4 Bedtime Habits To Help You Lose Weight

4 Bedtime Habits To Help You Lose WeightTrying to slim down and healthy up? Good for you! I’d love to support you in your healthy weight loss goals! Here are 4 bedtime habits to help you lose weight! 

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1. Turn Up Your AC: 

A study published in the journal Diabetes reports that when subjects slept in rooms with a temperature of 66°F, they actually doubled their volume of what’s called “brown fat” (which is the good calorie-burning fat). However, when subjects slept in rooms with a temperature of 75°, they did not double their “brown fat” volume.

2. Sleep in A Blackout Bedroom: 

The Journal of Biological Rhythms reports that a completely dark room at bedtime helps increase your metabolism while you sleep. Plus according to this same research, even having a dim light on while you sleep can interfere with your “molecular circadian rhythms” and thereby slow down your metabolism while asleep.

3. Enjoy A Protein Shake:

Researchers at Florida State University report that people who enjoyed a small 150-calorie protein shake in the evening experienced lower blood pressure, better metabolic function, and a quicker metabolism. Plus, the Journal of Nutrition also reports that athletes who had a protein shake in the evenings wound up increasing their muscle mass and strength “more significantly” than those who didn’t.

4. Set Your Alarm the Same Time Each Day:

Researchers at Brigham Young University report that women who wake up around the same time every day weighed less than those who wake up at various times. Your mission: Figure out how much sleep time you require so you feel awake and not run down – then try to stay with that bedtime and wake up rituals as a regular habit.

Lastly – here’s an extra, obvious 5th habit. Avoid stress eating before bed!

The calories just sit there. Plus feeling full before bed can mess with your sleep. Try reading, writing in a journal, calling a friend, or taking a bubble bath.

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