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Secrets of Happy Couples Course: Marriage Counselor and Therapist Recommended


Get research-backed, practical techniques to boost the caring, attraction, happiness & friendship in your relationship. MEND your relationship, so you don't have to END your relationship! 

Pay only $99 for lifetime access!

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Learn how to resolve issues with your partner - without escalating tensions. Feel more connected & understood.

Relationships can deteriorate for a range of reasons.

  • Sometimes it's due to a big challenging event - like an affair, miscarriage - or other crisis. 
  • And sometimes relationships simply undergo a slow unraveling.

Either way, eventually things just don't feel as good anymore.

Instead of warm conversations and hot times in bed, you start to experience cooler exchanges - with occasional cold spells.  

When this happens, you try to do whatever you can to bring back the connection and passion. But, alas, often nothing seems to work.

If you can relate, I have some positive news!

You don't need to break up.

You just need to learn new ways to communicate, listen, repair, and negotiate conflicts.

I know - because I've been there myself with my partner.

Thankfully I discovered a range of research-based tools which revived our relationship.

I was lucky enough to learn many of these tools in private interviews directly from famed relationship experts - like Dr. John Gottman, Michael Gurian & others!

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How did I get these private interviews?

I'm an international, multi-bestselling author and researcher on happiness... with 2 million books & courses sold globally. 

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Instant Calm simple 2 minute meditations by Karen Salmansohn

Plus I'm a relationship columnist for Oprah and Psychology Today.

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Well, because of my background, I gained personal access to the top relationship experts in the world. These experts taught me truly effective life-changing relationship strategies.

Plus they led me to read a range of fascinating relationship studies - about how to build a more Conscious Relationship  - all of which helped my situation.

When I applied these techniques, my relationship began to bloom!

So I condensed these results-proven tools into this comprehensive video course!

My mission: 

Help as many people as I can to mend - not end -  their relationships.

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You'll learn why most relationships fail & what you can do to "undo habit patterns" that lead to love's demise.

  • I share a wide range of empowering insights to help you to un-learn what you're presently doing.
  • Plus I share research based techniques to re-learn new habits that will boost your communication, trust, attraction and connection.

You'll quickly learn what to STOP doing & START doing instead!

Each video is only 2 - 10 minutes short - and narrated by me - as if I'm personally coaching you. I talk to you in a warm, step-by-step conversational way.

Plus, you'll get a smattering of PDF's, worksheets, & then some!

And because I'm an award winning designer... all the course materials are produced with stylish, easy to understand graphics.  Enjoy the online training on your smartphone, computer, or tablet - from the privacy of your home. 

Best of all, because there are no live calls - so you can fit the course easily into your schedule - and do everything privately. Go at your pace. Keep the materials for life.

Now you might be wondering:

  • "What if my partner doesn't want to take the course with me - or follow your advice? Will these tools still help?"
  • "Do these relationship tools help with very big problems - like affairs or some other crisis?"

The answer is "Yes" + "Yes"!

You can learn these tools by yourself (without your partner) - and still experience strong improvements in your relationship. Plus, these tools have helped my various clients to heal a wide range of highly challenging relationship issues - from affairs to other crises. 

The big caveat: 

If your partner has a toxic personality disorder - these tools might not work.

With this in mind: 

This course offers a specific section to help you to determine if your partner's emotional issues run so deep, that there's no hope of reform. 

Best of all:

The entire library of materials is 1/1000th the cost of therapy.


Every minute you wait to mend issues, you risk your relationship growing more distant. 

Start now! Learn how to neutralize conflicts and re-connect in healthier, more loving ways.

This course is ALSO helpful if you're NOT in a relationship.

You'll learn how to spot red flags sooner.

And you'll learn what to prioritize seeking in a partner... so you can find someone who values deep connection ...and welcomes becoming a powerful "relationship teammate" with you!

Pay only $99 for lifetime access!

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Hear student testimonials below!

Go from stuck and distant, to open and deeply connected.

Learn how to stop fighting & fall in love again.

I'll give you tools to gain a deeper understanding of your partner's inner self - so you can communicate better and boost your intimacy.  

Plus I break things down into easy to understand nuggets of information. I'll also cheerlead you and make you smile - because I share everything in a fun, warm way.

Get lifetime access to the entire library of tools!

Watch in privacy on your phone, tablet or computer!

You'll have everything you need at your fingertips 24/7.  

Helpful for people age 18 to 118.

Pay only $99 for lifetime access!

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This online course is also helpful if you're single! 

You will learn how to show up at your best while dating ...so you attract higher quality partners. Plus, you’ll learn how to quickly recognize when someone has problematic traits for a longterm relationship.

These relationship practices are not gender specific. They apply equally to men and women!

Enjoy more mutual understanding, build deeper respect, improve communication and create more cooperation. 

Lifetime access. Purchase once, yours to keep forever.

Pay only $99 for lifetime access!

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This "Secrets of Happy Couples Course" Has Consistent Rave Reviews

These tools saved what I thought was an unsave-able marriage!

 It was one of the toughest times of my life. I was especially worried because my wife was not interested in saving our relationship and I didn't think I could do it myself without her. But Karen shared with me some techniques which helped me to communicate better - and not do my "knee jerk" reactions - which were actually "me being a jerk reactions." (Those were Karen's tough love words!) The changes I ultimately made created a ripple effect into my relationship - and these tools eventually saved what I thought was an unsave-able marriage. Karen's ability to explain complicated ideas in relatable and simple ways is a gift. I'm forever grateful.

– Richard, New York

My therapist told me about this course & I'm so happy she did!

