Comfy Yet Stylish: Travel Outfit Ideas – Best Clothes For Trips

best travel outfit ideasI recently have booked some trips – and have been thinking about the best travel outfit ideas. Below is how to feel comfy yet stylish when you’re traveling.

Do you love to travel? Me too!

I’m now 59 years old – and I believe traveling the world is the secret to staying young. It’s your chance to explore new cultures and experience the finest food on the planet. (I share more about the fun and benefits of travel in my article about life after 50!)

Knowing how to dress for travel is key to enjoying a relaxed and happy experience. After all, you’ll want to look and feel your best – while blending in wherever you go.

If you need some help knowing what to wear on your next adventure, you’ve come to the right place for answers. This article takes a look at the best travel outfits that you should pack to feel stylish and comfy.

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Keep reading for great travel outfit tips so that you’ll always look amazing.

7 Best Travel Outfit Ideas

1. Sweaters and Hoodies

When it comes to casual travel outfits, it’s hard to beat the comfort of a great sweater or hoodie. Especially when you’re out and about exploring the side-streets of an exotic destination.

A comfy hoodie helps you relax while still keeping you warm. And it’s easy to pack in a carryon bag and a pair of Birkenstock for the plane. You can also tie the hoodie around your waist when the day heats up.

best travel outfit ideas karen salmansohn2. Favorite Jeans

It’s no secret that jeans are perfect for any occasion.

Jeans are a casual look which goes well with just about any kind of top. And you’ll never look out of style.

So throw at least one pair of jeans into your bag.

I like to pack a pair of traditional skinny jeans and a pair of fancier black jeans too!  Or I throw in a more casual pair of distressed jeans – just to give myself a few choices for different kinds of occasions.

3. Simple Top with a Black Skirt

This combo is feminine chic – and perfect for strolling the streets of Paris on a summer day. Or driving through the mountains with your car’s top down. It’s both cute and comfy. Best of all, you can pack a few different simple tops – and they will each easily match the same black skirt.

So you’ll wind up looking like you have a far wider traveling wardrobe! I also recommend matching this duo with sleek flats or a leather jacket.

4. Cardigans

Here’s a great top addition to go with the jeans I suggested you pack! You can team up your jeans with a cute and snuggly warm cardigan! It’s a perfect combo for your next getaway.

5. Leggings and T-Shirt

This look is great for pretty much wherever you are traveling. You can wear leggings and a tee on adventurous cruises from Florida, or while relaxing with a coffee in Rome, or even simply spending time in your favorite bookstore in Santa Barbara.

6. Simple Black Dress and Birkenstocks

Pairing a simple black dress with classic Birkenstocks will make you want to want to explore all day and into the night. Simple yet chic, this is a look that never goes out of style. Bohemian yet sophisticated, go where you wish, armed with the knowledge that you look amazing.

7. Ankle-Length Pants with White Blouse

Ready to explore the French countryside? You will love strolling through gorgeous wine vineyards dressed in ankle-length pants and a white blouse as you sip your favorite pinot noir and dream about staying there forever. Best of all, a white blouse is both elegant and casual at the same time – so you can wear it for different traveling occasions.

The Best Travel Outfits for Your Next Getaway

The world is a big beautiful place, and definitely worth exploring. Wondering about what adventure to take? I wrote an article about the fun of Hong Kong. Plus here’s an article about wildly unique restaurants in remote places!

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