The Older I Get The More I Realize: 9 Positive Aging Reminders

The Older I Get The More I Realize... : 9 Quotes About Positive AgingThe older I get the more I realize so many wonderfully helpful insights. In fact, I’m definitely a tribe member of an inspiring movement going on right now for Positive Aging and that’s why I created these quotes and reminders.

“The Positive Aging Movement” is when you…

  • embrace a positive mindset about growing older.
  • view your later years as offering up an enjoyable part of life.
  • are determined to live fully no matter your age –  trying to stay social and active for as long as you can.

Research states that having a positive attitude about aging can actually be good for your health!

In particular…a 2002 study by Yale University researchers reported that seniors with a positive attitude about aging wound up living 7.5 years longer than those who had a negative view on aging.

I’m 58 years young.

And I personally have positively found that life keeps getting better and better for me.

In fact, I write about how my life got better after I reached my 50’s in an article here – as well as here.

The Older I Get The More I Realize: Quotes About Positive Aging

But I digress!

I am sharing this blog post today because I held a contest on my Instagram Page!

I told people to fill in the blank:

“The older I get the more I realize……”

Basically, I invited people to share their positive aging reminders.

Plus I explained that I would pick the best responses. Then I offered to design the most inspiring quotes on aging into virtual posters to share in social media!

I created this Positive Aging Contest for 2 reasons.

positive aging bookI’m determined to  celebrate the awesome side of aging.

And I wanted to celebrate my new longevity book LIFE IS LONG – from Random House.

My bestselling book offers cutting edge longevity research to help you live longer – and younger!

Below are some of the many wonderful responses I received from my community on Instagram.

If you have a “fill in the blank” answer you want to suggest, share it down below in the comment section.

Although the contest is over, I still might turn your response into an inspiring age positive quote poster!

The Older I Get The More I Realize: 9 Positive Aging Reminders

Positive Aging Quote 1

Quotes About Positive Aging

The older i get the more I realize the importance of walking away from people and situations which threaten my peace of mind. Plus my self respect, values and self worth. – Karen Salmansohn

Positive Aging Quote 2

the older i get the more i realize

The older I get the more I realize perfection does not exist. And most of the time “good enough” is good enough. – Candace Edwards

Positive Aging Quote 3

The older I get the more I realize it’s key to be patient enough to wait through disappointment. Because there’s always something better on the other side. – Hayley Cagan Kamis

Positive Aging Quote 4

positive aging movement

The older I get the more I realize it’s not how pretty you look. It’s how beautiful you feel. – Carol Canfield

Positive Aging Quote 5

positive aging movement

The older I get the more i realize how much time I’ve wasted worrying about things I could not change. – Carol Flowers

Positive Aging Quote 6


positive aging movement

The older I get the more I realize that we’re all just winging it. – Russ Roy

Pssst… I also have collection of inspiring quotes about getting older to make you laugh – here.

Positive Aging Quote 7

life is a series of missteps

The older I get the more I realize that life is a series of missteps. And each of them brings you toward your true destiny. – Mon Mckee

Positive Aging Quote 8

the older i get people in my life

The older I get the more I realize that stuff is not as important as the people in my life. – Michelle Gall

Positive Aging Quote 9

aging the best paths

As I get older I realize sometimes that bad things that happen to us are good. They wind up putting us on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us. – Karen Salmansohn

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