Law of Attraction: My Miracle Story & 3 Logical Reasons It Works

Are you on the fence about “Law of Attraction”? Do you want to understand the “logic” behind why it might work a bit more – before you start applying it to your life? Here’s my miracle story – and 3 reasons why I believe there’s a true logic behind the law of attraction!

I call myself “spirituallogical.”

I’m both spiritual and logical.

Instead of being “woo woo” – I’m one “woo.”

I always want to understand the logical reasons behind why things which appear “woo woo” might work. 

For example…The Law Of Attraction – and the concept of “manifesting” what you want through focusing, visualizing, and writing it down in a specific way.

I believe The Law Of Attraction can work. I’ve witnessed it working for me – on many occasions. 

For example…I’ve written a lot about…

Quick story: I became pregnant with my son in my late 40’s!

I believe positive thinking and vision boards work not just for “woo woo” energy reasons – but – also because of psychological reasons.

Here’s a story of how Law Of Attraction worked for me in business.

For many years, starting in my late 50’s, I was trying to sell a line of inspirational jewelry I had designed.

One of the pieces I designed was something I called “The Dream Catcher” Pendant.”

My concept: 

You write down your goal on a slip of paper. Slip the paper into a beautiful gold filigree locket – and thereby you can keep your dream close to your heart – to help you stay focused on your dream – instead of fears and doubt.

I designed the necklace – and wore it constantly – and thereby stayed full of faith that my dream of getting the necklace on HSN would happen.

Guess what? 🙂 The “Dream Catcher” worked.

At almost 58 years old I officially became a jewelry designer.

My pendant became available on HSN!

And then it was so successful…it SOLD OUT!

law of attraction

I believe The Dream Catcher Pendant helped me to succeed – for both “spiritual” and “logical” reasons.

Here are 3 “spirtuallogical” reasons…

  • The more you stay positive – and focus on what you want – the more you are concentrating on solutions instead of obstacles and doubts. When you are in a positive frame of mind, and focusing on what you can control, you’re more likely to succeed.
  • MRI studies of the brain show that the more you think “positive thoughts”, the more you fuel the areas of your brain associated with happiness, open mindedness and creativity. Literally those brain areas! And those areas of the brain area a dynamic trio of qualities to further help you to succeed.
  • MRI studies of the brain ALSO show that the more you think “negative thoughts,” the more you fuel the negativity related areas of your brain: close mindedness, fear and doubt. Those are all major “dream killers!”

I endured many challenges on the way to getting my Dream Catcher” Pendant on HSN.  But each time I faced a problem or setback, I looked down at my Dream Catcher” Pendant – which I wore regularly – and it switched me back into a miracle mindset – which allowed me to problem solve and keep moving forward. In many ways this Dream Catcher” Pendant worked like a portable “vision board.”  

In summary: 

  • If there’s something you want right now,  write down your goal, and regularly envision your goal coming true.

I believe there are strong “spirtuallogical” reasons behind why this habit will help you to accomplish your goals.

Most of all – remember you’re never too old to make shifts in your life – and create a life you love.

Think happier. Think calmer.

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