11 Best Ways To Save And Get Smarter With Money

Best Ways To Save And Get Smarter With Money

If you want to become wealthier, here are some of the best ways to save and get smarter with money.

Investing is crucial if you want to enjoy a comfortable future.

If there is one lesson you can take from the pandemic, it’s that things can take unexpected turns and can leave you scrambling for cash.

However, 2022 shows a positive outlook with expected growth of 7.3%, which is more than twice the 10-year average.

This year can be a good one to change your finances and spending habits.

So I decided to share these 11 best ways to save and get smarter with money.

As you might know, I am a bestselling author with about 2 million books sold globally.  Plus I founded a groundbreaking video course called The Anxiety Cure.

I love sharing insights and strategies to help people to become happier and more successful.

With this in mind I put together this quick guide on tips on getting smarter with money.

11 Best Ways To Save And Get Smarter With Money

1. Invest in cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency designed as a medium of exchange. It has grown in popularity over the previous decade, with Bitcoin becoming the most widely used digital currency. Crypto has been a valuable asset in recent years, as investors have poured money into the market, driving up prices and attracting even more traders. However, crypto is best suited for people willing to take risks for potentially higher returns. Cryptocurrencies are liquid, and you can buy and sell them anytime. They also have high commissions, meaning you need substantial appreciation to break even. 

2. Consider short-term certificate of deposit

Bank-issued certificates of deposit usually have higher interest rates than savings accounts. Short-term certificates of deposit can be a better alternative since you can expect an increase. This way, you can reinvest when the certificate matures. The maturity dates are insured by the state and may range from a few weeks to several years. Since they are “time deposits,” you can only take the money out after a certain amount of time has elapsed. You will receive your initial principal and interest accrued when it matures. However, you may want to search around for the best deals online. 

3. Monitor your accounts

There is no reason not to be proactive about cybersecurity in 2022. It is necessary to understand the location of all your accounts details, including retirement, banking, credit cards, and student loans. You can turn on multi-factor authentication on your financial accounts to add a layer of protection. While there are a few other safety precautions you can consider, set up a credit report monitoring or freeze the account if you don’t intend to use it anytime soon. Cybercrime is a growing threat to your financial and personal information security. According to a 2016 report, annual cybercrime costs $3 million in 2015 and grows each year. You can lose all your money and much more if you become a victim. 

4. Get into rental housing 

With mortgage rates still low, 2022 can be a great time to purchase new properties. Rental housing is an excellent choice if you are willing to manage your properties. However, property management can be difficult. It is important to find the right property and buy it outright or finance it to venture into rental housing. You can do very well if you are strategic with your purchases. Rental housing is a long-term investment and may require regular maintenance and repairs. For this reason, it is best suited for individuals ready to manage their property and generate a regular income stream. 

5. Start smart savings 

If you want to become wealthier, the need to save can never be stressed enough. Financial experts continue to emphasize the importance of building a savings habit. Make efforts to set aside some part of your monthly income for saving. This can be difficult, but fortunately, there are simple ways to keep to this habit. For example, you can have it automatically withdrawn from your paycheck every month into your savings and investment accounts. You can also consider systematic savings by setting a savings goal and deadline and figuring out how much you need every week or month to achieve your goal and autopilot it. 

6. Review and cut back on your daily expenses 

It can be scary to review your monthly expenses. However, if you want to get smarter with money, then this habit can help you cut back on needless spending and save more. For example, while it may be nicer to get your coffee from the coffee shop every day, you can prepare it at home. You can also downsize your call and data plans by switching to a mobile virtual network operator. For fitness enthusiasts, consider free fitness programs such as running, walking, hiking instead of spending on gym subscriptions and personal trainers. Also, eating at home has proven cheaper and healthier than eating outside. 

7. Prioritize your loan repayment 

It is a good idea to begin repaying your debts to avoid accruing huge interest on them. For example, if you have a student loan, it can be good to focus on repaying it and enjoying peace of mind. If you are now considering taking a loan, make sure to take what you need. While it can be tempting to justify needing more, that will be a terrible mistake. Find ways to sacrifice rather than increase your debt load. 

8. Value stock funds

The recent run-up in many equities has made many investors unsure of where to invest in the funds. However, it can be smart to invest in value stock funds. These funds invest in value equities, which are less expensive than others on the market. Additionally, value stock funds perform better when interest rates rise, as predicted in 2022. For many investors, the fact that many value stock funds pay a dividend adds to their appeal. You can likewise consider value stock funds if you are comfortable with stocks that come with some degree of volatility. 

9. Get financial therapy 

It can be useful to get help for your finances if you notice a strain. A financial expert or professional combines financial planning and mental health treatment to assist their clients in processing their feelings about money, including making savings, investments, retirement, and other financial goals. Financial therapy merges finance with emotional support to help you cope with any financial stress. 

10. Plan your retirement ahead of time

Preparing for the future should begin from today! The truth is, at some point, you may not be able to work as hard as you do, but you would still need some money. Therefore, you should implement various measures and strategies to ensure that you enjoy those years. For example, if your employer offers a retirement plan, it can be helpful to take advantage of it, especially when it suits your type of retirement. You can also keep a separate savings account or investment opportunity geared specifically to funding your retirement. There is so much to consider when planning your retirement, making the process quite overwhelming. Fortunately, platforms like Accuplan can help you take control of your future and ensure that you find the right ways to save your money for this step in your life. 

11. Improve your credit score 

A good credit score demonstrates your money management abilities and enhances your chances of qualifying for lower interests on loans. Taking steps to improve your credit score can also help secure low interests on finance costs, insurance rates, and credit cards. Your credit card can be useful if you are responsible since you can track your bills. Fixed expenses charges to your credit card can also help you improve your score and earn more rewards. Although credit companies consider your credit history, credit accounts used, and your ability to pay on time to keep your balances low. 

Life gets a little easier when you have enough money to do the things you want! This is why it is vital to take the necessary steps, habits, and opportunities to ensure you are saving and getting smarter with your money. Be sure to consider the list above to make your 2022 a financially great one.

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