8 Tools To Stop Beating Yourself Up About Past Mistakes

8 Ways To Stop Beating Yourself Up About Past MistakesThe time has come to stop beating yourself up and forgive yourself about past mistakes and worrisome regrets. Here are 8 tools to move on and be happy again!  

It’s time to forgive yourself for past mistakes.

And you must forgive yourself for not being able to forgive yourself.

Basically, forgiveness is hard. But it’s needed for inner peace. So keep on trying!

How Can You Forgive Yourself About Past Mistakes?

forgiveness reminder to stop beating yourself up about past mistakesTool 1 To Stop Beating Yourself Up:

Remind yourself that you are an unfinished work in progress.

You are here on this planet to learn lessons which help you to grow into your highest potential self.

As Sophia Bush says…

“You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously.”

Tool 2 To Stop Beating Yourself Up:

Remind yourself that it’s not the missteps of your past which determine your future.

It’s the steps you take now which will take you there!

stop beating yourself up about past mistakesSo just keep on moving forward one day at a time – one step at a time – one new positive thought at a time.

Tool 3 To Stop Beating Yourself Up:

You must forgive yourself for not being perfect.

And recognize that we’re all not perfect.

In fact, you need to stop making perfection a top goal for yourself.

Instead you must prioritize qualities like persistence, strength and growth. They are far more important than perfection.

Tool 4 To Stop Beating Yourself Up:

stop negative thoughts from following you aroundIt’s absolutely okay to feel depressed, anxious, angry, resentful, fearful, jealous – at times.

Having negative thoughts is human.

Positive people have negative thoughts too. They simply don’t allow those thoughts to grow too big. And they make sure to stop them from following them around all day.

Your goal is not to be madly in love with yourself all the time. It’s to make sure you’re not mad at yourself all the time.

it's time to stop beating yourself up about past mistakes you've made

Tool 5 To Stop Beating Yourself Up:

You need to remind yourself that you don’t need to pay for your bad choices for the rest of their life – as some sort of self-flagellating punishment.

You must gather up those golden nuggets of insight, then leave the pain entrenched muddy memory behind.

The past is good to learn from – not live in.

Remember: Good people can make bad mistakes.

And you can remain a good person after a bad mistake – as long as you’re open to learning.

Tool 6 To Stop Beating Yourself Up:

be flawesome forgive your flaws and past mistakes Remind yourself that you are flawesome!

You must embrace who you are – flaws and all.

But at the same time you must value growing into your best self.

And yes, it’s possible to do both.  You can appreciate who you are now – while also value growing into someone wiser.

Tool 7 To Stop Beating Yourself Up:

coulda, woulda, shoulda, shuttuppa forgiver yourself about past mistakes

You must tell yourself: Coulda, woulda, shoulda, shuttuppa.

Stop blaming your past for what you don’t have in your present.

If you’re going to blame yourself at all – blame your present.

But I mean that more as a joke!

Basically… I’m saying that you need to focus on what you can do now! Focus on what you can control to get yourself to where you want to be.

Tool 8 To Stop Beating Yourself Up:

stop beating yourself up about past mistakes and regretsIf you want to truly stop kicking yourself about past mistakes, you need to get good at kicking negative thoughts to the curb.

How? I believe meditation is one the very best practices to help you to gain control of your wild, rambunctious thoughts.

In many ways, the goal of meditation is not to control your thoughts. It’s to stop letting them control you.

For this reason, a consistent meditation practice is an important key to building up your self love, self worth and positive thinking.

How To Make Meditation Easy

I have a range of fun and simple way 2 minute sensory meditations which will help you to be more resilient.

Check out my book Instant Calm – which offers all of my favorite meditation tools I use all the time – to stay confident, peaceful, balanced.

It’s great for beginners to meditation – as well as advanced meditators – because there’s something for everyone.

When you have a regular meditation practice, you will soon feel more at peace with any choices you might regret – or so called mistakes you might have made.

Plus consistent meditation helps you to move more confidently through challenging times you might presently be facing.

What’s something which comes to your mind and heart when you read about beating yourself up about past mistakes?  I’d love to hear your insights on the comment section below! 

Think happier. Think calmer.

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Barb M Baker

10 years ago my sister and I had a disagreement – one where she did not listen to what I said – and she refused to talked to me for that whole time. It hurt that she walked away from me and I blamed myself for her lack of understanding. About 13 months ago she developed stage 4 breast cancer and would not have long to live. I had made the decision to make another attempt to reconcile with her; I was told not to. Every time she heard my name she still went ballistic. At that point I decided it was no longer my issue but hers. I cared about my sister, but not enough to stay her victim, Behind the scenes I had people send her cards, I sent flowers – which she thought were from the friends that she knew, since she was politically active I was one of many people who wrote the president and asked him if he could write her because she was dying.. I got updated 2-3 times a week. I prayed for her.. I was miserable for a long time, when I had the power for a long time.. In the end, right before she died I called and my niece put the phone next to her ear. My niece had told my sister that someone special was calling to talk to her.. I said hello Sis and that I loved and that I knew it was time for her to go home.. I told her to say hi to our Mom too.. She was at a point where she could not speak but she grunted so I knew she heard me.. Later on that evening my niece called to let me know that after she had hung up tears had flowed from my sisters eyes.. I guess for that moment we were both beating ourselves us up because I was too…

Pamela Ann Wyatt

What are belief systems and how do you get them to work?

    Athila Battery

    they are already at work, for a long time. Believe me… 🙂

Roderick T. Baker

Without mistakes ,there is no success. We must allow our mis-takes to blossom into wisdom, which you can share with others.

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