How To Attract your Soulmate: Love Advice From Aristotle

How To Attract your Soulmate: Love Advice From AristotleDiscover how to attract your soulmate with Aristotle’s timeless love advice on relationships. Learn to identify a real deal love connection in a partner by understanding the three types of relationships.

If you want to know how to attract your soulmate, then you have to first know how to spot your ideal love partner when you meet them.

With this in mind, in this video (down below) I share some interesting love advice from Aristotle.

But first let me give you some Aristotle cliff notes…

Love Advice From Aristotle

Long before the digital age of romance, Aristotle (the ancient Greek philosopher) outlined the essence of meaningful connections, emphasizing that true happiness stems from the depth of emotional and spiritual bonds, not fleeting pleasures or material gains.

His wisdom, rooted in the observation of human nature, revealed three distinct types of relationships.

Each type of relationship served a different desire. And only one led to genuine fulfillment.

The 3 Types of Relationships – According to Aristotle

  1. Just for Fun: Ever had a relationship that was all about having a good time – but kind of shallow? That’s what Aristotle calls a “relationship of pleasure.” Fun? Sure. The key to lasting happiness? Not so much.
  2. What’s in It for Me?: Then there are those relationships where you’re both in it for some kind of benefit. This person could be a lustmate or walletmate or egomate – but they are not a soulmate. Aristotle called this a “relationship of utility” –  and again, this is not where real happiness lives.
  3. The Real Deal: This is when you’re with someone who makes you feel safe to be your truest selves – while also inspiring you to become your best self. This is soul mate love – because you are soul-nurturing each other. Aristotle called this a “relationship of shared virtue” – and considered this the gold standard of relationship connections.

So How Do You Attract Your Soulmate?

It’s one thing to know the types of relationships. It’s another to navigate the maze of modern dating to find that soul-nurturing connection. No worries. I have condensed Aristotle’s ideas and love advice about soulmates into bite-sized, actionable insights in this video below.


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