20 Humorous Quotes About Life And Funny Sayings

humorous quotes about life to keep a sense of humorHere are 20 humorous quotes about life and funny sayings to help you keep a sense of humor. After all, often laughing at life helps to lower stress and free up your mind to find helpful insights. 

When life gets too serious – you need to take a breather – and try to find the humor in things.

Often laughing at life can help to loosen up your mindset – and thereby find beneficial life lessons and helpful solutions to life’s challenges.

With this in mind, here are 20 humorous quotes about life and funny sayings to inspire you to keep your sense of humor. Even in the midst of tough times.

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20 Humorous Quotes About Life

Scroll through these humorous quotes and pick your favorite funny quote to use as a mobile wallpaper.

1. People Previews

sense of humor people come with 30 second trailer

2. Toxic People 

invoice people humorous quote about life

3. Self care is not selfish

anti-social pro-me funny quote about life

4. Home Sweet (Netflix) Home

adult excited go home humorous quote about life

5. Happy Distraction

some day it will be okay sense of humor about life

6. Fear = Inter-Fear

defriend your fears humorous quote about life

Print out these humorous quotes and funny sayings and post them around your home and/or office!

7. Somedaysome day is not a day of the week funny quote

8. New Day = New Choiceshumorous quote happy new possibilities day

9.  Don’t be a Namby Pambiehappiness is not for namby pambies humorous quote

10.  Purrfect Day To Smilereasons to purr with happiness humorous quote

11. Be Supportivefriends like a bra funny quote about life

12. Don’t Live In The Past

living in the past humorous quote

13. Appreciate Your Body

not cellulite inner light funny quote self love

14. Think Positively

don't let worries gobble up thinking humorous reminder

15. Be Fearless

go for your dreams funny quote about life

16. Don’t Be A Pretzel

you are not a pretzel humorous quote about life

17. Say No

learn to say no humorous quote about life

18.  Love Rightly

19. Be True To You

20. Forgive yourself

forgive yourself humorous quotes

Bonus Humorous Quote About Life

humorous quote about life Karen Salmansohn

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