How To Ask For A Raise – And Get One

How To Ask For A Raise - And Get OneMoney doesn’t buy happiness. But complaining about being broke doesn’t pay the rent or make you any happier either! So here’s some helpful steps to ask for a raise – and get one.

If you’re presently seeking to earn more money, keep in mind that there’s a specific psychology to asking for a raise.

Before you even walk into your raise-giver’s office, make sure you do these things

Use these key psychological tools to help ensure you get that raise

  • Be sure to warm ’em up before you ask for cold cash. I’m not kidding! Before you start How To Ask For A Raise - And Get Onetalking about wanting more money, take some time to create an emotional connection with your boss. Talk about an interest or hobby you share in common. Or compliment your boss on his/her office art and/or his/her shoes and/or photogenic baby, etc… (I also write about how using humor helped me to make more money in this article.)
  • Before you ask for the raise, talk about the company’s needs and areas of vulnerability, so you show you’re an alert employee – and aware of what brings value to the company.
  • Before you ask for the raise, talk about how you are uniquely gifted with the hard-to-find skillsets that have fixed/will fix the company’s needs/vulnerabilities – and thereby have increased/will increase company profits.
  • Insert your need for promotion/raise only after you emphasize how your unique value creates profits for the company.
  • Speak clearly about all of your money-making benefits to the company (past, present, future).
  • Use visual aids if possible.
  • Try not to focus on your personal needy needs for a raise. Trust me. Your boss (evil or saintly) doesn’t care WHY you need a raise…even if you desperately need cash for your pet pitbull’s kidney operation.(Unless, of course, you could somehow convince your boss that your pitbull, if saved, would fetch lots of cash for the company.

If you’re not given a raise, self-impose a future-promised promotion.

How To Ask For A Raise - And Get One

  • Ask your boss how he/she would like to see the company grow.
  • Brainstorm new money-making tasks that you’d love to voluntarily and enthusiastically take on to solve the company’s needs/vulnerabilities.
  • After this discussion, create a “deal” wherein you will get a raise if you reach specific milestones.

Psychological Reminder:

If you have ANY negative views about rich people, you might subconsciously prevent yourself from becoming one.

How To Ask For A Raise - And Get One

Flip on your “Get Rich Switch” and embrace the positive possibilities of what it would mean to make more money.

I write about this more in an article here!

Whenever you see people who have the monetary blessings you want for yourself, do not curse them or envy them.

Think about these people in a positive way. They represent “The possibility of Attainment.”

If these people have managed to create strong income streams, then it means you can too.

If these monetarily successful people are trustworthy friends and family, invite them for coffee. Talk to them about the path they took to their success.

Explore how you can “reverse engineer” what other monetarily successful people have done, so you can create this same monetary success for yourself.


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