How To Stay Feeling Close To Long Distance Friends

long distance friends are a true giftWhen it comes to friendship, distance no longer needs to be a barrier.

The digital age and social media have helped long distance friends to feel close – even without close geographical proximity. 

However, distance can start to feel problematic, when you need to show support in tough times.

Basically, if a friend who lives close to you is going through a rough patch, then it’s relatively easy to show your support. 

  • You can run errands on their behalf.
  • Cook meals for them.
  • Babysit when they need you to
  • Or simply be there as a literal shoulder to cry on when things become too much

All of these things can help ensure that your friend knows that they are loved and cared for – and that you are there for them every step of the way.

friends who are there for you no matter what are true familyWith long distance friends, showing support in tough times becomes a challenge

Most of the “conventional” ways to support friends through hard times require your actual physical presence. When friends live hundreds of miles away it’s hard to offer help. Even talking by cellphone regularly can be challenging – if time zones are a factor.

The best way to schedule a visit with long distance friends

If a beloved long distance friend is struggling, then the first temptation will be to see if you can find time for a visit. 

However, you may experience scheduling issues – and be unable to leave your home at-will.

Plus, visits may actually create some stress for your friend –  if they are the type who does all they can to be a “hostess with the mostest”.

good friend knows there's something wrong friends forever bookIf you check with your friend, and they agree that a visit would be much appreciated, then you can start to make arrangements to travel.

Be sure to give both yourself and your friend enough time to plan for the visit – so it works comfortably into each of your schedules. After all, you don’t want the visit to cause resentment or unnecessary stress.

Plus, if you can afford it, then it’s usually best to book a hotel rather than stay with your friend.

The choice to stay at a hotel ensures

  • your friend doesn’t feel the need to play the host
  • you’re close at hand to offer support in whatever way you can

If visiting in person isn’t possible for any reason, then you’ll need to explore alternative ways of showing support. And if your friend lives in London, you can even try Space Apartments, giving you room to actually host your friend as well!

8 Ways To Show Support For Long Distance Friends – From A Distance


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  • Order a meal delivery online and send it directly to their home.
  • Research companies close to their home that could help with babysitting.
  • Find and hire a cleaning service to come to your friend’s home/
  • Order flower delivery! Glorious blooms can add a touch of warmth and comfort to your friend’s day, and can be arranged relatively simply.
  • Contact a local bakery to send cupcakes or sweet treats.
  • Write and mail hand written letters – and include photos or drawings.
  • Set up a Skype or WhatsApp call at a time that suits you both and allow your friend to talk about anything they need to discuss – face to virtual face. Many people find that video calls are preferable to phone calls or text messages when it comes to talking openly with one another. So arranging a time to sit together and talk over a webcam can be a great way of replicating in-person support across the miles.

How To Stay Feeling Close To Long Distance FriendsMake Sure Long Distance Friends Are Long Lasting Friends

When it comes to supporting long distance friends through a rough patch, distance undeniably poses its challenges.

However, there are ways to be there for them – ensuring that your friend feels the strength of your love and support when they need it most.

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