5 Ways To Boost Your Chances Of Bagging Your Dream Job

When you work a job you love, you never truly work a day in your life. This is why it’s so important that you pursue your dream career and do everything necessary to achieve it.

Unfortunately, in today’s job market and economic climate, landing any job is tough, so you can imagine how challenging it is to bag a highly sought after career. That being said, it is far from impossible.

Below are five things you can do to boost your chances of bagging your dream job.

1. Build An Online Presence

These days, most hiring managers and recruiters check social media profiles and more before they make any hiring decisions. With that in mind, you must ensure that your online presence paints you in a positive and professional light.


Don’t brag about skipping work or say anything demeaning about your current company.

Recruiters are always looking for potential employees using a range of online sites. Spend some time networking online and building up your sites and pages so you are a magnet for good job opportunities.

2. Get The Right Education

No one walks into a job knowing everything they should do. But..the best candidates are the one who already have worked hard to gain the skills and knowledge they need. Because of this, you should research the industry and career you’re interested in. Get the education you need to empower you to excel on the job.

If you already work full-time, then an online nursing degree, accounting course, or business class may be for you. Looking into online education allows you to fit your study time around your current schedule.

3. Remember The Cover Letter

We all know the importance of writing a creative and informative resume. But… something most don’t realize is that resumes are usually only ever glanced over by managers and recruiters. It’s the cover letter which employers are most interested in reading. A cover letter gives candidates the opportunity to show their personality and passion for the work they’re pursuing. For this reason, a weak cover letter may hinder your chances. Make sure that your cover letter communicates your drive and passion.

4. Apply For Several Positions

Many job seekers wrongly assume that they should only apply for one position at a time and wait until that company gets back to them before they move onto somewhere else. But… hearing back from a company can be an incredibly long process, which may leave you waiting weeks, if not months. If you want to boost your chances of securing a job, you should apply at several companies. Yes, that even means applying for more than one position at a company. But… don’t overly apply for every single job opening out there.

Impress At The Interview

Once you’ve got yourself an interview, you have to do everything you can to impress. You need to look professional, by sticking to the company dress code.

Aim to arrive on time. If you’re running late for some reason, you should call up the office and explain what is going on.

If you can’t make the interview on a specific day, be sure to quickly arrange another one. After the interview is over, you should send a thank you note, so that you stick in the interviewer’s mind.

Bagging your dream job won’t be easy, but, by following the advice above, you can better your chances.

Note: This essay is written in collaboration with Steven Harvey

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