Noticing Any of These 8 Symptoms? It Could Be Due to Stress

Noticing Any of These 8 Symptoms? It Could Be Due to StressIt is not always immediately obvious that you are suffering from stress. Certain ailments and physical symptoms can be directly attributed to stress. You might actually be suffering from stress without knowing it.

No worries. I’m here to help.

I’m sharing this guide on symptoms of stress because I’m a bestselling author on anxiety and leading Mindset Mastery Coach – with about 2 million books sold globally.

Plus I founded the therapist recommended self-paced online course called The Anxiety Cure.

I love to help people to live calmer, happier lives.

So I put together this guide with helpful information about how to recognize the symptoms of stress – so I can help as many people as possible.

I firmly believe that in order to take advantage of effective therapy options one of the first things to do is learn how to spot some of the symptoms of stress – so that you know what you are dealing with and how to get the right treatment to get back on track.

8 Symptoms Due to Stress

1. Having trouble sleeping?

A classic symptom that can be related to stress is insomnia. Having difficulty getting to sleep is a very common indicator. It is your body telling you that you are stressed.

There may well be other underlying health conditions that are causing sleepless nights, but stress is definitely one of them.

2. Having trouble slowing your mind down?

If you find that your mind is constantly racing and you struggle to keep up with your thoughts it could well be an indicator that you are stressed.

It is normal to find your mind racing when you are processing a worrying bit of news or situation. If you constantly find your mind is racing, that is a different matter and could mean you are stressed.

3. Is your body moving involuntarily?

Another regular symptom associated with stress is when you find that you are suffering from involuntary body movements and ticks.

If this is combined with grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw, that all points to stress.

4. Do you experience regular aches and pains?

Muscle problems are often linked to stress. You can often feel a bit achy as a result of the work you do or because of your lifestyle. If those aches and pains are excessive it could be due to stress.

5. Has your behavior changed?

Stress can also cause you to experience a change in behavior as well as mood. Cognitive changes can happen as a response to stress. If you find yourself feeling excessively pessimistic or think regular negative thoughts you could be experiencing these changes due to stress.

6. Not hungry?

A loss of appetite can be attributed to a number of different things, such as lifestyle changes. However, it could also be that you are stressed. There is also a possibility that you will increase your eating in order to seek out the dopamine hit you can get as a way of boosting your mood.

7. Has your sex drive dropped?

Stress is often attributed to a loss of libido. Hormones play a big part in our sex drive. When you are stressed it impacts and reduces your desire to make love.

8. Are your emotions all over the place?

Emotional instability can lead you to experience a spectrum of feelings without feeling you have control over any of them. Feeling emotionally unstable and overwhelmed is a symptom that can be attributed to stress.

Long-term exposure to stress can lead to depression and anxiety. If you can’t pinpoint physical and emotional changes, you should consider checking whether it might be due to stress.

Don’t suffer in silence. Help is out there. With the right support, you can take back control and tackle the symptoms and implications of stress.

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