9 Inspiring Quotes About Getting Older To Make You Laugh

Inspiring Quotes About Getting Older That Will Make You LaughAs you age, it’s important to keep a sense of humor – so here are some inspiring quotes about getting older to make you laugh.

Growing older is not for the faint of heart. It’s for the strong of spirit (and the elastic of waistband.)

Each year, those candles on the cake start to feel less like a flickering celebration and more like a tiny bonfire.

I’m saying this from a place of true knowing. I was born in 1960 – which means I’ve seen the birth of the internet, the death of the mixtape, and the resurrection of vinyl.

But here’s the thing about getting older: It beats the alternative.

And while we’re all headed to the same inevitable conclusion, we might as well enjoy the journey and laugh a little.

With this in mind, I wrote the following inspiring quotes about getting older – with the hope that these quirky truths will make you laugh.

Oh – and if you’re new to my work, hi there! I’m a bestselling wellness author – known for my longevity book, called  “Life Is Long: 50+ Ways To Live A Little Closer To Forever.”

I’m determined to help people to live longer, younger, healthier – all while maintaining a strong sense of humor! 

9 Inspiring Quotes About Getting Older To Make You Laugh

Read on for some motivating and humorous growing older quotes. And remember – if you’re tempted to look back at the younger version of yourself, do not yearn to be them again. They didn’t know half of what you know now (like where to find the best early bird specials – and how to evade jury duty!)


getting older quote

Getting older might slow you down, but it sure ramps up your intolerance for BS. – Karen Salmansohn


 Inspiring Quotes About Getting Older That Will Make You Laugh

Every wrinkle is just a reminder of a time I was having too much fun to care about sunscreen. – Karen Salmansohn


the real fountain of youth

Years might add wrinkles to the skin, but subtracting fucks given? Now that’s the real fountain of youth. – Karen Salmansohn


boosted wisdom versus boosted metabolism

They say as you get older, you get wiser. But I’d love to trade some of that boosted wisdom for boosted metabolism. – Karen Salmansohn


aging saying that will make your think

When you’re young, you fear the monsters under the bed. When you’re older, you fear the monster that is a missed coffee. – Karen Salmansohn


over 50 advanced level

Aging: Because adulting wasn’t enough. Now we get the “advanced” level. – Karen Salmansohn


sense of humor about growing older

Growing older is mandatory. Growing a sense of humor about it? Strongly advised. – Karen Salmansohn


as I get older i realize

Getting older means knowing more about the world and caring less about what the world thinks. – Karen Salmansohn


good things about growing old

Got more experience. Got less patience. That’s the aging trade-off. – Karen Salmansohn

Bonus: Inspiring Quote About Getting Older That Will Make You Laugh

humorous aging quote about getting older

It’s kinda funny how being old doesn’t seem so old now that I’m old. – Karen Salmansohn, NotSalmon.com

Recap: Getting Older Quotes – With A Sense of Humor

The older I get the more I realize, we gotta wear our aging like a badge of honor. After all, we’ve earned every year, every laugh, every oddly aching joint that now predicts the weather. And if anyone tells you that you’re too old for something, remind them that you’re not too old. You’re just too wise to bother with it.

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