How To Create a Happier Living Space That Boosts Your Mood

How To Create a Happier Living Space That Boosts Your MoodHappiness is as much about our environment as it is about our physical well-being. Discover how to create a happier living space and boost your mood.

Living healthier isn’t linked solely to our current physical state. It’s also linked to our environment.

When our living space is looking run down, it’s easy to succumb to feelings of stress and tiredness, which can harm our mental well-being. Because of this, it’s important to turn your attention to the home itself – if you’re looking for an emotional boost.

As you might know, I’m a bestselling author and happiness researcher. I wrote a book called Happy Habits.

In my research, I learned about how important it is to your happiness to make your home feel cozy, inspiring, comfortable. My book also shares specific principals of  “habit formation”  to make sure you follow through on positive home habits.

In this article I’ll be sharing creative ways to create a happier living space – and inspire you to move forward with these positive home changes. 

How To Create a Happier Living Space That Boosts Your Mood

Read on to learn how to create a happier living space that’ll supply you with more energy and drive to succeed.

1. Keep it Clean and Tidy

Our minds don’t like messy environments. Messes tend to foster confusion, chaos, and general feelings of anxiety. For this reason, getting rid of the clutter is your first major step towards a new outlook on life. Spend some time going through your possessions, organizing them, and even throwing some away. This will create a cleaner area easier for your brain to process. Make sure you maintain tidiness and keeping everything in its proper place.

2. Use the Right Type of Lighting

You can also create a happier living space by using certain types of lighting. Though it might be hard to initially believe, lighting affects our emotions in several different ways. From promoting feelings of comfort and relaxation to infusing us with additional energy, brightness and color trigger a number of effects in the brain. As such, it can be an important resource to brighten your room and, therefore, your mood. For a positive boost, it’s recommended that you use natural lighting from the outdoors.

3. Incorporate Energetic Colors

Another thing you can do to make a room appear happier is to brighten up its color scheme. While darker hues are good for establishing a relaxed atmosphere, they can also make you feel a bit sluggish. So, in rooms where you want a happier vibe, consider switching to bright, energetic colors like yellow and light green. They’ll provide you with more energy and lift your spirits.

4. Make It Your Own

Last, but certainly not least: add your own personal touches to the room. Whether it be pictures, artwork, or even a few pieces of specialized décor, these items can evoke positive memories. Our mood will naturally increase because we’re thinking about things that make us happy. These items also make the room appear more personalized, which also increases your comfort.

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