Goodbye Nursing Homes! The New Trend is Cohousing With Friends

cohousing with friends
Last week I got punched by the guy who came to fix my internet.

And I was happy about it.

Let me explain.

I was blaming my age for NOT being confident in technology – like the younger generation.

He told me I looked young – and asked me my age.

I hesitated telling him – but then told him.

He punched me in the arm – Elaine-from-Seinfeld style. He claimed he didn’t believe me.

Note: If you don’t know who Elaine is from Seinfeld – then I am old enough to be your mother – or even grandmother.

The big reveal: I’m in my late fifties.

There. I said it.

Thankfully – I’m a young-looking and young-feeling 50-plus-something. Although it’s not by accident.

I’m proactively taking care of my health and longevity.

cohousing with friends
I’ve been researching longevity for a while now.

In October I have a new book coming out with all of the longevity tools I’m using – called LIFE IS LONG – which I’m excited to share.

In my new longevity book I mention how important it is to stay actively social.

I thereby became very excited when I read about a new trend for seniors- something called “Senior Cohousing” – where you live in an “intentional neighborhood” – surrounded by your friends – and you share in things like the same dining area, library, fitness center, garden, TV room etc.

“Senior Cohousing” is trending right now.

It’s a great concept for older people like myself, who are part of what I call the “Wellderly.”

“Wellderly” means that we’re older, but don’t feel old or act our age!

My goal is to stay “Wellderly” for as long as possible – so I can enjoy the benefits of many things in life – including this concept of Cohousing with fellow wellderly friends.

Cohousing sounds like a blast – plus – it’s reported to improve longevity – according to the Canadian Cohousing Network.

Seniors who cohouse are said to live at least ten years longer than they might otherwise live in traditional senior housing.

cohousing with friends
Plus cohousing with fellow Wellderly friends is more affordable than nursing homes and/or living alone. After all, sharing resources saves money. When you’re a group paying for community meals it costs less than paying for groceries for one. Plus it’s cheaper to maintain a yard, garden,  library, fitness center when you’re sharing in the costs with your friends.

It is estimated that by 2050, the number of people over 60 years old will triple from what it is now.  I will be one of those people in that huge group – who’s looking for the most comfortable and enjoyable way to spend their senior years!

I love the idea of living in cohousing surrounded by friends – where I only need to walk a few feet to meet up with a someone for coffee or enjoy a walk in a shared garden.

Who’s with me?

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