Best Aged Care Solutions: Easing Through Life’s Natural Transitions

Best Aged Care Solutions: Easing Through Life's Natural TransitionsHere’s a helpful guide for finding the best aged care solutions, so you can make sure your elderly loved ones are living in comfort and safety.

Every family experiences a number of important milestones: weddings, births, first steps, first days of school, etc. Unfortunately, we tend to forget that as our children grow older, so do our parents. 


There are also many milestones which accompany the later years of life. One of the most important milestones: when your parent or elderly relative needs to seek aged care. 

What is aged care exactly?

Well, it’s multi-faceted. Aged care doesn’t necessarily mean going off to a retirement village. Nor does it equate to assisted living. Aged care means different things to different families.

The main goal of aged care:

  • You want to increase the quality of life for your elderly loved ones. 

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know exactly where and how to start this process of finding a comfortable answer to your needs.

So I’m here to help!

As you might know I’m a bestselling wellness author and research geek who loves to share tools about how to live longer, while maintaining good health and clarity of mind.

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In this article I will sharing a helpful guide for finding the best aged care solutions.

How to select the best aged care solutions

flourishing in old age sophia lorenFirst, it’s important to note that best aged care solutions can come in a variety of different settings and care plans. They range from residential care all the way through to short-term respite care. 

Different types of aged care may suit different individuals or family dynamics. With this in mind, it’s worth taking some time to figure out which is the best aged care solution for your family and your elderly loved one.

For instance, your elderly relative may not require residential care and prefer to continue living at home.

But they may still benefit from community care and other resources (aka: services which can put them in touch with registered nurses).

It’s important that you communicate with your elderly loved one to make sure that you both have a thorough understanding of their care needs. 

As long as you communicate clearly, and aren’t afraid to ask detailed questions, you’ll be able to select the best care solution.

Organize the finer details with your elderly relatives

best aged care solutionsOnce you’ve selected your care solution, it’s time to start moving forward.

You should keep in mind that modern aged care takes a holistic approach. Meaning? You should consider the importance of both physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

Basically, you want to ensure that your elderly loved one will be taking on a fair amount of new activities in a range of new settings.

You can support your elderly parents or relatives through this transition by making yourself available in the earliest days.

You want them to have a familiar face so they feel comfortable. In fact, you may even want to participate in some of their new activities, just to get a sense of the lifestyle changes that your loved one will experience. Solidarity and mutual enjoyment is a fantastic bridge to aid your elderly relative through this transition.

Introduce your children, wider family and close friends to aged care

family stand by you as you age and get older and sickYou should include your children, wider family members and close friends in this transitional period. 

So take time to explore organizing social gatherings where your children, family members and close friends are around your elderly loved one at their new facility.


You’ll be making sure they’re able to maintain strong and healthy relationships with your elderly loved one – and be active in their new day-to-day life. 

Admittedly, taking this next step forward with your elderly loved one can feel daunting at the beginning.

But if you take the time to mindfully select the best aged care solution, you’ll find that it will bring peace and comfort  not only to your elderly loved one, but to your entire family and close friendship network.

Make sure you age at your best

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