Stop Emotional Eating: simple video tools to stop binge eating
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My video course: "Stop Emotional Eating" will help you: Control your urge to binge eat. Retrain your brain so you crave healthier foods! Create a permanent shift in how you view and do food.

Only $49.00 for lifetime access!

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Learn to master binge eating with my science based video course.

It’s not just WHAT you eat – it’s WHY you eat!

My course "Stop Emotional Eating" will give you powerful techniques to disconnect from your personalized WHY. You‘ll more fully understand and release whatever “emotional hypnosis” keeps you spellbound to overeating (aka: your childhood, fight and flight instincts, etc).

Plus, I will help you to re-train your brain on a neurological level – with a range of Neural Linguistic Programming Techniques – thereby shifting how you feel about food and fitness! You'll get tools to help you to resist that irresistible pull towards immediate gratification!

Watch for a summary of my course "Stop Emotional Eating"

Stop allowing your mind to bully your body. Learn how to control overeating due to stress, anger, boredom, and grief!

Eat to fuel your body, not feed your emotions.

  • You will retrain your brain to crave healthier foods and more self-loving habits!
  • You will feed your body as if you love it – because you do!
  • You will stop mistaking food for the answer to your problems and challenges!
  • You will naturally want to eat food that helps you to thrive at your energetic best!
  • You will stop using food to deal with uncomfortable feelings like anger, stress, fear, grief, self-loathing, etc..
  • You will not only drop clothes sizes – you will drop the size of your stress!
  • You will create a permanent paradigm shift – and view living a healthy lifestyle as a natural fit – so you want to DO IT for life!
  • You will feel like your most confident self – every day!
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Get to where you want to be in your life faster than you ever thought possible!

This "Stop Emotional Eating" course offers 8 modules, with 30 videos of effective, easy-to-follow tools. You will learn how to re-set your mindset, so your brain thinks like a slim, fit person – so you do actions of a slim, fit person! You will create a permanent paradigm shift in how you now (and forever) “view” and do eating and working out. These tools not only worked for me – they shred 1000's of pounds off of 1000's of people who have used them!

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Are you ready to retrain your brain?

Only $49.00 for lifetime access!

If you are a busy human – you will love NotSalmon Video Courses.

Simple To Follow Video Tools.

We offer a range of easy-to-follow, step-by-step training tools – specifically created to give you both the knowledge you want – and the results you need!

Access from anywhere.

You'll enjoy a fun combo of videos, audio, PDFs, and more – which you can access on all kinds of computers, tablets, iPads, and smartphones.

Quick and convenient.

All of our video courses are created to be consumed quickly – with a series of short bursts of info – anywhere from 2 minutes to 10 minutes long.

Zero pressure.

NotSalmon Courses are self-paced. Begin listening today – and enjoy lifetime access. There are no time limits. Pick up where you left off. Take as long as you like!

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NotSalmon Courses are loved by many!

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A creative force of nature

Karen Salmansohn is a creative force of nature. I love her insights and relentless commitment to helping people live happy and successful lives. Her smart sense of humor and unusual metaphors make changing your life not only do-able but, totally fun. I simply adore her!

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Here's why people love "Stop Emotional Eating"!


I did Karen Salmansohn’s emotional eating video course. I was shocked by how much came to the surface as to why I had developed food issues. I had no idea that my whole life had been a series of what Karen calls “covert operations” – not just with food – but with relationships with friends, family, lovers – and most crucially with myself. Who would have thought that a purge on the biscuit barrel could be so intrinsically linked to another pattern of “non moms” in my family. Karen offers defragging of the soul! She burned all the way through the heavily locked cells of my “that’s just the way it’s been” beliefs system. It was fun – and yet tough at the same time. Karen showed me that nothing has to be stuck – or hard – unless we choose for it to be that way. I’ve already recommended Karen to at least 3 people.”

Nic C. - Evanston, IL

I took Karen Salmansohn’s emotional eating course. By the end of Karen’s video course I lost 9 pounds – and felt happier about myself – not just about my weight – but who I am inside. It’s now about 1 year later and I’ve lost 32 pounds in total – my goal – and I have been doing surprisingly well at not slipping back into my old habits. I think it’s because Karen not only changed how I view food – but myself. I am forever grateful.

Susan G. - Hoboken, NJ

I really loved Karen Salmansohn’s video lectures from her emotional eating course. I went down 10 pounds in just a few weeks – then found myself well on my way with my Grand Quest (as she calls it). Karen’s lectures jumpstarted me back to spin class – and as per Karen’s direction, I renamed myself “The Spindoctor of Spinclass.” I have many, many thanks for Karen’s insights and thoughts – and for helping me to “Appreci-eat” food, as shoe says!

Rita D. - Dallas, TX
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It’s time to master a new way to think about food,

so you can master a new way to do food!

Only $49.00 for lifetime access!

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