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listen to your heart karen salmansohnThis “Listen to Your Heart Journal” is a healing and inspiring way to reduce stress and sadness and focus more on joy, calm, positivity, and productivity.

We live in a busy and stressful world.

It’s no wonder so many of us feel overwhelmed, stressed – plus confused about what steps we need to take to feel happier, calmer, more loved.

We haven’t been prioritizing taking time to listen to our heart.

We spend far too much time…

  • scrolling through news feeds – while our heart goes unfed
  • checking who’s following us – rather than following our heart
  • recharging our phone – but not our spirit.

The solution?

  • We need to take even 2 minutes a day to sit in silence and chit chat with our heart.

With this mind I recommend my inspiring Listen to Your Heart  line a day journal – with its healing and inspiring writer prompts – nestled inside gorgeous watercolor artwork!

How to use this line-a-day journal?

  • Swap out one text a day on your phone – in trade for one line a day in this journal!

The benefits of this line a day journal are enormous.

  • Improvements in your intuition
  • Insights to help your various relationships
  • Creative ideas to improve your work
  • Gratitude for your blessings
  • Self awareness for what you need to change
  • Greater confidence in making the right decisions
  • Needed attention to whatever you’ve been avoiding/ignoring
  • Brilliant ideas for making and saving more money
  • Lowered anxiety and boosted calm
  • Lessons learned and forgiveness released

Basically, if you want to live a rich, full, happy life, you need to take time for regular tough love chats with your heart.

This line a day journal will help you to become the happiest version of you! Start now!

Great Read!!!

Amazon Customer Amazon Review

My best friend gave me this journal as a gift and it's truly beautiful. I started writing in it a few days ago and the writing prompts have been both fun and introspective. Now I am going to 'pay the gift forward' and buy a few of these inspiring journals for friends and family!

Charming journal

Kindle Customer Amazon Review

I journal daily but I keep seeing things about journaling prompts and since I love Karen I decided to try this book. I am so glad I did and I plan to buy more. The majority of questions are definitely quick and easy to answer and then there's the one that make you stop and think a moment. Introspection is a wonderful thing. I am writing the date in it also so I can look back at my journey and I think it will be perfect for my friends who don't like to journal but enjoy a little introspection once in a while.

Beautiful and inspiring journal

PhilippeNYC Amazon Review

Got this as a gift and I can’t wait to dive into it. Journaling has been one my most important acts of self care and helped me work through my toughest moments in life to make them my best. This book is GORGEOUS! & Karen’s writing Prompts are always so funny and poignant- that it’s almost like therapy- so uplifting and memorable. I know this will draw the depths out of me!!

Thanks for bringing your great ideas to fruition

Theresa Yosuico Stahl Facebook Comment

Just received mine! Beautiful! Thanks for bringing your great ideas to fruition! Great gift, too! Writing is medicine!

I love your new journal

Kelly Kanzler Facebook Comment

I love your new journal just started using it three days ago! Thank you!

Inspire me to WANT to journal more!

Laurie Sordahl Facebook Comment

Just received my journal on Saturday. The beautiful colors inspire me to WANT to journal more!!

So beautiful and inspiring!

Emily Rosen Amazon Review

Such insightful prompts for a regular journaling practice with eye candy illustrations. Love it! Getting a few as gifts for friends I think would appreciate the guided self reflection.

I bought two!

Marilyn Kaye Bunn Facebook Comment

I bought two and I am planning on buying more. I love the questions. Nice mix of easy questions and really thought provoking ones. GET IT!

An amazing gift that I look forward to using everyday!

Marcia Bronstein Amazon Review

Got this journal as a surprise - and it's lovely! The colors are vibrant and the artwork is poetic in its vibe - so very pretty! I've been having a good time writing responses to the prompts - because they cover so many different areas of life. This is now my new favorite journal.

I just ordered 3 more!

Valentina Salinas Facebook Comment

I Love my Journal!!! ~ I just ordered 3 more! One for my sis and one each for my daughters...but I gotta tell you this journal is so beautiful I can't bring myself to write in her yet!!! No Kidding!!!

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