Prince Harming Syndrome - by Karen Salmansohn

Prince Harming Syndrome

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Do you have a thing for toxic partners, narcissists, liars, cheaters, gaslighters or highly difficult people?

Prince Harming Syndrome will help change your bad love patterns for good!

My Oprah recommended book mixes a range of modern day psychological research on relationships with the timeless wisdom of Aristotle!

(And yes, Prince Harming Syndrome applies equally to Princess Harmings!)

I will teach you how to seek out the 5 essentials for true love. Chances are many of these are not presently what you’d normally think about looking for!

prince harming syndrome toxic partners recoveryThe people at OPRAH loved the advice in Prince Harming Syndrome so much, they not only recommended the book highly on their site, they gave me made me a “relationship columnist” – and ran a series of articles about this book as well.

I’m now giving away Prince Harming Syndrome for free – for a limited time only!

Prince Harming Syndrome is a call to action for saying “enough” to toxic partners like narcissists, cheaters, liars and gaslighters.

Inside I explain how there are 3 kinds of relationship categories which people get lured into – but only 1 will bring true happiness.

Plus, Prince Harming Syndrome reminds that a relationship serves 2 functions: “den of pleasure” and “laboratory of growth.”

Click here to claim your free chapter of the Prince Harming Syndrome eBook.

Wish I had came across it sooner

Most grateful, L. Princess Charming

Dearest Karen, I must write to you after reading your book, Prince Harming Syndrome. I feel now it is the ONLY relationship self help book I will ever need or anyone will need, wish I have came across it sooner. I invested far too much mula on other books, online ebooks, audios hoping to discover what the freakin secret is to finding my prince charming. I'm considered by many as a smart, fun and beautiful woman to say the least in her early thirties and lucky in love. I am lucky in the sense I attract men easily, but to me I've be unlucky is the general feeling more or less. I have spent my twenties learning about myself and relationships that I've loved and lost many times over and had my heart broken twice...yet I remain positive, work on developing myself and believe very much in the true love and finding the true happiness you've described in your book. I am now a mature, very aware individual who knows her womanly power and is ready for the love relationship I know is possible, and so can't understand why I am not crossing path with Prince Charming. Your book easily and clearly made the distinctions for me as to why this true love I know I will find has been so damn elusive and why I continued to suffer. The main distinction you helped me realize of my pattern was I have continued to be involved in relationships of pleasure and not of shared virtue. Though I consider myself to be a person who operates with high integrity and is a princess charming, when it comes to love relationships, I tend to somehow end up on life plan wrong path because I lacked the distinctions you so cleverly spelled out. You have no idea I've been looking for materials to help me distinguish how I know if I am with 'the one' because more than I like to admit, I can be fooled by the charms of prince harming, LOL! Your 5 essentials for finding true love is a life saver, it is my can't go wrong ck list to help me stay on my life plan right path from now on! Lastly, I truly love the autobiography in 5 short chapters. It was hilarious and I so got the point. I really need to choose another street to walk down instead of always around that awful pot hole, hehehehee. These distinctions and insights will make a huge difference for me I just know it will pay off very soon and I am so inspired and excited for true love! When I do find my prince charming, I will be sure to update you!

It changed my whole perspective

Nicole Munson Facebook Comment

I read Prince Harming and me an amazing guy the next month! It changed my whole perspective on what qualities to look for in a man.

As if you wrote this book specifically for me

Rachel Mott Facebook Comment

Your book Prince Harming Syndrome has been an absolute blessing!!! Its as if you wrote this book specifically for me. I am so grateful I've discovered your book! Not only has it helped me rebuild my spirits after a terrible breakup from my Prince Harming, I've realized what amazing personal growth I had actually made in the last two years I spent in that terrible relationship! I would of never discovered that without the words from your book! Seeing the positive outcome from such as terrible relationship has been a blessing in disguise. Thank you for your words! This book is a must read!!

Life changing book!

Rachael Rivas Facebook Comment

I bought Prince Harming last night and couldn't put it down!! Life changing book!!! Thank you Karen Salmansohn!

I think its excellent!

Amalie Schuck Boeliner Facebook Comment

I'm reading your ebook The Prince Harming Syndrome and I think its excellent! Well done, and I was happily surprised by the fresh interpretation of Aristotle. Thanks, Karen.

Love success is the best revenge

Rhonda Morin Facebook Comment

Hello Karen, I'm currently reading "Prince Harming Syndrome." Chapter five. The quote "love success is the best revenge" made me laugh. Thank you!

Thanks for this sister

Annie Lovejoy Facebook Comment

Ok - so I just bought your Prince Harming E-book and I ran a nice hot bath, iPad in hand, lay back in the supporting loveliness of the lapping water and the bathroom echoed with repeatedly loud OMG - OMG - Oh Myyyy Gods (and I had only read up to halfway through chapter one)

Thanks for this sister. I'm clearing the rest of the day to veg on the sofa, blankie, tissues and hot cocoa at the ready and getting stuck into the rest.

(To be honest I was scared I was going to drop the iPad in the bath as I repeatedly kind of sat up in shock with one hand over my mouth (still muttering the omgs). Safety first eh?)

Thank you

Meagon Williamson Shaffer Facebook Comment

I just want to tell you, I started reading Prince Harming recently and...THANK YOU...

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