Creative Ways to Add Character to Your Home

Creative Ways to Add Character to Your HomeSelf-expression is essential in a home to create a safe and relaxing environment for yourself. Discover creative ways to add character to your home.

The character of a home tells a lot about the character of the person who lives in it. Having a house you’re comfortable in and feel at home in is one of the most essential, and forgotten about, forms of self-care.

Self-care often extends beyond sheet masks and warm bubble baths—although these are important and helpful, too!

As you might know, I’m a bestselling author and happiness researcher. I wrote a book called Happy Habits.

In my research, I learned about how important it is to your happiness to make your home a sanctuary. My book also shares specific principals of  “habit formation”  to make sure you follow through on positive habits.

In this article I’ll be sharing creative ways to add character to your home – and inspire you to move forward with these positive changes. 

Creative Ways to Add Character to Your Home

True self-care involves creating a space for yourself that feels like a reflection of you. Explore these creative ways to add character to your home.

1. Incorporate Your Favorite Color

No matter what your favorite color or hues are make sure to fit them into your décor. This can mean painting a room that color, making it the accent “pop” of color, or even making all of your furniture that color. There are no real rules when it comes to home design and décor—merely suggestions.

Your house is a place where you should feel welcomed. It’s perfectly normal to come home and feel a little sluggish from the day, but little things like your favorite color displayed prominently when you walk in may help lift you up and get you excited to return home.

2. Celebrate Your Uniqueness

There’s no one quite like you—so your home should reflect that. Don’t be afraid to invest in things for your home that reflect your unique qualities. If you love cows, by all means decorate with tasteful cow décor! It’s your home so the only opinion that matters is yours.

If you think you have a bold and bright quality to your personality, consider adding a unique element to your home’s design such as using mosaic glass tile instead of a traditional baseboard or getting a bold and fun wallpaper.

These little quirks you give your home make it all the more yours.

3. Fill Your Home with Life

Add real plants, an herb garden, a sole succulent, anything to add a little life to your home. Plants brighten up a space and keep your air nice and fresh. Even if you’re not a certified green thumb there are plants out there (that aren’t plastic!) that you might be able to help thrive—or at least survive.

Consider getting a cactus or succulent, these are easy to care for, and even easier to search care instructions for if you’re not great at plant mom-ing. If you’re an advanced plant mom, consider starting an herb garden. These useful little plant guys can help season your food and add a lovely aroma to your home.

There are so many creative ways to add character to your home. Make your home yours so you have a space that is comfortable and reflects what makes you happy.

Enjoy a happier home

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