Red Light Therapy Benefits on Skin: My 30 Days Experience

red light therapy benefits 30 daysWhat are Red Light Therapy benefits on skin? Does it work to reduce wrinkles and blemishes? Here’s my experience – of doing 10 minutes of red light therapy on my face – for 30 days of treatment. 

Why I started Red Light Therapy

Back in 2019….I grabbed a coffee with my friend Cory. Immediately I noticed her skin was extra glowing and flawless. The skin of a movie star.

I asked her what the heck she was using on her skin – expecting her to recommend a new cream.

Instead Cory recommended red light therapy.

I perked up – and decided to find out more.

You see, I’m a late in life mom. I had a baby at age 50. (That is not a typo.)

ari salmansohnAt the time of this meet up, I was 59 – and my little dude (Ari) was 9. 

In general, I am highly eager to make sure I blend in with the other younger moms when I pick up my son from school.

I don’t want my son’s friends to say,  “Yo, Ari. Your Grandmom’s here!”

Inspired by Cory’s awesomely gorgeous skin, I immediately went into research girl mode!

I learned everything I could about the science behind how a beaming red light could create such freaking gorgeous skin. 

Ultimately I got a mini red light for use in my home – and used it for 30 days straight as an experiment.

Oh – and while you’re using red light therapy, be sure to still use good skincare products like Korean skincare products or Tata Harper or anything without too many chemicals.

What is Red-light Therapy? 

Red light therapy is a highly safe and effective natural skin treatment – which has been shown in clinical research to boost collagen, lower inflammation, and stimulate the mitochondria, and reduce wrinkles and blemishes. 

Red light therapy also helps with sleep, muscle recovery, hair growth, vision improvements, brain health, joint pain, inflammation – and more. But for the purpose of my 30 day experiment, I only focused on the benefits of red light therapy on my skin!

Numerous studies report that daily red light treatments help your skin to “regenerate faster,” so you look younger.

In particular, researchers have measured the collagen in users of daily red light therapy – and have reported how these (lucky) users have increased natural collagen levels.

How Does Red Light Therapy Help Skin?

Okay! So here’s the scientific scoop.

  • Red Light Therapy machines send out wavelengths of both red light (in the mid-600nm range) and near infrared light (in the mid-800nm range).
  • The red and near infrared wavelengths of light stimulate the mitochondria in your cells – in ways which are similar to natural sunlight – but without the nasty harmful UV rays.
  • These healthful lights then reduce oxidative stress and boost circulation – so your tissues receive more oxygen and other nutrients – while also releasing toxic gunk.
  • Plus red light therapy increases your body’s ability to make more “core energy” to power itself back up higher. This boosted energy speeds up healing, improves circulation and lowers inflammation and pain.
  • Numerous clinical trials also report an increase in the body’s antioxidant defenses.
  • When it comes to skin….studies report noticeable improvements! Red Light therapy has been reported to clear acne, calm down wrinkles, and boost skin’s moisture content.

The result of my 30 Days of Red Light Therapy

red light therapy benefitsI got myself a mini red light – which is a little bigger than a hardcover book.

I keep it out in the open – because it’s actually very beautifully designed. People have even thought it was an art sculpture.

For 30 days I would wake up, wash my face – then do 10 minutes of red light therapy on my face  – with my eyes closed.

I would sit a few inches away – and play an audible book or some favorite music. It was very relaxing.

red light therapy benefits on skinThe red light feels …well…you don’t really feel it on your face.

It’s not at all hot. It just feels nice. Plus you’re aware – even with eyes closed – that there’s a red light shining on your face.

Best of all, the machine is easy to use.

I’d set it for 10 minutes – and it automatically turns itself off when the time comes.

Within a few days I noticed my skin was glowing more.

When I’d touch my cheek, I could feel my skin was softer, more supple.

Within 2 weeks I noticed my forehead wrinkles were less noticeable.

In general I just noticed an extra vitality in my skin – which at age 59 was very exciting to see.

By the end of the month I wound up having 3 different friends ask me what I was using on my skin.

Admittedly, before I started the red light therapy, I didn’t have any extreme problematic skin issues. I simply felt that at age 59 my skin no longer had that vibrant, youthful glow. Plus I was self aware of some persistent wrinkles.

Now after 30 days I feel my wrinkles have softened up a bit – and my skin has become more supple and soft.

Here’s some photos of me – age 59 – no make up (nada) – no retouching (zilcho).

First week of Red Light Therapy

karen salmansohn age 59

Second week of Red Light Therapy

karen salmansohn after red light therapy

Third week of Red Light Therapy

karen salmansohn eyes closed

Fourth week of Red Light Therapy

karen salmansohn red light therapy

My Red Light Therapy Report Card

I’m giving the green light to red light therapy and its benefits on the skin.

I plan to continue to do my morning red light therapy. Plus, next up, I’m going to explore how it helps my hair and vision!

If you’re interested in exploring further – here are 2 red light machines to consider…

1. Hooga Red Light Therapy

Learn more here!

2. Serfory Red Light Therapy

Learn more here!

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