4 Beneficial Ways to Make Time for Yourself as A Mom

make time for yourself as a momBeing a mom is a busy job, and it can often leave mothers feeling drained and lackluster. Here are some effective ways to make time for yourself as a mom!

Every mom goes about motherhood in her own way. Some go back to work right away. Meanwhile others decide that it’s best to stay home. Some work full-time at home. Plus others decide to focus solely on the child.

Truth be told, there’s no right way to be a mom. Everybody’s different, and that’s the beauty of this world!

What’s important, however, is that no matter how you decide to be a mom, you take care of yourself!

So many moms fall into the habit of letting themselves slide to the bottom of the totem pole. They put everybody, every task, and every situation above themselves and their needs.

I know this – from my own experience as a mom – and from talking to my mom friends.

I’m not saying that suddenly moms need to put themselves first all the time. Instead, I’m suggesting that taking a moment once a day to put yourself first can make a huge difference in your happiness, and the amount of “love energy” that you as a momma have to give your family.

4 Beneficial Ways to Make Time for Yourself as A Mom

So, how do we moms make time for ourselves? How do we moms find the time to go to the gym, or read a favorite book, or take a nice bubble bath?

If you want to make sure that you give yourself some time to unwind and refill your cup (with either coffee or self-love), check out these ways to make time for yourself as a mom.

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1. Fine-Tune Your Sleep Schedule

moms need sleep to relax and be at their bestSometimes the easiest way for us moms to get more time is by refining our sleep schedules.

For example…

  • If your kids wake up later in the day, make sure to get up earlier so that you can get some of your own things done.

And because you’re waking up earlier, that means you should go to sleep earlier. After all, is there really any shame in going to bed as soon after your kids?

Brainstorm some ways to alter your sleep schedule – so you enjoy more time for you.

2. Fall Into Nature

4 Beneficial Ways to Make Time for Yourself as A MomOh, the sights and smells of nature!

No matter what time of year it is, nature inspires renewal and calm.

So instead of collapsing on the couch, get yourself outside doing something fun! Go for a walk, cycle, scooter! Get outside and get moving and smell the fresh air!

Even if it’s just a quick walk around the block, even if you take the kids with you, you’re likely to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

3. Create a Safe Play Space

4 Beneficial Ways to Make Time for Yourself as A MomIf you want to make time for yourself as a mom you need to figure out where and how your children play.

If your kids are constantly playing in your office – or in your TV room when you’re watching your favorite show – then you’re sure to get overwhelmed.

Think about setting up a play area just for your kids. If your kids are young, this could include a portable playpen, with their favorite toys and goodies, and whatever else you can find to keep them enthralled. Bring it out and then go enjoy more quiet time for yourself!

If your kids are older, you can set up hours that they get to use the TV area – so you’re guaranteed time for your favorite show. Plus set up hours for your kids to play video games on their computer – which don’t interfere with your most important work hours. ( After all, kids can be very loud while playing video games – and you don’t want anything interrupting your work time!) If your kids have their own room for these things, be sure their door is shut, and your door is shut too. Also, consider setting up fun rewards for your kids – which they get to receive if they are quiet during important times you need for yourself.

4. Make “Playdates” for Yourself

friends moms relax withSpending time with friends is awesome therapy for the soul!

So you gotta take time to make “playdates” with other moms  and bestie friends so that you can unwind.

If you haven’t spoken to a friend in a while – or if you have a friend you want to cheer up and cheer on – send them my Friends Forever gift book! Learn more here!

Friend time can often be just as impactful as alone time – so reach out for caretaking support for your kids – so you can relax with some friends.

In fact, you should try to make meeting up with friends a regular thing – so that you always have something to look forward to.  Consider creating a First Friday ritual – where you meet up with friends on the first Friday of every month!

It’s essential you make time for calm

Hopefully, these simple steps will give you the space you need as a mom to relax.

If you need further support, you’ll love my bestselling relaxation guide, Instant Calm. Inside you’ll find a range of easy-peasy 2 minute meditations which will shift your mindset from aaaaaarghhh to ahhhhhh!

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