Positive Affirmations For Anxiety To Feel Calm And Confident

Are you feeling anxious and insecure about some aspect of your life? If so, then you will love doing these positive affirmations to help reduce your anxiety.

These recommended affirmations are far more powerful than traditional affirmations – because you personalize them to specifically fit your needs.

I call these affirmations the fun name of “Cockytales” – and they truly help to reduce anxiety.

Below I will share more about how to make a “Cockytale.”

But for now, here’s the quick explanation:

“Cockytales” are a delicious blend of positive facts and/or marvelous memories – prepared just-for-you-and-only-you.

I created this concept of “Cocklytale affirmations” because I kept feeling like general affirmations weren’t always effective at persuading me to feel more positive – particularly when I was feeling majorly stressed.

Traditional affirmations have one major flaw.

When you’re in a highly negative state, overly positive affirmations can sometimes feel jarringly false.

For example:

  • It’s hard to believe “I am making lots of money when you’re staring at a scary Amex bill – which has transformed your “Gold Card” into an “In The Red Card.”
  • It’s hard to believe I am loved and in love with a soulmate partner who makes me feel safe and cherished” when your partner is showing evidence of being a major “Prince Harming” or “Princess Harming.”

In fact, general positive affirmations can sometimes wind up making you feel worst – because they can make you become even more aware of how you’re not living up to the affirmation’s hyperbolic hype.

Here’s how to make yourself a Cockytale:

Let’s say you wake up feeling negative about your job.

Positive Affirmations For AnxietyIn this scenario, I recommend you pour yourself a nice powerful “Cockytale” about that time you slam-dunked a project in the past  – or – scored wildly well on a test – or – were adoringly placed high up on a cushy pedestal for your talents.

“Cockytales” are very different than affirmations – because unlike general affirmations – a “Cockytale”  logically counteracts the negativity in your mind – by reminding you of all the very real reasons you should be feeling cocky and positive about yourself and your life.

Here’s the 4 main steps to making “Cockytale”

1.View your negative thoughts for what they are: liars and bullies!

2. Start gathering ingredients for your Cockytale! How? Answer these questions:

  • When was a time I did the seemingly impossible?
  • When was a time I felt totally loved?
  • When was a time I felt super proud?
  • When was a time I felt totally confident in my abilities?
  • When was a time I felt in my full power?
  • When was a time I felt very attractive and magnetic?
  • What would my best friend say is something awesome about me?
  • What would a mentor or “safe” family member say is something amazing I have achieved?

3.Write down your Cockytale statement in a short Twitter length sentence. Repeat over and over until you make yourself swagger.

4. Each day you can shop for new ingredients for new freshly made “Cockytales” by repeatedly asking yourself the above questions.

In the same way you might enjoy a coffee whenever you feel your energy fading, I recommend preparing a “Cockytale” whenever you feel your positive energy and self-confidence fading.

I wrote about the power of Cockytales in my bestselling book THINK HAPPY.  (In fact, this essay is an excerpt from THINK HAPPY!)

In Summary:

“Cockytales” are more powerful than affirmations, because “Cockytales” have 3 things going for them that affirmations are missing…

  1. “Cockytales” are a thought system based in logic – and thereby they can counteract your whiny, negative-spewing mind.
  2. “Cockytales” are personalized just for you. They are not one-size-fits-all   – so they are more effective at hushing your yakking negative-spewing mind.
  3. “Cockytales” directly build up your self esteem – and high self esteem is the antidote to fear and doubt.

Think happier. Think calmer.

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