10 Bedtime Rituals to Help You Sleep Better

Bedtime Rituals to Help You Sleep BetterHere are some top bedtime rituals to help you sleep better and more deeply than ever before simply by doing these habits.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and bedtime is the most important time of the day.  Regularly waking up and sleeping is how the human body maintains homeostasis. 

Without that additional assistance from a regular schedule, sneaky little devils like insomnia can jump in and interrupt your life.

To help you either change up a little bit of your ritual schedule or give you some ideas, here are several different bedtime rituals that can help you sleep better.

I’m sharing this article because I am a bestselling wellness author with about 2 million books sold globally.

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With this mind, I created this article with some helpful bedtime rituals which will ease you into more restful sleep.

10 Bedtime Rituals to Help You Sleep Better

Keep reading to learn these top bedtime rituals for better sleep.

1. Start Your Rituals Earlier Rather than Later

One of the best ways to keep yourself on schedule is to work on starting your bedtime routine earlier.  This may not always work for everyone because everyone’s schedule is different.  But if you can, try working on moving back your ritual start time ten minutes at a time in order to slowly but surely adjust.

2. Read Something Easy

While you may be more interested in books that have more details and deeper plotlines, that isn’t the best thing to read before bed.  Instead, find something that is going to be both interesting, but not as stimulating as what you might normally read. For example, the book Think Happy will help you to go to sleep in a positive frame of mind.

3. Sleepy Supplements

If you are okay with taking supplements then something to add to your routine is adding in sleep supporting supplements.  Magnesium and Zinc are two great supplements to add into your diet either through dark leafy greens or through pill form.  They both aid in ensuring your sleep is fruitful and that you are able to regenerate through the night.

4. Medicinal Herbs

If you find it hard to go to sleep or if you prefer medical marijuana, then it is important to be very careful with what you take and use.  Rather than taking supplements with sativa in them, it is much better to focus on taking supplements that are made with indica strains.  If you aren’t able to find the specific strain so you can do research on the effects, assume that the supplement is a blend instead.

5. Stretch Your Body

Before going to bed, take some time to stretch out your body as an act of self care.  Start at your neck, slowly stretching each side.  Then, work downward along your shoulders and arms.  Rotate your body from side to side and work on loosening each joint.  The goal is to feel limber and like there is blood flow through any tight muscles.

6. Soothe Your Mind

Meditation is one of the best resources to get your mind to slow down.  You can start off easy by laying still and allowing your mind to relax.  The goal is to make sure that you are either focusing on one thing that is peaceful for you or to empty your mind which is a little harder.  Spend at least ten minutes in this state and practice deep breathing while doing this.

7. Manage Your Hygiene.

A big part of any routine is making sure that you are taking care of your hygiene.  This means taking care of your face, any medical issues, take a shower or bath, and don’t forget to brush your teeth.  Believe it or not, this is probably the most important part of the bed-time routine!

8. Keep a To-Do List By Your Bed

For those who have a busy mind, it’s hard to lay down and not think about what you have to do the next day.  Keep a notepad next to your bed that allows you to jot down any last minute thoughts or ideas that pop up.  This makes it so that you get to remember the idea the following day and it’s out of your head rather than bothering you.

9. Set the Thermostat

When you set your thermostat lower in the evening, this allows your body to sleep better at night.  You can include more blankets as needed but that’s not always necessary.  More often than not, setting your thermostat on the cooler side will get you to sleep pretty quickly.

10. Don’t Watch the Clock

If you suffer with insomnia, or if you accidentally obsess over things, watching the clock is one of the worst things to do.  Instead, turn your alarm clock around and make sure that any clocks that you can see are turned so that you can’t see them.  It makes it much easier to allow yourself to relax.

Conclusion on Bedtime Rituals for Sleep

New rituals and learning new ways to help yourself fall asleep are always going to be useful.  If you have rituals that work for you and you are looking to change it up a bit, then try out a few of these habits to see how they work for you!

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