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Positivity Tools To Start and End Your Day

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I’d love to invite you into my New York City apartment.

Then I’d love to immediately show you the exit door – and escort you to leave.

You might be thinking, “So, is that the kind of hospitality New Yorkers show?”

The answer: Nope. I just want to show you a photo of the back of my exit door – because I want you to see what I see when I leave my apartment to take my son to daycare.

Every morning as I exit my apartment I am greeted by a poster with the words…

“Something awesome is going to happen today. I can’t wait to see what it will be.”

(Note: Yep, that’s one of my posters I wrote/designed!)

I personally love having this daily reminder in my face – to inspire me to keep my eyes open for all kinds of awesomeness – to be what I call “an awesome seeker.”

After I put up this “poster/wall decal” on the exit side of my front door, I soon began a daily practice with my son.

Now, when I drop him off at daycare, I give him a big hug, then whisper in his ear, “Something awesome is going to happen to you today at daycare! Look for awesome things to happen – then I want you to tell me all about this awesome stuff when I pick you up at end of day.”

Later, when I pick him up, I greet him with the question: “So…what awesome things happened to you today?”

He then recounts to me all the best parts of his day.

I love that I’m helping my son to tune into the frequency of awesome – and perk up and appreciate what’s happy in his day!  I love that I’m raising my son to be “an awesome seeker”!

I’m a big believer that mornings are your trajectory for the day.  You must use your a.m. to aim yourself towards where the most joy, love and happiness are to be found!

With all this in mind, I strongly recommend spending time with your kid(s) every morning before they leave home – even a mere 60 seconds  – making sure that they take a moment to breathe and focus on positive beliefs and an appreciation for the things and people they love. Specifically ask your kid(s) what they’re looking forward to in their day.

Specifically tell your kid(s) to be an awesome seeker – and look for the awesome in their day.

If you teach your child(ren) to face forward into their day consciously choosing to look for the good all around them – raising their awareness to seek out the good – then you can be sure their day will be more filled with good things.

It’s truly important to create a daily morning practice which encourages your kid(s) to go out into the world as  “awesome seekers” – instead of  as “awful seekers” – a topic I wrote a bit more about HERE.

Think about it. If a rocket ship is aimed wrongly – even off by a few degrees – before it launches to the moon – then it could wind up wrongly reaching Saturn. Ditto on one’s day. You want to make sure your creating a morning practice for your kid(s) where they are aimed in a positive thought direction – aimed towards what they want, love and appreciate – so you can increase your kid(s) likelihood of being over the moon about their life!

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