5 Health-Related Reasons You Should Be Drinking Tart Cherry Juice


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Want greater energy, improved health, better sleep? Here are 5 health-related reasons you should be drinking tart cherry juice.

Looking for a beverage that has a lot of health benefits ranging from helping you sleep better and easing pain to protecting against common diseases? Look no further than the nutrient-rich tart cherry juice.

Tart cherries are known to have a number of properties that qualify them as a superfood, and drinking a glass or two of their juice each day may just work wonders on your health. Following are five health-related reasons to start drinking this tasty beverage.

1. It Helps You Sleep

Getting enough sleep every night is of the utmost importance for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It can reduce stress, keep you alert, and according to some studies, it can even ease pain associated with some chronic ailments.

There are lots of foods and drinks that can help you sleep at night, and tart cherry juice is one of them. It just so happens that it’s also delicious.

2. It’s Anthocyanin-Rich

Anthocyanins are flavonoids with antioxidant properties, and are responsible for the pigments of deep red and purple fruits and vegetables, which are known to have a variety of health benefits.

Nutritionist Donnie Yance explains that new research involving anthocyanins is showing just how beneficial they are. He calls them a “medicine chest” and says they can help ward off cancer, cognitive illnesses, diabetes, heart problems, and obesity.

3. It Has Quercetin

Tart cherries have quercetin, which is an antioxidant that can help protect against heart disease and other ailments. According to Global Healing Center, quercetin supports cardiovascular health and promotes balanced blood pressure while also supporting respiratory health and combatting stress.

4. It’s Good For Your Muscles

Tart cherries also have properties that help protect against muscle damage, according to Health Ambition. You’ll have to drink plenty of it to attain this benefit, however. It recommends 10.5-12 fl oz. twice daily if you’re drinking your tart cherry juice specifically for this benefit. The same article says marathon runners who drink tart cherry juice in the days ahead of a run experience less muscle damage, soreness, inflammation and protein breakdown compared to runners that don’t.

5. It Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

According to Life Extension, tart cherries have anti-inflammatory properties that can help your body with joint defense. It cites multiple studies having to do with inflammatory osteoarthritis (a chronic condition involving the painful breakdown of joint cartilage) patients, who experienced pain relief from tart cherries. They have also been known to help people combat gout.

Is there anything tart cherry juice can’t do? Sure, but with all of these health benefits, it’s a wonder more people aren’t consuming this beverage every day.

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