Find Time To Meditate with these 4 Quick Guided Meditations

Quick and Easy 3-Minute and Under MeditationsNow you can find time to meditate with these 4 quick guided meditations.

If you don’t have time to meditate, you especially need to meditate – because that’s a sign you’re stressing out!

No worries. Below are a range of quick guided meditations – to calm your mind.

I Studied to be A Meditation Teacher

Yep, I’m not only a huge fan of meditation. I’m also a meditation teacher.

I wrote a book with a range of easy and quick meditations, called Instant Calm. This meditation guide book is great for everyone – from beginners to advanced meditators.

Instant Calm is also recommended by some of the top meditation teachers in the world – like Elena Brower and Kristine Carlson!

In this post, I’m sharing 4 guided meditation videos

I recognize that a lot of people don’t meditate because they’re afraid they don’t know how to do it right.

With this mind, I recorded myself talking to you in 4 relaxing meditation videos (up on Notsalmon TV) which also have beautiful visual imagery to help you let go and feel calmer.

Find Time To Meditate with These 4 Quick Guided Meditations

1. Morning Guided Meditation Video

2. Abundance Guided Meditation Video

3. Forgiving Your Parents Guided Meditation Video

4. Forgive the Unforgivable Guided Meditation Video

(Explore my Youtube channel – NotSalmonTV to find more relaxing videos!)

Brain researchers and biologists love meditation!

The many perks from meditating aren’t just some mumbo-jumbo promise.

  • Research shows that meditation sharpens focus, relieves chronic pain, reduces stress, creates greater calm and lowers blood pressure.
  • Recent longevity studies also show that meditation protects the brain from aging and enhances your ability to learn.
  • Plus, meditation also helps you to tap into your intuition and truest feelings.

Get More Short & Easy Meditations

Explore my highly praised meditation book Instant Calm

Instant Calm is great for beginners to meditation – as well as advanced meditators – because there’s something for everyone.

Think happier. Think calmer.

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