3 Simple Mindset Shifts To Enjoy More Happiness and Inner Peace

3 Simple Mindset Shifts To Enjoy More Happiness

Here are 3 simple mindset shifts to enjoy more happiness and inner peace.

Searching for happiness is something that everyone is always doing – to some degree or another.

Of course everybody has a different list of things which makes them happy.

However, there is one thing that a vast majority of people are sold on: your mindset has a profound effect on your overall happiness levels.

Why it’s key to control your mindset

  • If you can control your mindset, you can improve your happiness levels.

3 Simple Mindset Shifts

If you’re wondering “how can I make my mindset happy?” – here are 3 simple mindset shifts you can start to work on today –  and increase your chances of living a happy life.

1. Positivity Mindset Shift

3 Simple Mindset Shifts To Enjoy More HappinessThe first simple mindset shift you need to make: learn to achieve an overall sense of positivity.

In order to do this, you will want to spend some time reading up on Positive Psychology – which I write about in my many happiness articles on this site. I encourage you to explore my library of articles, so you can learn how to view life with a more positive lens.

Plus if you’re truly eager to feed your mind as many positive thoughts as possible, check out my many inspirational life quotes!

Or read some of my many inspiring books  – all of which offer helpful insights and tools to think happy.

2. Growth Mindset Shift

3 Simple Mindset Shifts To Enjoy More HappinessThe second simple mindset shift you need to make: focus on what psychologists call a “growth mindset” in contrast to a fixed mindset.

  • A “growth mindset” is where you believe that you are capable of change and that you can always improve no matter what – even if to a limited degree. 
  • A “fixed mindset” says that everything is outside of your control – and you can’t change that much.

Clearly, a “growth mindset” will help to boost your happiness – so it’s worth trying to cultivate a growth mindset as much as you can if you want to be truly happy.

"View your life with kindsight." - Karen Salmansohn

You’ve got to view your life with “kindsight.”

Stop beating yourself up about things form the past.

Don’t slap your forehead and ask:

“What was I thinking?”

Instead breathe and ask the kinder question:

“What was I learning?”

3. Flexibility Mindset Shift

3 Simple Mindset Shifts To Enjoy More HappinessThe third simple mindset shift you need to make: learn how to be flexible in your ways of thinking.

You’ll find that you are able to be much happier than you might have been otherwise, if you …

  • stay open to new interpretations for why things happened as they did
  • be flexible in your interpretations for why people do the things they do.

Of course, it can be tough to have a flexible mindset if you feel chronically stressed. That is why it’s so important to integrate stress management and relief practices into your daily life. The good news is there are plenty that you can try from meditation to yoga, to exercise, and therapy.

Many people find taking natural stress relief products and supplements like the one on offer from HempLucid helpful too. You may have to try a few different methods to see what works for you, but by reducing stress you should be able to retain a more flexible mindset.

Just Remember: We live in a world of a million interpretations. 

3 Simple Mindset Shifts To Enjoy More Happiness

You must resist staying stuck on just one.

It’s helpful to your happiness if you expand your limited beliefs about how the world might work.

When you’re able to be flexible in your understanding of things, you’re able to not take things as personally.

Plus you are able to view endings as potential new beginnings for something better.

Create a happy mindset

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