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Goodbye Nursing Homes! The New Trend is Cohousing With Friends
Last week I got punched by the guy who came to fix my internet. And I was happy about it. You[...]
When Loved Ones Die, Do They Communicate Through Synchronicity?
Do you believe when people die, their spirits sometimes come to visit - by communicating to us through strange synchronicities?[...]
How to Survive Tough Times (Tell Yourself this Powerful Sentence!)
If you're dealing with a challenge (of any kind), and feel stuck in a negative thought loop, I have a[...]
How I Stopped Being The Invisible Woman (To Myself & Others)
Have you ever felt like you're not yourself anymore? This can happen for many reasons. For me, it happened when[...]

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Karen Salmanhohn

Meet Karen Salmansohn! She has close to 2 million online fans and a celebrity following. She’s the founder of NotSalmon and Masters In Life – plus, a multi best selling author with over 1 million books sold – a columnist for Oprah and Psychology Today – and an award winning designer of books, posters, jewelry and videos.

Her mission: To offer you easy-to-understand insights and tools to empower you to bloom into your happiest, highest potential self. She uses playful analogies, feisty humor, and stylish graphics to distill big ideas.

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Reader Favorites

Do sociopaths, narcissists and mean people live happy lives?
Have you ever wondered if wrong doers, bullies, sociopaths and narcissists live happy lives? Can wrong-doers truly be happy after[...]
How To Heal From Heartbreak And Get Stronger Sooner (4 tools)
I refuse to ever become Rhonda Rifkin – the fake name for a real woman I know - who went[...]
6 Reasons You’re Vulnerable To NOT Seeing Red Flags In Love!
If you feel like you are wearing a kick me sign on your heart, if might be because you have[...]
Why I swapped saying “I Think” for “I Feel”
I struggled a lot in my late twenties. On the surface I had it pretty good. I was a Creative[...]
How To Deal With An Enemy or Toxic Person
Do you have someone who is permanently in your life for good – who is behaving badly? This person might[...]
Parenting Tool: How To Motivate Kids Without Yelling!
I have a little parenting tool I'd love to share.Actually, it's super little because it's one of these:>Yes, I'm talking[...]
Warning: This Red Flag In Love Begins As Something You Want
Here's a "Red Flag" that most people miss - because it originally shows up as something you think you want.[...]
How To Stop Emotional Eating – Fascinating Research
Confession time: I used to be a stress eater - until I did some research as to why - then lost 20 pounds[...]
How Immediate Gratification Is Ruining Your Life – And Tools To Help
Can you resist the siren call of immediate gratification - when it comes to food, love, lust, money, Facebook, texting[...]
How To Recover From Betrayal (Not just love betrayal, but betrayal of all kinds)
I endured a huge betrayal from an unlikely place - a younger woman whom I was close friends with and mentored for[...]
What Nearly Dying Taught Me About Happiness
I learned a valuable happiness lesson thanks to a near-death experience on a moped in Mykonos.  This collision of inspiration happened about[...]
Feel Life is Unfair? This Legos Analogy Will Help You Be Happier
If you feel life is unfair at times - and you want to be happier,  here's a helpful Legos analogy! [...]

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