How To Express Your Creativity With DIY Christmas Gifts

How To Express Your Creativity With DIY Christmas GiftsChristmas bells are knocking at the door and it’s time to discover some DIY creative Christmas gift ideas to give your loved ones this year.

Christmas is around the corner, and the primary thought that is stressing all of you is: What do I get loved ones for Christmas gifts?

You might be overwhelmed with your social media newsfeed, flooding you with gift suggestions. But all you want this year is to give everyone something unique.

It is the right time to put your creativity into action and make some customized DIY Christmas gifts. Of course, it will take more of your time, effort, and energy. But in the end DIY Christmas gifts will be more meaningful than the store bought gifts.

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With this in mind I put together this quick guide to 20 creative DIY Christmas gifts.

20 Creative DIY Christmas Gifts that Nobody Can Unlove

Below is a range of bunch Christmas gift ideas where you can show your limitless creativity and make some great presents out of it. So, let’s dig in.

1. Pet Portrait

Do you have painting or sketching skills? Then don’t let it go to waste, instead, get creative this Christmas. If the gift receiver has a pet baby, then your hand-painted pet portrait is something he/she will value for life. Paint or sketch it, frame it, wrap it, and gift it. It is the nicest gift to pet parents on your list. 

2. Custom-painted Crockeries

Any lady in your family will love having crockeries as gifts. But why not add some personal touch and make it more thoughtful? Show your brilliant painting skill on the crockeries as you want. Please make sure you use waterproof and non-toxic paint because it is going to be used for food or drink.

3. Custom Bookmark for that Bibliophile

If you have a bibliophilic friend or family member on the list, nothing can be a perfect gift for them than a customized, handmade bookmark. Cut a hardboard or velvet ribbon to the usual bookmark length, nine inches, and keep it two inches wide. Now it is your canvas to show off your creative skills. Adorn the bookmark as you want or as the receiver’s personality.

4. Hand-woven Mittens

If you have weaving skills, you can use your creativity to weave a mitten for someone who loves cooking and baking. A mitten is a handy accessory used in the kitchen and will never go to waste. Apart from it, you can stitch mittens or socks for newborns and babies in your family this Christmas.

5. Calligraphed Frame with Names and Dates

All the calligraphers, get ready to show your skill and create some amazing calligraphy to gift your loved ones this festive season. On a plain canvas or chart paper, calligraphy anything you like, such as the receiver’s name, phrase, a special date, etc., then laminate and frame it. 

6. DIY Jewelry Organizer

If you think your friend, sister, or cousin has a hoard of unorganized jewelry, it’s the right time you give them handmade jewelry organizers as Christmas gifts. You can collect a few cardboard boxes or plastic containers, and cut, design, place them in ways your creative mind directs. You can take design inspiration from the internet too. If you want, you can color the end product to make it look more seamless.    

7. Handmade Candles

It is the best time of the year to use your old crockeries and turn them into candle vessels. Pick anything from your storeroom like a teacup, mason jar, or mini pot and turn them into hand-poured candles. Wash and re-design the vessels with paint if needed. This will be such an elegant gift this Christmas. You can turn them into scented candles by adding drops of essential oil into the melted wax. 

8. Origami Jewelry

Another fun way to express your creativity is by making cute origami jewelry for your loved ones as a Christmas gift. Remember in school days when we used to make different origami in our craft class? It is time you polish your crafting skill and make a few origami jewelry, like paper flower earrings, paper rosette rings, etc. You can use any type of fabric instead of paper for substantiality. 

9. DIY Bath Bombs

We believe we all have that one friend on the list who is obsessed with their bath time. Nothing can be a sweeter gift for them than bath bombs, and the handmade ones will be icing on the cake. Head up to show your creativity to that friend by making bath bombs. Take help from online for the basics, and add your customized fragrance and color to them. 

