The Best Foods To Eat To Help You Live Longer And Younger

Best Foods To Eat To Help You Live Longer And Younger

Here are the best foods to help you to live longer, healthier, younger – and maybe even to over 100!

First of all, hi!

That’s me in the photo.

I’m 58 years young – and eager to be part of what I call The Wellderly – folks who as they continue to age do not feel or act their age!

So far, so good.

My doctor told me I have the “blood work” of someone 20 years younger!

It’s not by accident! I’m presently doing the habits of centenarians – people who live to over 100.

(I even wrote a longevity book with my tools – called Life Is Long.)

One of the consistent centenarian research findings:

If you want to live longer, fuel up with Plant Power.

One Harvard study in particular revealed that people who eat a higher amount of plant derived protein have a lower rate of mortality than meat eaters.

(Note: This Harvard study was the largest of its kind and involved over 131,000 participants who were assessed over a period of 32 years.)

The study’s main do’s & don’t about foods to live longer…

  • People who were big-time meat-eaters tended to experience an earlier age for death.
  • People who preferred to get protein from plants (NOT meat) – lived longer.

The #1 Best Foods To Eat To Help You Live Longer And YoungerSo if right now you’re depending upon meat for your protein, well… you might want to rethink your diet!

In fact, lately there have been a few studies which support that people tend to live far longer if they swapped out their animal protein (especially processed red meat) in trade for plant protein.

So, what are the best foods to live longer?

1. Live longer by eating plants instead of meat. 

Try eating plants instead of meat has been shown to be specifically beneficial in staving off cardiovascular disease.

2. Live longer by eating protein rich seeds.

Explore chia, hemp, sunflower, flax and pumpkin seeds.  Each is packed with protein and makes an easy addition to any smoothie or salad bowl.

3. Live longer by eating meat-free, protein rich snacks.

Munch on brazil nuts, walnuts and cashews to live longer and younger.

4. Live longer by eating plants which are great for heart health.

Eat dark leafy greens, avocado and grains such as millet and quinoa to keep your heart healthy.

5. Live longer by eating Spirulina, a protein rich superfood.

I very much recommend you try Spirulina to keep yourself feeling energetic! It’s a blue green algae that contains all the essential amino acids – and can be added directly to juice or water.

Longevity Reminder…

The #1 Best Foods To Eat To Help You Live Longer And YoungerOf course, it’s not enough to just simply gobble down more greens.

You also have to make sure you eliminate other risk factors.

For example…

Obviously you don’t want to smoke.

And you don’t want to overdo alcohol intake.

Plus, it’s also equally important to stay physically fit and active!

I write about this more in an article here.

You can ALSO live longer by NOT eating processed foods.

Processed foods are loaded up with chemicals and preservatives – and are just plain terrible for your health.

Here are 2 funny things I tell my son (Ari) about the dangers of processed foods:

  1. “Eating fresh food helps your body stay fresher longer.”
  2. “The shorter a food’s shelf life – the more it helps you to live longer. And the longer a food’s shelf life, the shorter it will make your shelf life on this planet.

In summary, if you want to live longer…

  • Eat clean and green wherever possible.
  • Make sure you eat a healthy amount of plant protein.
  • Aim to reduce meat and processed foods from your diet.
  • Keep moving, keep mingling – and remember to fill up on positivity as well as protein.
  • Happy humans live (and laugh) longer!

Get more tools to eat to live longer!

In my longevity book “Life Is Long” I share the secrets of people who live to 100 – with greater health, clarity and energy!

I’m on a mission to help as many people as possible to live longer, healthier lives!

Check out “Life Is Long” and start protecting yourself against age-related diseases and dementia.

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