10 Romantic Things To Write In A Card To A Loved One

romantic things to write in a cardHere’s a range of romantic things to write in a card to a loved one, so you keep your love thriving.

When the holidays or birthdays roll around, it can be difficult to pick out the right card for a spouse, crush or significant other.

Often a pre-made card simply does not fully express how you feel.

Plus, let’s face it. It’s less important what the card looks like – or what’s pre-written on the cover. What really matters most are the romantic things you write inside of the card.

Unsure what to say? I’m here to help!

I’m sharing this article because I am a bestselling personal development author with about 2 million books sold globally.

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With this mind, keep reading for some of the most romantic things to write in a card for the person you care about most!

10 Romantic Things To Write In A Card

1. You’re My Best Friend

Telling the person you love that they’re also your best friend is a fantastic way to express how much they mean to you. This sentiment tells them that you see them as more than a romantic partner.


I wrote and designed a bestselling friendship book called Friends Forever Whatever Whenever. You can gift your loved one this book – to reinforce all the many ways you appreciate your partner as a true friend.

2. I’m Falling in Love with You or I am In Love With You.

If you’re new to a relationship and having trouble dropping the ‘L’ bomb you can try to say it in a written message. Make sure you write it in a beautiful handwriting, because they’ll probably hang onto it forever. And if you’ve been with someone forever, make sure to keep saying “I love you” (followed by showing actions of “I love you!”).

3. I Feel Like I Can Do Anything When I’m With You

Letting the person you care about know how empowered you feel by being with them is a great expression of your love. It tells them that together, you’re even stronger.

4. Wherever You Go, I Will Follow

Dedicating your life to someone is a big deal. This is especially true when they know you’re willing to follow them anywhere.

5. I Wouldn’t Change a Single Part of My Life Because It’s All Led Me to You

Life is messy and sometimes unpleasant. Telling your significant other that you’d go through all of it again to get to them is a powerful statement.


I wrote an inspiring article about this exact topic – where I explain how I live without regrets thanks to a “Metaphorical Reset Button”!

6. I Look Forward to Waking Up Every Day Because of You

quote love understandLife gets tedious sometimes. Get up, go to work, come home, repeat. So if someone makes you feel excited to be alive, let them know!

7. You Are So Big in My Heart That I Don’t Need Big Things To Be Happy

When you have the right person by your side, it doesn’t matter if you’re rich, poor, or completely broke.

If you love someone, you’d be willing to live in even the most miserable conditions with them.


Here’s an interesting relationship article which shares research about how money cannot buy love in a lasting way.

8. You’re the Only Thing in My Life I Couldn’t Live Without

We all have things and people we care about. However, telling the love of your life that the only thing you couldn’t survive without is them is a true testament to your feelings.

This sentiment rings especially true around Christmas when gift-giving is rampant. But trying to tell someone your feelings through a traditional Christmas card may seem forced or not authentic. If you’re taking the romantic route, we recommend using a Christmas card maker you can customize from beginning to end.

9. I Fall More in Love with You Every Day

We live in a society that falls in and out of love very quickly. Telling your significant other that your love grows with each passing day is a statement of longevity.

10. I Appreciate ____ About You

A relationship thrives when you share your appreciation for all the little things your loved one does for you. Express your gratitude clearly to your loved one! And be sure to name specific things you appreciate.

Try These Romantic Things to Write in a Card On Post It Notes Too

Although I’m recommending these romantic things to write in a card, you can also share these heartfelt words on post it notes! Sneak them into your loved one’s brief case or lunch box.

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