How To Develop A Money Abundance Mentality To Attract Wealth

How To Develop An Abundance Mentality That Attracts WealthFeeling negative about finances is bad for business! You’ve got to start having a Money Abundance Mentality – and believe in your ability to attract wealth.

You need to fully believe that you deserve more wealth in order to bring in this extra wealth.

You need to create a Positive Money Mindset.

So, let’s take a quick look at some possible limiting beliefs around money that you might be accidentally embracing.

  • I just don’t have the education or skillsets or brains needed to make more money.
  • Rich people are evil – and people with less money have better hearts.
  • Having more money will make me behave badly.
  • I might lose my friends if I make more money.
  • My parents are to blame for me not having more money. My parents did not show me better ways to make more money.
  • I don’t think it’s possible to make more money because of my life’s situation.
  • Wealth is only given to a limited amount of lucky people.
  • The only way to have money is to have a family with wealth or marry rich.
  • I don’t want more money – because I don’t want to depend on money for happiness.

Be honest with yourself.

Do any of these limiting beliefs about money resonate with you?

If so, on some level your limiting thoughts about money are creating self-limiting actions  – which are keeping you stuck in your present frustrating financial circumstances.

Think about it.

How To Develop A Money Abundance Mentality To Attract WealthIt makes sense for many reasons that if you think more positively about your ability to attract money, you will start to see new ways to make more money.

Part of the reason the rich keep getting richer:

They have a Money Abundance Mentality.

They believe they are good with money. So their eyes are always open for more strategies to bring in more income.

If you want more money:

You need the Positive Money Mindset of a rich person.

And I’m here to help.

Money Abundance Mentality And Positive Monetary MindsetGet ready to flip on your “Get Rich Switch”!


Follow these 4 steps below.

4 Steps to Create A Positive Money Mindset

  1. Whenever you see people who have the monetary blessings you want for yourself, do not curse them or envy them. Think about these people in a positive way. They represent “The Possibility of Attainment.” If these people have managed to create strong income streams, then it means you can too.
  2. If these monetarily successful people are trustworthy friends and family, invite them for coffee. Talk to them about the path they took to their success.
  3. Explore how you can “reverse engineer” what other monetarily successful people have done. Read as many articles and books as you can about the paths successful people took.
    • You can always take online courses or explore new career paths –  and somehow bring in extra income. (I write about this here and here and here.)
    • You can find new ways to advance in your present career. (I write about this here and here and here)
  4. Do the “Money Abundance Meditation” below –  daily and nightly – to jumpstart a more positive mindset.

Note: Scroll down for a motivational poster with this Money Abundance Mentality Meditation upon it.

How to Do A Money Abundance Mentality Meditation:

  • Find a quiet place where you can sit comfortably.
  • Set a timer for 3 minutes.
  • Read these words below through once – very slowly and thoughtfully.
  • When you’re done, spend time breathing deeply and thinking about these words – until the timer goes off.
  • Every morning when you wake up – and every evening before you go to bed – repeat this Money Abundance Mentality Meditation!
  • Enjoy! I’m sending lots of good money juju your way!

Money Abundance Mentality Meditation:

I am filling my spiritual bank account with positive thoughts about new paths, generous support, and faith.

I’m recognizing that I’m blessed with a healthy body and insightful mind – for which I am grateful.

Plus I recognize that the more I keep my spiritual bank account full, the more capable I am of staying alert and motivated to finding an open path to the full monetary bank account I seek.

I know we live in a world of abundance and possibility.

I’m envisioning myself wisely acting on positive thoughts and the possibility for wealth -all of which is already within me.

My positive thoughts are focused on solutions and my positive habits are bringing what I want to fruition.

Both my spiritual and monetary bank accounts are full.

I am grateful.

Below is a helpful motivational poster – with this Money Abundance Mentality Meditation on it.

Print it out. Or use it as a screen saver.

Feel free to forward this Money Abundance Mentality Meditation to someone you feel might benefit from this wealth reminder!

Spiritual Bank Account

Think happier. Think calmer.

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