Fact: Taking no action is an action!

(Scroll down for a shareable inspiring poster on this topic!)


Taking no action is an action.

If you do nothing to move forward in the direction of your dreams, you are still doing something.

You are making the decision to stay in the same place.


Lack of decisive forward movement is a method to choose your life – but in the opposite direction of determination.

Yes, reading inspirational words is great.

But you gotta put in some ACTION too!

If you’re afraid of taking a step in the wrong direction, fear not!

You can always re-assess and re-maneuver later.

The important thing is to keep moving.

And keep learning as you move!

So, do something today to move towards your dreams!

Feel free to print out the poster below – or use it as a screen saver – to motivate you to take daily action.


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