10. Cross Stitch Motif

If you are a crafty person with some hand-stitching talent, then stitch a loving Christmas motif with your preferred color threading. We are sure whomever you give this to, will appreciate the time and effort you have put into doing this. Moreover, this will remain with them year after year to remember you. Don’t waste your skill, and set onto stitching now.

11. Tie-Dye T-shirt

Since tie-dye outfits are in fashion, why not give your loved one a tie-dye shirt this Christmas? Buy a plain white t-shirt to make it your canvas, and use fabric paint to tie-dye it. Don’t use regular paint, or it will get washed away. If you do it for the first time, then you may need to buy a few backup t-shirts because first-timers have chances of messing things up.

12. Resin Accessory

If you have worked with resin before, you know how versatile of a component it is to create stuff. It is time to work with it again and make some resin keychains, earrings, lockets, hair clips, etc. Mix any color or glitter into the liquid resin as you would want the accessory to turn out when hardened.

13. DIY Cloth Bags

Again, if you love sewing and stitching, you can make some cloth bags for your traveler friend this Christmas. Cloth bags are versatile and eco-friendly to give to anyone. You can make any size bag you want, with any type of fabric. Is your old denim lying around? Wash it, and reuse it to make a bag. Don’t forget to add a chain and maybe a few pockets at the front. 

14. Customized Blanket

Do you know someone who needs the warmth of a blanket this Christmas? After you have brought a blanket for them, simply give the blanket your personal touch, which will show your creativity. You can stitch pom poms on the border or custom stitch their name on it.   

15. Custom Diary

It is one of the creative and thoughtful gifts to give your partner, a custom diary. The best thing about it is that you can pour your heart out while designing and customizing this diary. Print a couple of your pictures, stick them on each page, write romantic notes below that the pictures reminisce. In addition, you can paint the diary, add glitters, stones, trinkets, etc., as you like.

16. Sweater Bottle Wraps

Wait! Are you thinking of gifting your brother or sister wine this year’s Christmas? Then don’t give it plainly, rather use your old, shrunken sweater to make cute sweater totes, and wrap the wine bottle with it. For a nicer presentation, tie a ribbon at the collar of the bottle. This is a creative way of giving your favorite old sweater a new purpose. 

17. Handmade Apron

Are those old shirts taking your closet space? Then instead of throwing or donating them, save a few and transform them into stylish aprons. Shape them, cut them, and paint or stitch on them as you desire. This would be a thoughtful gift for your chef friend or someone in your family who loves to cook and bake.   

18. Embroidered Handkerchiefs

Buy a plain, solid-colored, cotton hanky and embroider a little, cute note at the bottom corner. First, outline the note with a water-soluble marker you want to embroider, then embroider mimicking the marker. In this way, you will make sure your embroidery doesn’t get unparalleled.   

If you ask for note ideas, it could be small phrases like, ‘sneeze here,’ ‘bless you, ‘keep your nose clean’, etc.

19. DIY Pillow Sham

Your mom will love a brand new pillow sham, won’t she? This Christmas, stitch out a few shams for your mom from your old clothes. First, measure the pillow, cut the cloth accordingly, stitch, add a chain to the opening, and you are good to go.

20. Velvet-wrapped Christmas Tree Ornaments

We have kept the best for the last! This one is probably the most simple yet sophisticated gift on the list. If you are thinking of gifting Christmas ornaments to someone, then adorn the ornament with velvet. Cut pieces of velvet fabric enough to wrap each ornament with extra fabric at the top for cinching. Use a ribbon to tie around the cinched area to hold the fabric, and create a hanger for tree hanging. Use a similar ribbon to make a bow and glue it to the front.

You can use any colored velvet fabric and ribbon as you like. But since it’s Christmas, nothing can beat the combo of dark green velvet and red ribbon.     

Final Thought on DYI Christmas Gifts

So what’s stopping you from going creative now? We have provided some gift ideas that you can work on according to your skill and interest.

Now, take out or go purchase every raw material that you need and proudly show off your creative skills while making some amazing Christmas gifts for your close ones. We hope for a safe and loving Christmas for you! 

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