How to Live a More Consistently Relaxed Lifestyle

how to live consistently relaxed lifestyleWhen you commit to organizing and decluttering your daily routines, you’ll live a more consistently relaxed lifestyle. Read this article for some helpful tips.

Busy lives can often lead to cluttered spaces, which result in unnecessary stress.

Clutter creates mental and emotional strains. Plus amassing too much stuff (papers, plastic items, etc) also hurts our earth’s environment by increasing our carbon footprint.  

Here are some tips on how to create a more peaceful environment for yourself, so you can live a more consistently relaxed lifestyle.

1. Declutter your living space 

simplify quote karen salmansohnThe burden of a clutter-filled home can make it hard to feel relaxed after a hard day of work or non-stop errand running.

When you stay on top of the mess, you’re better able to keep your mind stress-free. 

Imagine a daily task such as cooking dinner interrupted by sifting through that old Tupperware cabinet for a bowl – or tripping over the dog’s abundance of toys scattered on the kitchen floor. Ugh! This kind of clutter can make cooking feel aggravating and stressful.

Create rituals to tame the mess.

  • At the start every month, make it a ritual to take time to clean up your kitchen cabinets. 
  • At the end of every day, make it a ritual to collect your dog’s toys and put them near their dog bed.

These rituals – once ingrained – can help you to feel more relaxed comfortable in your home.

Oh – and – consider how you can use less plastic storage bowls! Try switching over to dishwasher-friendly and oven-friendly Pyrex glass storage bowls instead.

2. Clean up your car 

drive yourself happy drive yourself crazyJust like a messy living space, a messy car can derail a relaxed disposition. 

Pick a day of the week – like Monday. Make this the day that you ritually clean up your car – removing any leftover fast food bags, empty water bottles, and extra pairs of shoes. 

With a clean car, all that is left to do is focus on the road ahead. You’ll turn what can feel like a stress-inducing long car ride into some nice, relaxing alone time.

Bonus: Cleaning your car can even promote sustainability by eliminating extra weight and using less fuel

3. Make work a happy place 

successful artist career tipsThe workplace is often a symbol of stress for individuals. 

Decluttering and utilizing organization tools can make the workplace a more enjoyable relaxing environment.

Declutter your work area

  • Recycling old papers and office supplies leaves more time to focus on work-related tasks rather than struggling to find space for a new stack of files.
  • Decluttering also leaves more room in your office for “happy items” like family photos, fun desk decor, and your favorite reusable coffee mug (which, by the way, adds to sustainability practices).
  • Switching to an online calendar or an organization tool such as Trello eliminates the need for paper products like Post-it Notes, continuing the push for a more relaxed and sustainable lifestyle.   

Declutter Your Home, Work Space and Car

Creating a mess-free life leads to ample relaxation while also benefiting the push for eco-friendly habits in our daily lives. 

And by de-cluttering your most commonly messy areas (such as your living space, car, and workplace), you negate stress and commit to sustainability. It’s a win/win/win!

Declutter Your Thoughts And Feel More Relaxed

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