The Law Of Attraction Doesn't Work Without The Law Of Perspiration

The Law Of Attraction Needs The Law Of Perspiration

The Law Of Attraction does not work without The Law Of Perspiration!

I bring this up because I feel there’s  a lot of talk about the power of manifesting – and “doing positive affirmations” and “doing positive visualizations!”

I’m a big believer in the powers of positivity – and focusing on what you want.

But… we also need to remember that although positive energy is helpful, so is inputting lots of proactive energy.

True Confession…

Before I got published, there were many times I was ready to give up on writing my first book (a novel)  — many times when I was exhausted, frustrated, or doubtful – or some dizzying Combo Cocktail of all of these.

Each time I was ready to give up I’d tell myself, “Right now another writer is giving up!”

I then told myself that if I kept on going, then I’d be that much closer to being an author who catches a publishing house’s eye – instead of a writer with regrets.

I’d motivate myself the same way I do when running long distances.

I’d tell myself to just try to get to the next tree.

Then I’d get to the next tree of my book writing – and keep running.

I was determined. I had made the internal decision: I will be published, dammit!

I even went to book stores and envisioned my book on the shelf – and realized my last name of Salmansohn would make my book a neighbor to Salinger.

Although this positive thinking created lots of Law Of Attraction positive energy, it alone was NOT what got me published.

In the end I thank the Law Of Perspiration for my becoming a published author.

I credit pushing myself to keep on learning and keep on growing as a writer.

I credit constantly challenging myself to try to write more emotionally deeper – attempt to become more vulnerable.

I didn’t simply think my way into becoming published.

I sweated my way into becoming published.

I kept on writing, re-writing, re-re-re-re-rewriting.

I pushed myself out of my comfort zone!

I allowed myself to feel a lot of temporary pain before I saw any kind of longterm gain.

As a result, I’m a big believer that a comfort zone is a nice place to visit – but true growth and happiness happens outside of it.

Basically, as I stated up top – The Law Of Attraction is awesome! I definitely am a believer in its powers! But it alone will not get you where you want to be. Y

ou need to be ready to team up The Law Of Attraction with The Law Of Perspiration.

If you ever want to get a lot – you gotta be willing to sweat a lot.

Think happier. Think calmer.

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