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Where does stress show up in your life?

  • Daily overwhelm?
  • Negative self talk?
  • Insomnia?
  • Work stress?
  • Relationship challenges?
  • Letting go of the past?
  • Unblocking creative blocks?

instant calm karen salmansohnInstant Calm​ will help you to master your thoughts – so you can think better – feel better – and live better!

Get ready to feel relaxed and happy.

If you have a spare 2-minutes, then you have time to use Instant Calm‘s meditation tools. It’s amazing for people who can’t find the time to meditate. ⁣⁣

Plus, Instant Calm offers quick suggestions for how to incorporate meditation into your everyday life.

amazon bestseller instant calmThese relaxation tools have been so helpful to people, that Instant Calm became an Amazon #1 new release!

These research-backed calming tools are based on using your 5 senses (sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste) – and will quickly help you to feel more relaxed, confident, grounded and focused.

Develop the superpower of being calm in tough situations.

In case you’re new to my work (hi there!), I’m a bestselling happiness researcher and meditation teacher.

Inside Instant Calm, I reveal dozens of quick and simple stress-reducing meditations which I’ve shared with private clients, family and friends.

Relax. Focus. Sleep. Be happier.

Each technique will offer you the power to snap right out of your anxious mindset and into a state of relaxed mindfulness.

Instant Calm is great for beginners to meditation – as well as advanced meditators – because there’s something for everyone.

Soon you’ll be swapping your aarghs for ahhhs! Get peeks inside and read all the consistent happy buyer reviews here!



Provokes and inspires

Karen Salmansohn's writing is bold, playful, insightful with powerful metaphors that provoke and inspire. In The Bounce Back Book, her kinetic images amplify her message and take the book to a new level of literary experience.

Deepak Chopra Author

Delightful, innovative guide to transformation and meditation

Karen Salmansohn is a delightful, innovative guide to transformation and meditation. She will lift your spirits at the same time she focuses your path in the truths, challenges and opportunities found in everyday life.

Sharon Salzberg Co-Founder of the Insight Meditation Society

Perfect daily practices for finding balance in the face of stress

Studies have shown that meditation helps to sharpen focus, release tension, and strengthen inner connection. With Instant Calm, Karen offers a range of simple, enriching two-minute meditations for each of your five senses – perfect daily practices for finding balance in the face of stress, locating energy in times of fatigue, and welcoming rest when it’s time to sleep. Grateful for this potent guidebook to Instant Calm.

Elena Brower Best Selling Author - Practice You

Wildly Creative

Karen Salmansohn is wildly creative and highly innovative – a creative genius of sorts.

Tony Hsieh Founder of Zappos

A unique and pioneering book for meditation and mindfulness

“Instant Calm” is a unique and pioneering book for meditation and mindfulness. Karen shares how to use our five senses as a method to be more fully present in the moment. She highlights cutting edge research to explain why her sensory meditations are effective at promoting relaxation and balance. I highly recommend this book!

Shauna Shapiro, PhD Professor, Author - Good Morning, I Love You: Mindfulness and Self-Compassion practices to rewire your brand and transform your life

Great knack for reducing wisdom to memorable words

Self-help needs help. It can be tedious. It can be preachy. It can be dull and holier than thou. Its an embarrassing part of the book store to be caught in. Unless you're with Karen Salmansohn. She is a former copywriter (in fact she named the Burger King Croissanwich®) and she has great knack for reducing wisdom to memorable words.

Danny Gregory NYTimes Best Selling Author and Founder of Sketch Skool

Big brain in high heels

Karen Salmansohn is a big brain in high heels.

Goldie Hawn Actress and Founder of The Hawn Foundation

A helpful guide to decompress from life’s challenges

Karen’s book “Instant Calm” can help anyone redefine and expand their meditation practices. She shares a range of unique sensory meditations – which tap into all 5 senses – and offer a quick, fun approach to reset your mind and refocus your energy. I personally have begun to use these mini meditations whenever I just want to feel a mental boost throughout my day. I love the illustrations and Karen’s fun and lighthearted writer’s voice. I highly recommend this book as a helpful guide to decompress from life‘s challenges.

Kristine Carlson NYTimes Best Selling Author - Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff for Women and From Heartbreak to Wholeness

This book is a game-changer for you

If you’re feeling stressed and looking for ways to relax and feel focused (and pretty much everybody in today’s world is!) well...then...this book is a game-changer for you. It makes doing meditation feel so easy and fun. It’s great for beginners to meditation – and also helpful for advanced meditators – because there’s something for everyone. What I especially love about this book is the wide range of sensory meditations Karen offers. Open up the book anywhere – and you will find a useful fun 2-minute tool you can use to relax and feel grounded again. Plus the illustrations are gorgeous.

Christina Rasmussen Best Selling Author - Second Firsts: Live, Laugh and Love Again

A creative force of nature

Karen Salmansohn is a creative force of nature. I love her insights and relentless commitment to helping people live happy and successful lives. Her smart sense of humor and unusual metaphors make changing your life not only do-able but, totally fun. I simply adore her!

Marie Forleo Best Selling Author

Think happier. Think calmer.

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