Why You Should Get Married 3 Times

Famed American cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead suggested that we should all have three marriages in our lifetime. The first for love The second for parenting The third for companionship Basically, Mead was suggesting that we match up our love lives […]

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Chatting Makes You More Cheerful [Research Study]

Silence might be golden. But chatting it up can stop you from being blue. According to 2 recent research studies, when you take time to strike up conversations with people, you wind up increasing your happiness. RESEARCH STUDY #1 The first study […]

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The 3 Phases Of Love Happy Couples All Go Through

If after a divorce or break up, you’re tempted to rush back into a new serious relationship – keep in mind the following 2 huge warnings. A “love relationship” goes through 3 phases: Expansive, Contraction, Resolution. You need to take your time […]

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A Tool To Deal With People Who Disrespect You

You are a fine piece of china.  Don’t let anyone treat you like a paper plate. If someone’s treating you with disrespect, you gotta get them out of your life. If you’re experiencing a parade of people treating you with […]

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The Big Chill (Who Turned Up the Cold in Here?)

The ambient temperature in my marriage gradually went from hot to warm to lukewarm to cool to cold to freezing. I went from hand-picked to nit-picked to ice-picked. From attraction to coming un-attraction to fatal unattraction. I did not see […]

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7 Realistic Love Quotes

Below are some quotes and philosophies excerpted from my Never Again Program – a love-boosting and life-changing digital course – which gives you tools to release the pain of the past – and develop new ways of thinking, coping and dating – so […]

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How To Deal With An Enemy or Toxic Person

Do you have someone who is permanently in your life for good – who is behaving badly? This person might be a family member – or co-worker – or neighbor- or an ex who remains the mother or father of […]

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The Size of Our Love

“Try my shrimp tempura,” he said and offered a chopstick-full. “I don’t need another Jewish mother,” I told my tall, 40-year-old blind date, who’d ordered the most fattening dish on the Japanese menu. “You’re not a veggie-lover who runs on […]

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Is Anxiety Lowering Your Libido?

Anxiety is a thief. It steals our thoughts. It steals our sleep. It steals our confidence. It can even steal our libido. Yes, there have been many studies linking high anxiety with low libido. A 2010 study of pre-menopausal women, […]

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Parenting Tool: How To Motivate Kids Without Yelling!

I have a little parenting tool I’d love to share. Actually, it’s super little because it’s one of these: > Yes, I’m talking about one of those teeny tiny pointy “greater than signs” – which represents when something is greater or less than […]

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