7 Lively Sins

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Inside THE 7 LIVELY SINS you’ll find 44 practical life lessons to help you to drop self-sabotage, self-shame and self-flagellation (aka guilt) – so you can live with far more contentment, fulfillment, success, money, love and happiness!

Plus, THE 7 LIVELY SINS is beautiful designed – and shares its wide range of helpful insights and effective tools within stunning interior spreads – all of which makes learning how to boost your happiness a joy to read!

Are you struggling to enjoy your life?

If so… it might be because you have negative beliefs around those “7 infamous sins” like sloth, pride, greed etc ….

As a result, you might feel guilt around things like self-care, confidence, money, etc …

  • Well…what if there were “7 positive benefits” to embracing specific aspects of those so-called 7 deadly sins – which can lead you to greater fulfillment?
  • And…what if there were “7 spirit enliveners” you should be focusing on instead – so you can enjoy life more?
  • Plus… what if there were “7 far deadlier sins” for you to avoid – so you feel a lot less anxious and depressed?

Well, there is, there are, and you should be!

In THE 7 LIVELY SINS, bestselling author Karen Salmansohn turns those 7 familiar sins on their heads – and dares you to re-explore the 7 so-much-deadlier sins – below:

  1. emotional masochism
  2. guilt
  3. fear
  4. repression of self-expression
  5. need for speed
  6. worry
  7. apathy

These 7 are the real spirit-killers – that you really should be dodging!

Whenever you invite these truly deadlier 7 into your life – then you’re guaranteed to suffer major life enjoyment problems!

No worries! THE 7 LIVELY SINS insightfully shares strategies to stop engaging in those deadlier 7 sins.

Plus this book also shares how you can remain a good, high integrity person – while still embracing some positive aspects of sloth, greed, pride etc…


  • a truly empowering, life changing book – which has sold over 75,000 copies!
  • highly recommended on Oprah’s site!
  • an Urban Outfitters number 1 bestseller – for a few years in a row!
  • promoted and featured in a wide range of design magazines and design organizations (like AIGA, HOW, etc) – because of its unique, stylish, kinetic graphics!

Plus, you get to enjoy the ebook 2 ways!

It’s your choice…

    • CHOICE 1: Read each chapter – one at a time – on your laptop, smartphone or computer – as if you were doing an ecourse! Keep track of your progress. Re-visit favorite sections.
    • CHOICE 2: Simply download the entire PDF of the book – and you can easily read the whole ebook via your phone or tablet or on any PDF reader like iBook, Nook or Kindle etc!


Patricia Mendelsohn

I just wanted to thank you for your amazing messages. My boyfriend is currently in a recovery treatment program for alcohol and drugs and your life lessons from "How to be Happy, Dammit" have kept us learning and smiling (at the same time) throughout this difficult time. You have a wonderful way of making these messages relatable to everyone.

Jamie Neil, Sacramento, CA

Dear Karen, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book, "how to be happy, dammit." After I lost my mom the year before last, I was devastated! I was so depressed one night and looking for something to bring me insight and I picked up this little paperback...and could not put it down. I finally cried like I should have for my mom and myself. I have told so many people about this book Every single page spoke to me regarding every single part of my life! How did you do that???


How To Be Happy, Dammit listed in Glamour's "7 Breakthrough New Ways to Beat Stress."

Chicago Tribune

Want to be happy? Want to enjoy life? Maybe you have to create your own rules: live your life the way you want to live it, dammit. A new book, How To Be Happy, Dammit taps in on that yen we all have to get out of the ruts in our lives and do something that's different.

Total Health Magazine

What do you get when you cross Bridget Jones with Deepak Chopra? How to Be Happy, Dammit.

Darla Cohen

Karen, thank you so much for your lively, inspiring words!!! I was divorced a year ago...and have been trying to claw my way out after 14 years of being married alive. I was delighted to find How to Be Happy, Dammit! As a single mom working two jobs, I don't get to read nearly as much as I would like, but it is perfect for smuggling to work in my purse, to sneak an encouraging life lesson in the midst of chaos. I am wildly jealous of new yorkers every time I see the calendar of activities...I hope to attend one of your events someday, if I ever escape from the wretched midwest (where I am surrounded by hicks, many of whom have mullets). Anyway, thank you again!

Addiction Today

How to Be Happy, Dammit mae me laugh and smile. The photographers are witty and the readings – dare I say – made me feel happier.

Think happier. Think calmer.

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