 I was in therapy because I was upset about how my husband was treating me. Whenever we talked about our problems, his temper would flare up quickly, which made me not want to talk about our problems. As a result we weren't fixing the problems in our relationship. So one day in a session with my therapist, she told me about this course and I'm so happy she did. I got a ton of value from Karen's video training. It has greatly improved the communication and affection in my marriage.  In particular, I loved  Karen's conflict management tools. She clearly explained how my husband and I had each inherited our communication methods (and issues) from our families.  In fact I had a few "wow" moments from this course section and from filling out Karen's 2 inventory questionnaires. I now understand more clearly what triggers me and my husband - and  how to talk in a way which is less confrontational and doesn't push our triggers. 

– Kathy F., New York

This course was a relationship game changer.

My marriage was in major crisis when I discovered Karen's relationship techniques. Her online course was a relationship game changer. I loved how Karen shared her ideas in a wide variety of simple, straightforward videos and pdfs. Her online training was helpful and healing. My husband and I now feel more connected. We talk more openly with each other and fight a lot less. I wish I had known these tools years ago!  

– Susan L, New Jersey

Experience a love that thrives - NOT a love that dies!

Peek inside Secret of Happy Couples!

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6 Relationship Boosting Modules!

Easy to access on your phone, tablet or computer!

Module 1: The Basics For Creating Lasting Love

Module 2:  Conflict Management

Module 3: Feel More Connection, Respect and Support

Module 4: Love Repair And Maintenance

Module 5:  Should You Stay Or Go?

Module 6: 7 Steps To Create More Happiness

Pay only $99 for lifetime access!

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Instant FREE Bonus materials

$97 bonus value when you purchase Secrets of Happy Couples

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FREE! Create More Happiness Starting Now, by Annie Kaszina, a leading International Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach and author. In this 7 Step Audio Program, Annie distills 20 years of research and experience on happiness. If you've forgotten what happiness feels like, if you feel broken due to your relationship struggles, if you worry you've lost your sparkle, this program will teach you how to break through your “happiness glass ceiling,” free yourself from your pesky inner critic, overcome any lingering dread of being labelled selfish, set yourself up for harmonious, lasting relationships and more.

Value: $97.00 - YOURS FREE!

7 day guarantee

Risk Free! Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Karen's an international bestselling author who's sold over 2 million books - and a thought-leader in the self-development industry. People LOVE her stuff! Her bestselling books have an “Amazon Book Ranking” of 4.8 - 4.9 out of 5.  BUT... Just in case you were wondering – purchasing Secrets of Happy Couples is risk-free. Give it a try. If you find it’s not a good fit, you can request a refund within 7 days. However, if you do find that it’s a good fit...well, your life will improve...forever! 🙂

My Secrets Of Happy Couples Online Training Will Show You How To... 

  • understand your childhood programming – and your partner’s childhood programming – so you can stop triggering each other
  • identify core relationship issues & learn habits to overcome them 
  • stop having the same fights over and over again
  • learn positive daily habits to rebuild love and trust
  • start to work as a “team” – not 2 warring individuals
  • tame “relationship volatility”
  • revive a stale feeling relationship
  • learn to talk in a conscious way – where you each really listen & each find a way get your different needs met 
  • discover how to get & give a fulfilling amount of mutual affection
  • start to feel more understood, heard, respected
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Albert Einstein famously said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again – and expecting different results.”

Well, if you keep doing the same habits with your partner - over and over - you’ll be stuck with the same problems.

Nothing changes if nothing changes!

If you want to improve your relationship, you need to learn these new, better ways to talk, listen, repair, interpret, negotiate and connect!

Improve your life in under 10 minutes a day. Easy to access on your phone, computer or tablet!

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Each video training session is only 2 to 10-ish minutes short to watch – because research reports people learn better in short video bursts.

Plus, my students love how playful and simple my video tools are to learn and apply!

Best of all, because there are no live calls, you can fit the course conveniently into your schedule!

You get 6 modules jampacked with a range of Videos,  Relationship Boosting Checklists, Journal Exercises, Scripts (for exactly what to say to improve your connection) -  and then some!

Plus, you get unlimited access to everything - because you keep the course for life!

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Learn positive relationship habits. Improve how you & your partner talk, listen, interpret, negotiate, connect!

Lifetime access. Purchase once, yours to keep forever!

Pay only $99 for lifetime access!

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Stop having conflicts over the same issues.

Start feeling more understood & valued.

Simple To Follow.

Karen takes you through everything -  step-by-step! You'll gain the healing, courage, insights & support you need to create a happy, lasting relationship. She explains everything in easy to understand terms & with humor.

Private Access. Just You & Karen.

You can access these videos (& PDFs) on computers, tablets, iPads, & smartphones. Your viewing is private. Just you watching videos - at your pace - and at your place!

Award Winning Design

Karen is an award winning designer. All of these videos are produced with stylishly designed graphics. Plus each video is a convenient & fun 2 to 10-ish minutes short to watch.

Risk Free Refund Guarantee

All NotSalmon Courses are self-paced. Begin today -  pick up easily wherever you stop. Enjoy lifetime access. Take as long as you like to enjoy a course! Plus Karen offers a 7 day refund policy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have time to watch the course right away?

No worries! You have lifetime access! Watch it at your pace - and at your place - on any and all of your screen devices! Binge watch or slooooow watch. It's your choice!

What's your philosophy on guarantees?

I'm in the happiness business. I want you to be happy! So if you're not happy, and let me know within 7 days, I'll refund your money! That said, usually people love the course so much, they wind up buying my other courses as well!

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Identify core relationship issues & resolve them! Learn the secrets of lasting, happy love.

Lifetime access. Purchase once, yours to keep forever!

Pay only $99 for lifetime access!

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

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