kitty Chambliss, Founder, “Loving Without Boundaries”

I would have been way off base had I not talked to Karen first

recently had a one-on-one Zoom session with Karen Salmansohn for her Insider Secrets Consultation.  I am in the process of building my new business and the information she provided was extremely helpful and valuable.  The consultation and her advice provided me with some clear direction.  I would have been way off base had I not talked to Karen first.  Karen was down to earth, knowledgeable, and took the time to answer all my questions.  I am grateful I decided to do the consultation and highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to build their online presence.

Patricia Brooks, MSN, APRN, PMHNP-BC

Create a digital product that makes consistent money - even while you sleep!


Simple & Fun To Follow

Karen takes you through everything step-by-step - in easy to understand terms & with humor. She gave a TEDx Talk on how "Fun is a High Performance Fuel" and knows how to boost learning by reducing overwhelm and increasing the fun factor. 

Award Winning Marketer

Karen started her career working in NY's top advertising & marketing agencies - and won CLIO's for her work! She also rose up quickly, becoming a Senior VP in her late 20's. She's now a respected leader in online marketing.

Award Winning Design

Karen is an award winning designer. All of the content is produced with stylishly designed graphics and beautifully produced videos - along with gorgeous PDF's etc. Plus each video lesson is a convenient & fun 10 minutes short - perfect for busy schedules and short attention spans.

7-day Refund Guarantee

All NotSalmon.com Courses are yours to keep for life. Take as long as you like to enjoy a course! Enjoy the materials on your computer, tablet or smartphone! Plus Karen offers a 7-day refund guarantee.

Masters In Life tagline

It's your choice:

Stay in the same place?

Or build a better life?

Lifetime access. Purchase once, yours to keep forever!

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Earnings Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our programs and the educational value they provide. However, there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials. You should not rely on any revenue, sales, or earnings information we present as any kind of promise, guarantee, or expectation of any level of success or earnings. Your results will be determined by a number of factors over which we have no control, such as your financial condition, experiences, skills, level of effort, education, and changes within the market. Running an online business carries risks, and your use of any information contained on this website is at your own risk. Subject to our Refund Policy, we provide content without any express or implied warranties. By continuing to use our site and access our content, you agree that we are not responsible for any decision you may make regarding any information presented or as a result of purchasing any of our products or services. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request.

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