4 Common Signs of Sexual Addiction to Watch Out for Married Couples

4 Common Signs of Sexual Addiction to Watch Out for Married CouplesWhile sexual intimacy is an integral factor for a successful marriage, frequent unhealthy and inappropriate sexual behavior from your spouse can lead to unnecessary conflicts and serious marital consequences.

A study was conducted to determine how prevalent Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder, or CSBD, is, and results showed that across 42 countries, a total of 4.8% of participants displayed a high probability of experiencing CSBD.

If you’re concerned that your partner might be struggling with sexual addiction, here are four common red flags and a few tips on how to address them before the situation escalates.

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4 Common Signs of Sexual Addiction in Married Couples

Read on to learn the key signs to look out for in your spouse.

1. Excessive sexual engagement

While it is normal for married couples to frequently engage in sexual endeavors, too much interaction is a sign that your spouse may be addicted. If they’re constantly masturbating, asking for sexual activities even during odd hours or under uncomfortable conditions, and persistently looking for ways to satisfy themselves, then it’s a clear indication that they need immediate intervention.

2. Always preoccupied with sexual thoughts

Another sign that your spouse may be addicted to sex is being preoccupied with sexual thoughts. While it’s natural for married couples to think about having sex, obsessing over it is a different matter. Do they talk nonstop about your past and future sexual engagements? Do they often request for you to talk dirty to them or ask you to have uncomfortable sexual encounters with others? If your partner can’t focus on anything else but sex, then they are highly likely addicted.

3. Neglecting their responsibilities

It is common for sexual addicts to isolate themselves from real life and abandon essential relationships for the sake of fulfilling their sexual fantasies. If your spouse repeatedly neglects their household responsibilities, ignores important personal and work events, and lacks interest in anything except for sexual activities, then it is a clear indication that they’re struggling with sexual addiction.

4. Being secretive and constantly lying

Lying frequently and being secretive are other red flags of sexual addiction. Honesty is vital in any relationship, and for your spouse to repeatedly lie or even cheat to quench their sexual desires is evidence that their sexual addiction needs to be addressed right away.

How can I help my sexually-addicted spouse?

1. Communicate with your spouse

While discussing their possible sexual addiction can be difficult, you need to efficiently communicate your concerns with your spouse. Focus on your partner’s behavior instead of humiliating them. Be as honest as you can without attacking them or using demeaning words.

2. Seek professional help

Sexual addiction often requires outside professional help. Don’t wait until your spouse commits illegal sexual acts before reaching out for help. Aside from therapies and medication, you can also ask your spouse’s doctor if they can refer them to get a psychosexual evaluation. While this clinical process is usually utilized in legal cases, it can also benefit individuals suffering from significant distress due to compulsive sexual behaviors.

Recap: Signs of Sexual Addiction In Married Couples

Sexual addiction is a relationship-threatening concern for married couples. It is vital to recognize these signs so you and your spouse can take the necessary steps to overcome these issues.

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